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Silver Swan Games was created out of an idea to provide a diverse range of fun, entertaining and free games for the world’s growing ‘Pocket Gamer’ market to access in the comfort of their homes or out on the run via their personal hand held device.
As we are still in our infancy in mobile app game development our plans for the future and the games we will be developing are bold and bright. With a number of ideas for future games already in the planning stage, we will continue to pride ourselves on creating concepts for new games to thrill and excite our gamers. With this in mind we will continue to plan games based around the desires of you, our gamers, be you a guy or a girl, and what you want to see and experience from app gaming.
Our gamers are our motivation and as part of this we encourage your feedback, advice and comments on the games we have already developed and what we might consider developing in the future.