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What's your dream car, the car you're going to get a divorce for? - "Junes - Faced Love". I've been looking for this song since world peace/HWD
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Million Dollar Extreme's World Peace.
Season 1 Episode 4.

Sam Hyde's KickStarter TV Season 2 Episode 2.
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MDE presents World Peace, shame it was cancelled.... oh and the show was good too.
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If you are reading his, i have not yet watched the episode so no spoilers in the comments plz

Tek Wars X Hyde Wars. i heard you liked long form content.

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">it's an episode where Sam vaguely gloats to his paypigs about how rich he got off crypto
>somehow he thinks his financial advice is solid even though he just got lucky
>that's right kiddos! just follow Sam's advice, skip college and gamble the money on the market and maybe you'll get lucky just like he did!" - anon 2019

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