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My name is Stavros Mastrogiannis and I specialize in sustainable weight loss. In my 27 years in the weight loss field I have discovered that many of the things I had learned in school on how to help people lose weight and improve their health, were completely or partially wrong, and did not produce sustainable results in the real world. This is why I took a very different approach to weight loss and health, based on my own findings, researching healthy regions around the world, including the region in Greece where I was raised. When I lived there, people routinely lived well into their 90s and even past 100, without any major health issues and without having to take any prescription drugs. I named my system, Simple Way To Vibrant Health, because the truth is, losing weight and improving your health is a lot easier than most fitness professionals make it.

I created the Simple Fitness Truths Channel with two goals in mind. First, to debunk the many lies and half-truths that exist in my field and unfortunately, still taught today by many mainstream nutritionist and fitness experts. These lies and half-truths sabotage countless people’s efforts to lose weight and improve their health. Second, to give people a real education on how sustainable and healthy weight loss can be achieve while still living in the real world.


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