Jan 2021.This is my 2nd day trying to get this video to load .

Effective Aggression. Can Daieisho stay on Top of the Leaderboard ? JANUARY 2021 Grand Sumo Tournament

Gran Pelea.

Blowout Win in this bout !

Big Bout.

Battle of the HOT-HEADS !

Big Power Sumo Highlight.

At each other's THROATS !

Hungry Hamster vs Takarafuji. It's GO TIME !

This is my 5th or 6th attempt to post my Day 1 Video, which was initially attempted on Day 1 .

Slow- mo highlight of the Day.

The hungry hamster in a fierce pusher thruster battle with Daieisho.

These 5 things will Sharpen your Focus for ( watching) the January 2021 SUMO Tournament.

5 of the TOP Sumo Wrestlers to Watch January 10-Jan 24. Shred City will cover the Highlights as the tournament plays out. Subscribe to this channel for the Sumo Analysis.

Sumo Wrestling's Godzilla .

Power wrestling.

Sumo Wrestler with a Mean Streak.


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