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This is my last video for awhile. It is time to take a break and focus on my real job and other hobbies. I thank all seven of you who have subscribed.

This week I take a break from politics, but I did not want to leave ya'll without a video. I decided to do a little review on Astroneer, a game that recently came out of early access.

Early video this week. This week is just such an important topic that I could not delay in making it. This week is about firearms. I pick through some of the anti-2nd amendment legislation that has been introduced.

Battle Of Athens:

Jefferson Quote:

Gun Laws:"search"%3A%5B"firearms"%5D%7D&r=12&s=3"search"%3A%5B"firearms"%5D%7D&r=3&s=3"search"%3A%5B"firearms"%5D%7D&r=5&s=3"search"%3A%5B"assault"%5D%7D&r=1&s=2"search"%3A%5B"firearms"%5D%7D&r=4&s=3"search"%3A%5B"firearms"%5D%7D&r=7&s=3"search"%3A%5B"firearms"%5D%7D&r=11&s=3"search"%3A%5B"firearms"%5D%7D&r=6&s=3"search"%3A%5B"firearms"%5D%7D&r=8&s=3


False Accusations:

Other Info:

Yet another review of some interesting events from the past week.



Gun Control:

Taxing Texts:

First Amendment:

Pay your own settlements:

This week I cover the issues of immigrants and technomasculinity.


immigration and Wages:

Non-citizens Voting:

Cost of Illegals:



End Birthright Citizenship:

Episode 6 of Silent Millennial Talks. This week is about free speech and what the left is trying to do to it.

Update: Gab is back online now.
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Episode 5 of Silent Millenial Talks. This week I talk briefly about hockey and nationalism.

For clarification, the anthem protest was at the start of the 2017 season.

Today I look at what the Left stands for and what they are willing to do to those who disagree.

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Today I talk about the possible future where using the cloud is required, and the consequences of it.

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Microsoft Services Agreement:

A bit of a filler video. My original idea just wasn't working out and I wanted to upload something.

My first video! Just a quick intro video. More to follow.


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