If only all American high-school children could see this documentary in their free-time they would have the foundation from which to build on and understand the world they really living in.

I wonder which Auschwitz these survivors lived and worked at? kek
I am going to use this channel to keep uploading all the videos I know Jootube will ban/hide and which are important for Christians to have access to.

Last year for Holocaust Memorial Day, Trump decided to not even mention the Jews. Instead he said, "Today we remember all those who fought and died in the Holocaust". Jews got angry that they were not mentioned. So this year Trump decided to mention the Jews and Homosexuals who died in the Holocaust. kek.
Also, Trump boasted in this video, that he has created and is filling 6 million jobs. (This is all to be achieved in under his first 2 years of Presidency). This is exactly what led to Hitler being lauded internationally and appearing as a Man of the Year on TIME MAGAZINE for "Having created 6 million jobs in under two years".
You can't make this shit up!


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The existential threat of the Synagogue of Satan is exposed clearly now for all the world to see. Only those who do not know God are blind to it. Now is the time to raise the fist of God and smash Judaism and it's evil works out of existence so that our generations to follow us will never have to suffer under it's usury and inhumanity again.