Silence is Violence

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Silence is Violence

Silence is Violence


Beautiful AI monolog

It's always been about ending debt slavery.

6 years after Hitler comes to power, his speech before the Reichstag, January 30, 1939, known as the "prophecy speech" by wikipedia kikes, celebrates a year of German reunification. He reaffirms his peaceful intent in Europe and with the USA, acknowledges his close relationships with Italy and other countries, warns Europe again of the dangers of bolshevism, and puts the European and American press on notice to stop fomenting War with Germany

Know your enemy.

They were raped as kids so they thought they had to have anal sex with their wives.

They cannot be rehabilitated. If it wasn't for modern travel, we may never have known if their disgusting "culture". May they never be allowed to infect European people with their disease mentality.

Jews are destroyers. They cannot be trusted with power or wealth. Boycott Jews.

This is a Facifist Production.

I believe it was one of his first speeches but I'm unsure.

If Americans were exposed to this in the last century, WWII wouldn't have happened for Americans. We wouldn't be dealing with the many problems we now face. No one said if be easy, just worth it. Hail Christ.

Jews kill gentile children for religious and symbolic reasons, drain their blood during torture, then consume it

He was a force to behold. Men don't talk like this much. His spirit is rising. The world knows he is right. The time draws near to the end of satanic Jewry.

The jews' use of infrastructure against us.

Jews are responsible for Communism

Deep fake with the missed, Norm. Wish I could remove the swearing but it's still cool to see the future of Anti propaganda.

If the media was truthful lol.

World champion chess player weighs in on the JQ.

This dispels the myth that Europeans (homosapiens) came FROM Africans, but rather, Europeans WENT to Africa and created blacks by mixing with an extinct hominid, probably homoerectus.

Kosher taxes are a racket.

Jews want to rewrite laws to outlaw what they don't want to hear and how they are doing it in your state.

There was literally never any order to kill all jews or there would be no jews in Europe.

(It was Israel to destabilize the Middle East).

RICO laws were written for organizations like this.

Funny satire
If the new was honest.
Give me a "like", if you laugh.

Jews shutting it down, as always.


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