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Sickayda Paranormal is a group of Christian Paranormal Researchers who deal with the repair of the fighting mind and those who become possessed with "Devils" we take a different approach that the church that is in the world today, it takes real faith in gods words that we speak. Know that the word is with God and the God is in the word, we shouldn't think that we are alone when we think, In our research we have discovered that we are indwelt with spirit beings, We've made contact and have incoming information in contexts on a regular basis, we see it as natural, but the world sees it a supernatural and Paranormal, It's our job to take the risk and move forward into the next level of mind spirit "Doctors" all that's needed is information, they want to know the truth about who they are, are they real, and what is their purpose. They want love and eternal life, God is moving in his people, he's creating a nation.