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A simple guided walk through of myself installing a Yealink T40G IP Deskphone provided by Jive Communications for new service.

Replacing Old Damaged Hitachi HDD (Hard Drive) w/ New WD Black 7200 RPM HDD.

A honest take on some barriers and things to understand before you make the jump from Windows 7 or 10 or MacOS Catalina to Linux.
This is meant to be helpful for the new user. It is not an attack or an affront on the Linux platform so please do not take it this way.


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A tech channel focused primarily on two platforms being Windows and Linux. On this channel the type of content I create will be largely tutorial based with some tech talks and tech philosophy sprinkled in.

Please do let me know the type of content you would like to see on this channel and I will select from the good ideas and I may surprise you. Thanks for stopping by and extra thanks if you read all that. Take care and remember to keep it simple.