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Part 8 of my MK11 playthrough. There will be no mic audio for these last MK11 story videos, still recovering from a bad cough and I needed to save my voice :(

Frustrations abound with my video rendering issues

Song and artist: Lost Within - A Himitsu (No Copyright Music)

Nani?! My tier list for anime video games that I have played. Let me know what you think of it, what you'd like to see me play or any ideas of what you'd like me to talk about



#Mortal Kombat 11 #MK11

Part 2 of my Sleeping Dogs playthrough


#Sleeping Dogs #Gaming #Sleeping Dogs PC

My first PC stream, the phenomenal Sleeping Dogs. Get the Definitive Edition for $1.99 while the sale is still up.


#Sleeping Dogs #Gaming # #Sleeping Dogs PC

Yes! Finally got this damn equipment to work. So exhausting but satisfying. Part 3 of my MK11 playthrough.


The finale of the MK Beta

Quick update regarding the channel. Feel free to send in any feedback

Streaming KH III tomorrow at 10AM. Link to my Twitch channel:


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