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Hello, my name is Siren.

For my gaming content I was prior a small streamer on Twitch, playing variety games as I chose just because I wanted to have a drive to play these games. Over time I felt a form of pressure with having to contantly be aware that people "may or may not" be talking to me at any point in time. This created a form of always checking over my shoulder issue where I never really got comfortable in what I was doing. Always trying to balance playing vs immersion vs voyeurs. In some avenues I find this fine. Say when someone is watching me whilst I talk. I find this less challenging as I am not self conscious. But I find it difficult to balance out game verse other personas because i am interested in other people. This in a sense challenged my ability to connect to the game as other people would be unfairly competing with the game. More seasoned streamers learn to focus on the game, but over time I have just decided that I prefer video content rather than live gaming content.

So nostly... If I stream gaming it will be on plexstorm rather than twitch, due to my over avenues of interests being more accepted there. So when I play variety games in the future. I will record myself playing it with my commentary and upload here for storage alongside if other people want to voyeur this. I do not mind if people do not want to watch, it is specifically mad for those who do and for me to be able to go back and see my experiences with individual games.