Weaves of Waves

A fresh look and new projects..

'Cry Freedom!' was our ancestors chant

Now once again we have governments saying can't

I am not dancing to this tune

I will always whirl around the moon

The times don't change and history repeats

Let's now find a brand new leap!

Not a seeking man or women be

Held back from finding a higher key

Why should my lot be confined

Because of what is in another's mind

Something seems not quite right

Too many people picking a fight

This thread is now soiled by so many embittered

Weaving a picture that is not being transmitted

I do understand that we are not the same

I find it wonderful that we are both game

To cross the divide that is being imposed

By those that have lots to lose if exposed

Lets not dance on their terf

And bridge all divisions with love and mirth

Energy flows where energy goes

What is the source of your vampiric flows?

Where is your attention focused at?

Are you a radiant being or a door mat?

Fear can make you low and weak

So find a new brighter path to seek

A storm makes the adrenaline rise

The night is filled with fear and cries

Trust in the morning the sky will be clear

Find hope in all that you hold dear

A wall is being built between them and us

And many are being banned for making a fuss

Taking sides was never my thing

Yet the fear of conflict is still ever rising

Dark Moon rising on a February frosty night

I am moody, grumpy and look a fright

The world is not safe and feels out of control

I know I must feel it fully and carry on the role...

Take from me my power and joy

Tell me that I am wrong and annoy

I will rise stronger than before

And cast back as I find the door

Come join the pagans on top of the hill

Their hearts are light and of strong will
We can show you the hidden places

Where magic is still found in the sacred spaces..

A mummy with a tongue of gold

Parents trying to feed and not scold

I bring you today some different News 

And tell you my controversial views

I got a little cross..


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Weaves of Waves....What has been woven for you today?