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This is an animation channel.

The animated EFAP trailer nobody asked for!

Thought I'd animate a bit from a Q&A livestream. :)

I make big, epic battle animations now.

I wanted to make this before someone else does it without asking for permission and getting hundrets of thousands of views on it again. You know who you are.

My first video essay! I thought I'd start with a benign topic. It has a few growing pains, but I think it turned out decently.

A little shtpost before we get into the more substantive content. :P

Little something I sketched in december and only recently got back to.

This was a uni project. Can you believe our teachers approved this idea?

Please cut the 3D animation some slack, the same person also had to do all the modelling, texturing and rigging.

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Old animation I did back before I knew how to actually draw or animate.


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2D Animator.

Hello! On this page I'm sharing my original animations and audio essays.

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