Stay frosty, we don't know what is beyond the bend.

Here are a few thoughts to consider when fighting a tyrannical enemy.

The clip picture is my tub-tub. Say hello to Ezra Jude!

Prep, pray, repeat. Don't go left or right, stay the course on GOD.

The Left attacks, prep & pray. The right, the same. The U.N. or hells legions, all you need is THE LORD! Prep, pray, repeat. THE LORD will command you when the time is right. Obey HIM and be saved!

It's time to forge a Spear for our battle against the NWO.

No more division over differences. We all can unite to defend children & destroy the NWO! Generational Corruption & Generational Righteousness + how to break the chains.

My thoughts on the Antifa taking 6 blocks in Seattle Washington.

This isn't a bait for Police or Military. This is for Veterans and Patriots. This creates the illusion of a civil war, gives way to national red flag laws & a big fat excuse for the U.N. to invade our nation to "help bring peace".

We cannot be ready for everything. However, we can prepare our minds more than our bodies. Therefore we must think up a scenario and succeed at surviving it. Create a difficult world(in mind) which you have what you have now & try to survive, escape or rebuild whatever you can.

Through this you WILL be prepared for the inevitable.

GOD bless you all.

A breif lesson on the difference of Luciferian vs Satanist control. Next Video I'll discuss further on Jesuits, Zionists, Templars & Free Masons.

Quick run down of what I believe shall happen in the coming days.

GOD bless you all, get out of the cities while you still can!

Q followers have been begging Trump to force protesters/rioters into Fema camps for later "Trials".

This is one Q response which SHALL COME TO PASS. But it will include more than protesters.

Christians be warned. The Synogogs are awaiting your trial. If you will die.

Our actions become us. Guide your future well, it isn't us who will dwell in them.

Games have taken over programming in the entertainment business. Disassociation is prime in games as we escape to a fictitious realm as we relive our burdens of responsibility, stress & boredom. No need for highly paid idols which require a plethora of drugs, cult indoctrination, training in the arts of deception or a handler for supervision. Now we just higher some low paid voice actor to read a script. No need for indoctrination when they too are usually gamers themselves. Knowing the character in the games they speak in is all they really require. No masks or deception necessary.

Forgot to mention:
*Roswell incident was intentional. The bodies found were Fleshy Cybernetic Avatars. Souless beings made to traverse our physical plain of existence.

Row Row Row your boat is a Freemason saying which secretly denotes the reality of the MIND in the construct of our true existence.

Mind over matter is both a cheat code in some games & a real cheat code of LIFE. Except, its just a cheat for us Goyum in the Matrix. We ALL should be allowed to be who GOD created us to be.

This is why the "Builder's" of the BIBLE are thise who rejected the Corner stone which is CHRIST. The Free Masons are but one group of many Babylonian Mystery Schools. All of them build illusions for the minds of the masses. All to maintain a sense of power over others. To live freely as they have slaves to do all the hard labor. Some slaves are even in their own schools of thought. Foolishly belonging to an order which pimps them out into the same Matrix that enslaved them.

Quick talk about my move and a long talk about communication changing with technology.

More on Visions & a Grampa story.

Part two of visions.

Forgot to add: Some of the U.N. & US Law enforcement had Templar or FreeMason patches on their uniforms.

What is seen cannot be unseen. What has happened cannot be undone. But will come can be prepared for & some can be stopped.

What will you do when heads start rolling?

*Parody* In this I am ACTING as David Rockefeller. I am not speaking as myself nor for myself or my desires.

This is meant to give you a seperate perspective of the world around YOU.

With a hint of comedy and a wallop of truth.

Our world is shrouded in darkness made by illusions crafted by and for the mind. JESUS CHRIST will unlock whatever ask. So long as you are willing to hear the TRUTH without a heavy heart of bias.

You are free & have always been free. Tyrants who serve SATAN seek to chain you to the Serpant so they aren't alone in their suffering. That is the chain of damnation, each link leads to Dominionism.

Repent to the LORD, seek HIM and be free!

Through fair competition against evil, we can win. My ancestors were winning before the Civil War broke out. Then Chaos created many opportunities for those bringing order. That's right, the Freemasons, Templars & Jesuits were pivotal in reorganizing our Government into an Empire of lies(illusions). Since then it was conforming us all into accepting their Matrix as our reality.

*THE LORD FORBIDS TYRANNY* - English Translation

Don't you forget it.

True enlightenment is developing consciousness through gaining Knowledge. The "Great Cataclysm" is cyclical, making many believers of GOD/GOD'S. The Babylonian Mystery schools know how to use the Heavens to makes GOD'S of men. When William learned these historical secrets he learned what the end goal was.

JESUS CHRIST IS LORD & HE will save you if you REPENT now!

Where it all started for my Grandfather. His beginning Operation that brought him into the OSS. That mission which lead him down a path of Evil. May THE LORD forgive him.

The foundation of what is to come. The End is near folks. These days are merely the beginning stages of the NWO Phoenix.

Prepare for the worst and pray to THE LORD JESUS CHRIST for the best.

GOD bless & good luck.


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There's a point in every mans life where we have to decide whether to go with the flow or swim against the raging River of Tyranny.

My family has a long history of being used for the seceret societies. Before the Civil war we managed to break free of it all...for a time. Munson hill(Virginia) bares our name and our history. That is where we were forced into poverty and later dragged back into service for the Powers that should not be.

After my Grandfather told me about his guilt ridden past serving the Elite, I promised myself I would one day undo all the evil he committed. I now strive to regain my families honor by telling the brutally honest truth. Even if it kills me.

I know why my Family once fought slavery in Virginia. For THE LORD forbids Tyranny in all its forms! Our FATHER is King, no other exists as our LORD & MASTER. JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY POWER & AUTHORITY!

No Government shall take that responsibility from HIM. And I will never bow before any of my equals. I only submit myself to HIM WHO IS I AM.

May this be my oath in textual form. These I shall uphold till my dying breath. I love you Grandfather, may you rest in peace. I pray everyday that THE LORD write your name in the book of life. My work is to save you from the second death.

These words are typed with passion in my heart. I am no charlatan nor am I an entertainer. Please take me seriously.

GOD bless you all & good luck.