Due to the short length of these chapters and future ones, I will combine enough together to form about a hours worth of listening time.
Also note, several chapters are nothing more than a paragraph referencing documents.

A Nobel Prize winning author details his experience in the Soviet Bolshevik forced labor camps and gives his perspective of the history of the Soviet Union.
"We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks; but without Jews there never would have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth."

Well this happened today... whose ready to die for Israel? Eh Goyim?
The fucking nerve of these people. They lied to us about weapons of mass desruction in Iraq and these arrogant mother fuckers think we dont know what's going on.

Check out this guy's channel called We Are Change.
We need a day of the rope and I am not joking.
You all need to arm yourselves, train, and remember, your government exists to KILL YOU and steal your property.

Credit to Jake Morphonios for the clip. This happened not too long ago incase you missed it, but never forget it.
Arm yourself, practice your aim every other week and prepare for the worst.

Some lady named Jessica Collins posted this a few days ago...

With the "death" of Epstein, I feel like a historic episode of our timeline has come to a close. This video of the series discusses Pizzagate, NXIVUM, Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein. These Talmudists are into some dark shit.


I cant believe our society continues to tolerate these sick fucking people.

Imagine waking up one day and realizing theres a entire global agenda to kill you and your kind.

Wew lads, this ones pretty damning.

Butters is woke.

Dirty Anti-Semite....

This is a 3 hour documentary exposing the "alternative" narrative of history, the one they put people in prison in some countries for telling. A word of warning... This is a powerful video. Once you learn this information, there is no going back.

Was Seth Mcfarlane trying to tell us something....?

Hello my audience. I want to thank for subscribing to my channel and the viewership that grows daily truly humbles me and restores my faith in this dark evil world. This episode of my music video series is about the Holocaust aka the Hollow Hoax. I hope you enjoy this and FYI feel free to download any of my channels content and re-upload. I praise you for doing so. We must reach whoever we can while we still have time. ((((They))) will not stop.

I normally dont upload non anti-zionist content, but I saw this and considering the recent Epstein Pedo Island incident, I had to upload this. (The Attorney General is a Jewish Lesbian) This guy's channel is called Anxiety Wars. He seems to be a concerned citizen who hunts pedos in his free time by pretending to be underage. Now the law enforcement of the city are telling him to stand down.... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

Article about her being a jew and dike.

Heres a link to his youtube channel, im sure it wont be up for long at this rate!

Here is another newly posted interview with a survivor of the USS Liberty attack on June 8, 1967. He describes how the government he signed up to protect and serve threatened him, the other survivors, and even his lawyers into silence. The crimes that were committed then were committed on 9/11 and still they will continue until we all stand up and stop the evil that is Washington DC. We need a day of the Rope, NOW.


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I write this poem to help you see and warn you what's in store for thee.
Open your eyes, lend me your ears, the future is dark and full of fear.
Tyrants work behind the scenes to rob us of our future dreams.
Fueled by greed and endless malice they struggle for the golden chalice.
To reach their nefarious ends the entire planet they will rend.
A conspiracy from long ago, a devilish eternal foe.
Villains that seek to gain control of the entire world, even your soul.
Under the mask of a religion, an evil plan thus they have written.
To manipulate and fool the masses, to keep them ignorant as time passes.
Tricks and schemes they do devise to put good use your child's lives.
In foreign wars and unknown lands they die and bleed in desert sands.
Believing truly what they do is full of just and noble virtue.
While your sons and daughters toil the global bankers get their spoils.
Caring not who is in power for they are all paid by the hour.

So is there truly any hope? Any means for one to cope?
What can only one person do except reach out to others like you.
And ask how many lives must they end before we finally defend
the things you know are right and true, and so you know what you must do.
You can no longer sit idly by while the demagogues spout their lies.
Through inflation and usury they will thrive at the cost of your grandchildren's lives.
So you must ask yourself this day how much you are willing to pay.
Before you say I've had enough and prepare for times that will be rough.
The choice is yours and yours alone, what type of future you condone.
I want my children to be free so I ask and plead that you join me.

SicSemperTyrannis (To Tyrants Thus)