Studio Trigger hire me.

Inspired by a random thought I had in a previous video I decided to take one of the dumbest ideas for a sequel to Kill La Kill and expand upon it. I am joined by Oooh a Dime as we write one of the most confusing and nonsensical pieces of fan fiction; everything is made up on the spot.

Join me as I attempt my first playthrough of HuniePop. I've never touched this game before, I am awful at matching puzzles, and women hate me... what could go wrong. Joining me is Professor Linder and Oooh a Dime, both hold the keys to my progress as they choose what dialogue options I choose as well as who I talk to.

Will we be able to save the universe from destruction? Not if a matching puzzle is in the way.

Once more gazing into the maw of madness; this time with more fanservice. Join me as I examine the Kill La Kill Iceberg, what strange archaic knowledge will we uncover? Probably none, but join me as I discuss some plausible theories and talk strange ideas about the future of the series.
I ended up rewatching the entire series in one sitting so if I screw up anything obvious let me know.

Link the the original iceberg:

Join me as I dive deep into the dark forbidden waters of the Darling in the Franxx Iceberg. What strange esoteric knowledge can be gained from this series? None but I discuss some shitty fan theories about the show.

This is my first attempt at a fully unscripted video, I recorded it all in one long session and as a result there was some audio hiccups which I tried to fix to no real avail. They won't happen next time, hopefully it doesn't alter your enjoyment of this terrible discussion too much.

I have set out to make a comprehensive list of the best anime to get into if you are just starting out. Even if you are a die hard anime fan this list may come with some pleasant surprises along the way.

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In this video I attempt to review the first five episodes of the new series Jujutsu Kaisen. If you have yet to watch these episodes I do not recommend you watch this video, or do it anyway. Sadly there is only one girl in this show so I got bored pretty quickly.

Just a simple video going over the top ten Waifus of all time. This list has no particular basis for any date or time in Anime history, so anime fans of all eras should find one of their favorites on this fair and balanced list. If your Waifu isn't on this list it's due to the fact that you have bad taste.

I review the first Arc; the Tokyo Arc; of Rurouni Kenshin.


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