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On The Wings Of The Storm
Hands Of A Stranger
Hard Road
The Reaper
A Friend Is A Friend
Wishing Well (Free) [Steve Calladine on vocals]
Living On The Edge
Bright City Lights

When The Boat Comes In - Ian Stuart, Skrewdriver

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Reich N Roll
Son of Dixie
Fetch the Rope
Southern Boy
Stand Up & Be Counted
White Power
Gooks Ears
White Trash
Faith, Hope and Charity
Dixie (instrumental)
Johnny Joined the Klan
Napalm in the Morning
Arkansas Air

The Klansmen Song
Route 66
Get It Right
Better Days
Freedom (What Freedom)
Rock 'n' Roll Patriots
Coming Up To Midnight
Drinking On Your Own
Motorway Daze
The Devils Right Hand

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The Strong Survive
The Voice Of Evil
From The Land
In The Wasteland
Stand Proud
Hail And Thunder
Shining down
Mists Upon The Downs

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Hail A New Dawn - Celtic Warrior

Hail A New Dawn - Celtic Warrior

Believe In Tomorrow - Celtic Warrior

"Together in Britain, we have lit a flame that the ages shall not extinguish. Guard that sacred flame my brother Blackshirts, until it illumines Britain and lights again the path of mankind." - Oswald Mosley

From 'A Tribute to Ian Stuart and the Glory of Skrewdriver'

From 'No Turning Back', previously uploaded on my channel.

From 'Start Up The Panzers'. I will upload this album soon.

Try not to cry listening to this song.

Land, Race & Heritage - Celtic Warrior

The Snow Fell - Ian Stuart & Stigger [Patriotic Ballads Volume 1]

We Stand Alone - Ian Stuart & Stigger [Patriotic Ballads Volume 2]

The storm clouds are gathering, the liberals are bleeting, the (((vultures))) are looking down on the land of South Africa...

Arkansas Air - Ian Stuart & The Klansmen

Our Time Will Come - Ian Stuart & Stigger [Patriotic Ballads]

Napalm In The Morning - Ian Stuart & The Klansmen

Riding The Wind - Ian Stuart, Skrewdriver [Slay The Beast]

A1 Warlord
A2 One In A Million II (Adolf Hitler)
A3 Out In The Cold (Big Deal)
A4 Their Kingdom Will Fall
A5 The Evil Crept In
A6 Simple Man
B1 Soar Aloft
B2 Back In Black
B3 Glory
B4 Excalibur
B5 The Warriors Song
B6 Suddenly

1 See You In Valhalla
2 A Price To Pay
3 Clive Sharpe
4 Hold On South Africa
5 My Homeland
6 What's It All About?
7 Son Of Odin
8 Play The Winning Hand
9 Take What's Ours
10 Direct Action
11 Daily News
12 No Freedom
13 Backstabber

A1 Blood Against Gold
A2 One Folk One Faith
A3 We Rise Again
A4 Dining With The Devil
A5 Fate Dictator
B1 Heading For Hell
B2 High Priest Of Love - written by Zodiac Mindwarp
B3 Renegade
B4 N.R. Rap
B5 Sword Of Defiance


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***Ian Stuart/The Klansmen

Fetch The Rope

Rebel With A Cause

Rock N Roll Patriots

***Ian Stuart/Skrewdriver

Slay The Beast
Coming soon

The Reaper (ISD & Steve Calladine)

Power and the Glory (ISD & Steve Calladine
Coming soon

All Skrewed Up
Coming soon

Patriotic Ballads I
Coming soon

Patriotic Ballads II
Coming soon

After The Fire

White Rider

Freedom What Freedom


Hail The New Dawn

The Strong Survive

Hail Victory

Blood And Honour


No Turning Back

Boots And Braces/Voice of Britain

***Paul Burnley/No Remorse

The Winning Hand

Save The White Race

This Time The World

See You In Valhalla

Blood Against Gold

The New Stormtroopers

***Celtic Warrior

Let the Battle Begin


Did the Holocaust really happen?