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Aquatic, Light and Magic


as you can see...
the socialist plant has completely taken over vital parts of the free republic community tank.

plants- include stargrass, pogo, willow, pink sunset, pearlweed, hydrocotyl japan, ludwigia and some sort of red rotala
fish- include neon tetras, pearl danios, guppies, harlequin rasboras and black neons
shrimp- include ghosts and cherrys

150lt tank, 2 sets of lights, citric co2 setup, ada v2 soil, Fluval canister filter, only nutrients i added were potassium and nitrogen every 2 days, fish and snails provided the rest.

please note, i waited for the filter to clean the water after every shot and did tests throughout it.
dont try this unless you know what you are doing

music is jazzclub by Kriss
Jazz Club by Kriss
Creative Commons — Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported — CC BY-ND 3.0
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sad looking chainsword is exchanged
for a cuba carpet in the ole' ghost shrimp tank.

music is
neo-soul piano improv by yohan kim

this spans 3 months of winter, no heater, Australian climate.
Ada v2 substrate, high light and adequate co2
some discoveries were made. they include...

tri-coloured lotus went into hibernation
pink sunset neither grew nor died
repens showed ultra slow growth
pogo showed almost no growth
lymnophilia aromatica hated the cold

also i realize i planted a glosso and chainsword carpet only to end up with a pearlweed one. i cant explain that.
(turns to pearlweed) anything you wanna add?...
he aint answering.
now, he's blocked me on twitter wtf

music is Anders Enger Jensen
its an OST for a nostalgic 80s point and click game that has yet to be finished..if ever. looks really good though

10 liter low maintanance ghost shrimp and cpd fry tank
pygmy chainsword with cuba ground covering
hydrocotyle japan, rotala and some sort of mini vallisneria in the back

music is yohan kim covering a marcus miller tune

celestial pearl danios and ghost shrimp get invaded by some guppy kids

plants include-
glosso carpet
some red variety of rotala
tri-colored lotus
temple plant
african fern
mermaid weed

filmed with sony A6600
edited with Davinci resolve

music is

from start to flooding

built with purple plum tree branches.
featuring cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp, trumpet and ramshorn snails.

carpet is Cuba
rotala bonsai at the back
pearlweed in the middle
pygmy chainsword peppered in carpet
moss is 'peacock moss'

substrate is ADA Amazonia
lights are finnex fugeray and planted 24/7
co2(not pictured) is DIY sugar and yeast

music: Giorgio di Campo - Freesound Music​

ghost shrimp and a very young pair of celestial pearl danios.

5g tank, ada substrate, 2 finnex lights, diy co2, hob filter.

plants are-
regular hairgrass
peacock moss
bit of duckweed and azolla up top

filmed with a canon dslr, stock lens.
used extender tubes for closeups, magnus tripod,
track slider and fluid head.
edited in premiere pro

music is
Yohan Kim playing piano to a backing track by Benjamin Harrison​​

i'd like to thank all the lovely shrimp for modelling for me. very professional.

shrimp demolishing some food. i decided to film them.

Red Cherry shrimp
celestial pearl danios and neon tetras

filmed with canon dslr
50mm canon lens and extensions for the closer shots

music is 'Lovely Girl" by Dyalla

35 gallon tank with 150+ Red Cherry shrimp, school of CPDs and 6 fancy tail guppies. tank is 4 months old in this video.

just the scape

this 5g tank contains celestial pearl danios from ages 5 weeks to 4 months. also red cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp and ramshorn snails.

hc cuba carpet

regular hairgrass
rotala bonsai
dwarf sag
pink sunset
hydrocotyle japan
rotala macrandra
limnophila aromatica
limnophila sessiliflora

diy co2(not pictured)
flourish ferts
finnex fugeray light
shot with canon dslr


music: Fade by Joshua Green​

20 liter tank with 30+ Ghost/Glass Shrimp.

plants include-
glosso carpet
rotala bonsai
mini pellia
java moss
dwarf sag
ludwigia repens
rotala macranda
sao paulo
the floating plants are Azolla with a bit of duckweed

this tank has been going for about 10 months when video was made.

Finnex fugeray light
simple HOB filter
DIY co2(2 liter bottle with sugar and yeast)
substrate is ADA Amazonia
nutrients used in the water column are by seachem

music is
A Himitsu - Easier to Fade (feat. Madi Larson)​

ghosts, cherries and guppy fry re-enact rachmaninovs 39th opus
'little red riding hood'

music is rousseau playing rachmaninovs Little Red Riding Hood (Etude Tableau Op. 39 No. 6)

my community tank featuring a school of celestial pearl danios, guppies, harlequin rasboras, cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp etc
40gallon tank, lights are finnex 24/7 and finnex stingray 2
co2 is yeast and sugar. 2 2ltr bottles. ferts are CLA all in one premium, everyday.

plants include
limnophila aromatica
limnophila aquatica
rotala macrandra
unknown 1
mermaid weed
temple plant
water sprite
unknown 2
alt reineckii mini
banana lily
dwarf sag
Marsilea Hirsute
unknown 3
hydrocotyl japan mini
bolbitis african fern

music is
Onycs - Neverland

10 liter planted rcs shrimp/cpd fry tank

8 months old
no filter
no co2
no ferts
the bubbles are just air to push water around.

music is 'change" by Sappherios​
on soundcloud​
alan watts is the voice, the lecture is 'Mystery of Change"

behold the spectacle that is 'feeding' enhanced by an epic soundtrack

cherry shrimp, celestial pearl danios, guppies and harlequin rasboras who were too shy to come out, until the end.

music is..
Song: Guardians
Artist: Evan King
Video link:

13 weeks start to finish with bonus celestial pearl danio fry growing up.
everything that was done to this tank was filmed.

high light from the finnex planted+.
co2 from sugar and yeast.
amazing growth as you can see
light schedule was minimal to reduce algae since i was using sand(didnt want it green)

music is a jazz Remix of (Kiki's Delivery Service) theme
by the talented "Komiura"

celestial pearl danios, ghost shrimp, cherry shrimp


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aquascapes come and go so I decided to start filming them at their peak.
mainly for my own enjoyment, but you can come along for the ride