Whew, another long chapter. Enjoy.

So the Jews went after Rick Wiles and Tru New's Paypal account and his daughters children's charity organization.
Man these fucking kikes are getting really fucking arrogant. Eventually people arent going to tolerate this nonsense and I can not wait for that day.
Watch this you wont believe this shit.

Prepare to get angry. 4 billion for Afghanistan, 500 million for Jordan border security and sprinkle that with a little bit of trying to take your 2A away, and you have the recipe for a Government that needs to hang from lamp posts.

This should be a good white pill video for you guys out there.
This is a great in depth video analysis of the numbers and conditions that a ex government Red Team planner believes would happen in the US if a Civil war would ever break out. The video was created by a intelligent guy named John Mark. Go check out his channel if you havent yet.

"Federal law enforcement officer and military veteran Ben Woods gives speech at public hearing in Fairfax county Virginia on the Second Amendment and the reality of an impending civil war lest our genius leaders keep treading on our rights."
shout out to the original uploader.
Lets hope and pray those who swore to protect and uphold the bill of rights will not commit this great evil against we the people.

So it appears bitchute is being homosexual again. Heads up incase some things upload improperly.
Anywho, this video is just another damning piece of evidence that our Government is committing high treason, ALL OF THEM.
They all sell their soul to AIPAC like Jim Trafficant and Cynthia Mcckiney, US CONGRESSPERSONS, have already admitted. Yet nothing is ever done, because people would rather live in comfort than to defend the bill of rights. The police force and the letter agencies allow this evil to occur. They defend the tyrants and they murder innocents like Waco, Ruby Ridge, and countless more.
You cant dispute this evidence, you can only live in denial and shame, knowing you collect a paycheck and call yourself a enforcer of the law. You all make me sick. You who are granted authority to enforce the law must hold these Tyrants accountable now before we have no country left.

War is coming, arm yourselves my fellow Patriots.

To all LEOs who think they will take our 2nd GOD GIVEN RIGHT away, prepare to die, because when were done with you, we will wipe your posterity off the face of the earth. YOU SWORE TO PROTECT AND UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION. YOU FUCKING SWORE. You think this is a fucking game. When we are done with you, your bloodline is next.
I hope you think violating the Bill of Rights is worth your paycheck...


If there is one thing you take from this video, you need to go and buy a rifle NOW. TODAY. NOW.

My fellow Americans, we are granted the right by our Creator to KEEP and BARE arms. Brave men, our fathers, fought and died so you can enjoy this right, YOUR birthright. It is also your BIRTH RIGHT to rise up and remove all traitorous politicians that dare to INFRINGE on YOUR BIRTH RIGHT. This video is meant to give you a brief glimpse into who is pushing these tyrannical laws so that you become aware of who EXACTLY passed these laws. Only you can prevent tyranny. Buy a gun today or enjoy being slave/.

I dont know whose is worse, Israel's government or ours. The suffering of these people and many more across the world, brought to you by the tyrants that rule over us. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, if Israel can do this to the Palestinians, then when they have enough power they will do it to us. I bet each and every one of these people wishes they were armed, dont take your rights for granted or they will be taken from you. Go buy a rifle today.

I cant believe my eyes people. What did to the Jews do to Pastor Anderson? Is this the same guy? This video is going to cause some division between Christians who hold nationalist sentiment. Tell me your opinion and how you feel about this. My opinion is I believe there are two documents very important to me, the Bible and the Bill of rights. The latter allows the former to exist without violent persecution.

So this video was posted by the Atlantic on Jewtube and its a hour long shit show. Have a watch if you dare...
Heres the link, let them know how you feel with the likes and comments....

This is a former and sadly deceased Congressman Jim Traficant. He was a outspoken critic of the Endless Zionist Wars and the American's support for Israel, both in money and our children's lives. Its a bit old but its a good debate and to believe this was allowed on Fox News back then is quite surprising.

Saw this video pop up and havent seen anyone post it here yet. Take a look! THE CHAOS IS COMING!
....aaaaaaand it only going to get worse! Its like knowing you have cancer and ignoring it. Imagine if these folks had guns, I suggest you go buy one and some ammo/dried food/ supplies. Today.

And so we begin Volume Two of the book.

This episode of the series is about the Synagogue of Satan and the evil that derives from both Israel and Judaic Talmudic culture, which has been forced on our society and become the dominant source of degeneracy, perversion and sickness that is facing our society and the world today.
Revelation 2:9 - I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
Revelation 3:9 - Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

Sup goyim. Got a new Zionist wars music video coming out tomorrow, this is video of some content I used.
Your foreign aid at work ladies and gentlemen! Just imagine what they will do to us when these subverts take over all of our police depts, you know, like how Broward County is a corrupt Jewish shit hole. Exhibit A: the ups driver fuck up these tyrants did.

This is the book former FBI chief Ted Gunderson told us to read. Amazing book, I suggest you pick up a copy.

Lord Nathan Rothschild explains his families role in the creation of the Terrorist State of Israel.

This is a interview with the infamous leftist socialist Jew George Soros. This 60 minute interview with this Jewish Tyrant exposes the apathy for other people that this kiie has and the motivation for profit that this evil Jewish Tyrant has.
Soros made $1 billion on Sept. 16, 1992, by speculating on the British pound and has used his profitst to create social anarchist programs such as the Open Society Foundation/Black Lives Matter/ and countless other programs.

List of companies owned by Soros

Lol the fucking arrogance of these dirty fucking kikes.
Link to the video, give it a thumbs down


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I write this poem to help you see and warn you what's in store for thee.
Open your eyes, lend me your ears, the future is dark and full of fear.
Tyrants work behind the scenes to rob us of our future dreams.
Fueled by greed and endless malice they struggle for the golden chalice.
To reach their nefarious ends the entire planet they will rend.
A conspiracy from long ago, a devilish eternal foe.
Villains that seek to gain control of the entire world, even your soul.
Under the mask of a religion, an evil plan thus they have written.
To manipulate and fool the masses, to keep them ignorant as time passes.
Tricks and schemes they do devise to put good use your child's lives.
In foreign wars and unknown lands they die and bleed in desert sands.
Believing truly what they do is full of just and noble virtue.
While your sons and daughters toil the global bankers get their spoils.
Caring not who is in power for they are all paid by the hour.

So is there truly any hope? Any means for one to cope?
What can only one person do except reach out to others like you.
And ask how many lives must they end before we finally defend
the things you know are right and true, and so you know what you must do.
You can no longer sit idly by while the demagogues spout their lies.
Through inflation and usury they will thrive at the cost of your grandchildren's lives.
So you must ask yourself this day how much you are willing to pay.
Before you say I've had enough and prepare for times that will be rough.
The choice is yours and yours alone, what type of future you condone.
I want my children to be free so I ask and plead that you join me.

SicSemperTyrannis (To Tyrants Thus)