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The Zionists have installed a very important piece to their world domination script. Enjoy the show!

The Great Controversy Sign Of The Times

While the white hats stall and take the attention of the unsuspecting public, the United States is cooking its inhabitants with the 5G weapon that's powered up and now firing nightly

A look at what happened at Pfizer from the inside

In this riveting and eye-opening documentary, "The Great Setup" delves into the unsettling world of global genocide. Where one man, Dr. David Martin, courageously exposes a hidden web of sinister plans through an unexpected lens – patents. This two - part docuseries serves as a wake-up call, urging audiences to reevaluate the consequences of blindly accepting what they've been told without questioning the implications. Sit back as Dr. David Martin unravels the tightly woven fabric of a clandestine agenda that transcends borders.

The documentary film "LGBT Terrorists," produced by Stedfast Baptist Church, portrays a dark reality where homosexuals are depicted as aggressive, using terrorism to promote their beliefs. This film exposes the tactics of harassment and violence employed by these individuals, who aim to intimidate those who oppose them. By combining biblical scripture and real-life testimonies, the documentary unveils the true nature of these individuals, revealing them as filled with unrighteousness, hostile towards God, and ultimately unrepentant.
🔗 All Credit To Stedfast Baptist Church:

Benjamin Fulford has been around for decades fighting the Shabbat Satanic Cult vs Deep State's Octagon Group "White Hats" Juan, X22, Jaco, SGanon, Kerry C who all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere.

I admit it! I fell for it and hard! The hopium bug bit me and I was in the clouds. Then I had a rude awakening.

Q secrets revealed

The history behind Trump's endeavors through film, pictures and articles, paints a true picture of who Donald Trump is.

All historical evidence proves that Trump has been part of the swamp and has a very important part in the ushering of the NWO. He's played us like a fiddle, a pied piper leading us to the abyss.

The Antichrist takes power once The Beast crypto financial system is in place in 2024
Credit by Lion of Judah

The NWO demons have now been identified and now its time for them to go.


"The Other Israel" takes you where few Christian scholars have gone - to the semi-secret rabbinic sources that blaspheme Christ, to having the divine right to take 3 year olds as brides and vow eventual triumph over the nations. Yet, this video never forgets that, despite Judaism's present opposition to Christ, God will someday prove that He can make even the unbelieving Jews to praise His Son. Through stirring music, scripture, and scenes from Palestine, "The Other Israel" video dramatizes the eventual restoration of a Remnant at Christ's Second Coming.

Decades in the making everything is coming to pass according to Q. A script that has been in the works for decades. The writers covered every angle in the war between good vs evil with Trump as the hero. The Deep State has successfully given us the illusion of choice.


The globalists coordinated and meticulous plan to capture full dominion of earth at this particular time in human history

Trump was totally indebted to the Jews so they designed a way for him to payoff his debt.

They are not using their "Secret Knowledge" they're just letting us know ahead of time what they have is store for us. And yes, they plan that far in advance

Trump is a Sorcerer or Magician, "MAGA" in latin, of the highest order in the Satanic Hierarchy Chart. This is how they tell you what they're doing to you. It's all in the play with words as they cast a satanic spell on the unsuspected audience


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The sons of God lost control of Creation due to the worthless concepts of spirituality that the nephilim hybrid human serpent seed bloodlines created for us. We are born in our Father’s Love genetically encoded with His Righteousness we have a moral compass and know right from wrong. Trump was born to complete the task that Jesus started. He knew the time would come to answer his calling to stand up and step in at this time in human history. Trump is not bound to any religious indoctrination and therefore he’s totally receptive to what has to be done so that our Heavenly Father’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven. It's the cleansing and rebirth of our Earth. It's the "second coming" when all original creation will be restored. Unless we understand how we surrendered our discernment to the doctrines of vipers, we will fall again. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

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