If there's a pop up death centre or facility operating. Then call the Police on 999 and get them to shut it down ASAP!

Join the Resistance. Seek down every single one of these places in your local area! 💉☠

Crime reference number 6029679/21

International crime court case number OPT-CR-473/21

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⚠️Kyle Warner Provides an Update on How He Is Trying to Help Be a Voice for The People Who “Did Their Part” And Are Now Paying the Price

“Did Their Part” And Are Now Paying the Price
“Just In the One Support Group That I’m A Part of There Are 12,500 People, And It’s Growing Everyday”

Kyle Warner Is A 29-year-old Professional Mountain Bike Racer and A Two-time National Champion from Boise, Id Who Was Diagnosed with Pericarditis Following Vaccination. His Career Is Now Over.
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Alberta Stats, show Vaccine causes Covid and death, Then it's censored??
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We are the people. We are the government, they need to support the people they took an oath to protect.

This is a biological war. A war of terrorism. A war against the lies.

Paris breaking police lines.

Canada the communist state of Trudeau's fuck him, fuck these brown shirts. Fuck the genocide by the government.

This is just another certified health professional speaking out. How many does it take to wake up the masses?

BBC is a bunch of propaganda puppets. These people will be held for crimes against humanity

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🇨🇦 Canadian health officials forced to admit that they secretly accessed the cellphone location data of 87% of Canadians to monitor their movement during the plandemic!

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🇫🇷🇩🇪Freiberg Allemagne

Scènes épiques hier soir, le peuple brise les lignes de police. Le pouvoir vient du nombre, le nombre vient de l'UNITÉ. Vive la liberté 👊🏽

🇺🇸🇩🇪Freiberg Germany

Epic scenes last night, the People break through the Police Line. Power comes in numbers, numbers comes UNITY. Long Live Freedom 👊🏽

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Yeah with the trains getting looted and stores getting ribbed with record numbers of businesses closing, yeah SHTF is coming. Prepare

Man shares his family’s horrific experiences with the COVID vaccines

Beside not being a human and breathing fresh air and living within the biosystems called the human body.... The amount of waste from these masks. The level of control, and the constant branding of covid, or Will the masks say Pfizer, j&j,...

Bernie Sanders wants to issue free N95 masks to all Americans, with catchy slogans printed on them, like:

- Trust the government
- Because, science
- Fear is courage
- Capatalism sucks
- I’m quadruple vaccinated!

🇫🇷 Un enfant admet dans un TikTok Live que sa mère l'aurait convaincu de rejoindre la communauté LGBT+ et qu'elle veut qu'il en fasse partie.

C'est de l'abus d'enfant❗️😡🤬

🗣 "Tout ce qui est woke devient de la merde." 💩

🇺🇸A child admits in a TikTok Live that his mother allegedly convinced him to join the LGBT+ community and that she wants him to be a part of it.

This is child abuse❗️😡🤬

🗣 "Everything woke turn to shit." 💩

Maybe Borat was right: Kazakhstan is the best country in the world. (1 min 13 seconds) This is a scene of Kazak’s taking back their country and beating the crap out of the police who sided with the quackccine police state government. Shtf tv

🇫🇷 Francesca Donato Membre du Parlement européen

" Pourquoi tant de personnes [en Italie] sont-elles hospitalisées et meurent-elles malgré une vaccination à 90 % ? Pourquoi l'Institut italien de la santé ne publie-t-il pas de rapports mensuels depuis septembre 2021 ? Pourquoi les personnes touchés par les effets secondaires des vaccins ne reçoivent aucune aide ?"

🇺🇸Francesca Donato Member of the European Parliament

"Why are so many people [in Italy] hospitalized and dying despite 90% vaccination? Why doesn't the Italian Health Institute publish monthly reports since September 2021? Why do people injured by vaccines receive no help?"

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🔺Call your local police, fire brigade, doctor services and let them know what's going on, if they do nothing, at least they've been warned, it's way past the time to start arresting these people.
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Bulgaria today, anti-mandate protestors vs the police. Hello to the new normal.
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"We're killing the next generation - WAKE UP!"
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The COVID vaccine injured speaking out.
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1 min 40

Oh dear… well I hope everyone can see what we were warning about has come true.
Dick Ears Danny has gone full medical Gestapo and is making it VERY clear;
Unless your whacks up to date,
you will not be able to participate.

That’s fine bro.
We are building our new economy.
We will find a way.
We are never, ever, EVER taking your NWO poison so bye Felicia 🤡👋

This is freaking awesome.

Battleground Australia. Criminal Corporate Governments Target children for Pfizer
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Category None is Real News That is Real Scary. We are about to loose our society if we don't get off our asses and protest. Vote in record numbers. Volunteer at public events to watch what is really going on right down to the small committees.

This Cultural Marxist Revolution must end. In my mind we need hold these people accountable in the court of law under Treason. Anyone trying to usher in a Global Cabal and a social credit score is a Traitor. This is an act of War and nothing less.

Everyday you vote with your wallet. Change you channels, change to Credit Unions, shop locally, stop buying from chains.

Get closer to your family and build groups of useful people. Stock up on supplies and seed to grow food in the future.

Most of all stay Strong, Stay Positive.

"Good Night and May Your God Go With You"
Dave Allen at Large.