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A short live conversation with Reiner Fuellmich's lawyers Christof Misere and Katja Woermer, on Bittel TV with Roger.
Goettingen Court, Germany, keeps changing the accusations, and makes a shock announcement on Day 13 of the Trial, 3 May 24. But Christof Misere saved the day, and nerves, by reading an application to the court. His legal document can be found at, or at
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The Gold Robbery. Hands up, or else! Old video clip, September 21st 2022, Reiner Fuellmich at Bittel TV, that has significance now, because it has been confirmed on Day 12 of his trial at Goettingen. His bookkeeper Mr Kuhn confirmed everything.
How lovers Robert Cibis from Oval Media and Viviane Fischer (who was still married at the time), rocked up at Reiner's friend's house, to view the Gold, and take it away. How they handed it over to Mr Kuhn, the bookkeeper. How they still weren't happy, and late in the evening disturbed him, his two small children, a cancer stricken wife, sweet talking firstly, and then shouting and demanding the Gold. Oh my God. Reiner also accurately describes Robert Cibis' financial difficulties, he was right. Robert Cibis and Oval Media since declared bankruptcy.

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Katja Woermer, Reiner's lawyer gives a short summary. The Dossier is discussed, and the credibility (or not) of the witnesses for the prosecution. Reiner remains positive with the developments so far. Antonia Fischer seems to be an unreliable witness, as were Justus Hoffmann and Viviane Fischer, with the difference that Antonia Fischer let a few truths out: "We wanted to see him (Reiner) behind bars." Also, Antonia Fischer seems to have a very unusual relationship with the prosecutor, Simon Philipp John (we could not find one single photo of this young state prosecutor). E-mails and calls were more frequent than one might expect. So the lawyer Woermer.

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Source: Bittel TV
From a live webcast, with Roger Bittel, 24th March 24, now as English Audio, with English subtitles burnt in. (Because Auto subtitles have too many mistakes)
Topics discussed: The strange Notary Kleinjohann who mysteriously sent the money to Marcel Templin (Port Lawyers, Hafenanwaelte) from Reiner's house sale, Marcel Templin, who mysteriously was able to enter a debt on to Reiner's house, (1.1 Million Euros), and of course, the lovely Viviane Fischer, who was sadly absent from the Hearings on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2024.

Dr Christof Misere reads from a leaked paper, that shows that Reiner Fuellmich was seen as a threat to the authorities in Germany, and they wanted to stop him from entering politics, at all costs, (legally or with trickery), the file goes back to 2021. He expresses the concern, even if the 3 local judges will free Reiner, due to the new evidence, the higher courts might still "get him" on some other charge, and make sure he doesn't come out. My translation doesn't do the leaked paper justice, I'm not a professional. They're basically demonising Reiner, and doing everything in their power to stop him from doing good.

leaked documents at in 8 languages (rough translations)
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German and some English updates at Roger does speak English, but is still a bit shy, but he is thinking of maybe doing interviews in English soon. God bless him.

Still in pre-trial detention, nevertheless, Dr Reiner Fuellmich sounds strong and positive. Praying for his speedy release and wishing him all the best from the bottom of my heart.
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Everybody agrees that Day 8 was one of the hardest, most tiring. Viviane Fischer was questioned for the 4th time, and everybody agrees that she has immense talent to avoid questions and create confusion. Things got quite heated, at the end of the day Reiner spoke of the horrible conditions in pre-trial detention. He also pleaded with the court to stop the proceedings against his wife. Apparently her account has also been frozen. Yet, the guy who actually grabbed the money, with lies and trickery, Marcel Templin, is free, and has political ambitions.
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"He was always protecting the weak, justice was always the most important thing for him". Josef and Regine, friends with Reiner since 1984 speak with Roger Bittel from Bittel TV, Goettingen, March 2024, about their shared past, their deep friendship, and about how they are totally convinced of his innocence in relation to the charges against him.

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Goettingen, Germany, 8th March 2024. Day 7 of Fuellmich's Trial. Viviane Fischer's third day as a witness. According to some other reports by citizen journalists and spectators, Viviane really has trouble giving straight or short answers. And Reiner's lawyer, Katja Woermer asks, after today's major revelations, what exactly Dr Fuellmich is accused of?

I hope he will be free soon!

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Citizen Journalist Mirko outside Goettingen Regional Court, Germany, 9 am, 8th March 2024. Viviane Fischer is also waiting, it will be her 3rd time that she is called as a witness in the Trial of Dr Reiner Fuellmich.
Mirko didn't get what she promised him last night: They had a Zoom meeting, for an hour, he didn't record it. She did. But she still hasn't sent it to him. So, he takes the opportunity to ask her there and then. Roger Bittel from Bittel TV is recording also, and you can see him laugh in the back-ground. Mirko is a funny guy, I like him.
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Viviane Fischer was questioned today, the 1st of March 2024, at Goettingen Regional Court, Germany. She disagreed with Hoffmann and Antonia Fischer and said, she has never seen Reiner Fuellmich threaten anybody. She talked herself into a knot in the end, when it came to matters of money. She denied having seen certain e-mails, couldn't answer questions, and basically, like Hoffmann, presented as an untrustworty witness and co-accuser.
Jiota, a witness on day 5, has a written account, can be found on Telegram,(Reiner Fuellmich, or, or Elsa's truth summit substack.
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Katja Woermer, his defense lawyer gives a brief summary, Day 4 of Fuellmich's Trial, on the 27th of Feb 2024, at Goettingen Regional Court, Germany. Main complainant and witness Justus Hoffmann appeared as nervous as last time, and admitted that his e-mails to Dr Fuellmich, pretending wanting to come to some agreement, were only serving one purpose: To know Fuellmich's whereabouts, to pass it on to the prosecutor, and to secure his arrest. Tempers flared and the judge ordered a short break of 5 minutes. No love lost between Hoffmann and Fuellmich. Viviane Fischer played "Good cop" this time. But this woman doesn't fool me, she's there to save herself, not to help Reiner.

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Please support Dr Fuellmich: He sounds strong, positive and confident. I'm sure he will be a free man soon. He is still in a German prison, under pre-trial detention, in a maximum security prison, for a supposed crime he never committed. Witnesses to be questioned on Tuesday, the 27th Feb 24: Justus Hoffmann (complainant), Viviane Fischer (she has a strange part in this, recently she joined the accusers, but only because Justus Hoffmann has also threatened to sue her for a million dollars). It seems that Justus Hoffmann and Marcel Tempel (port lawyers) have conspired, used fraud and exortion, to grab the money from Reiner's house sale.
Wishing Reiner all the best! I wish he will be soon with his wife and two dogs again, and go horse riding on his ranch in the US! I am forever grateful for his work at the Corona Committee!

"The criminal trial against Reiner Fuellmich is due to continue on 27.02.2024. I have been summoned as a witness for this hearing. I was already on site on February 7, 2024 as a plaintiff in the action and was therefore able to ask Justus Hoffmann a few questions. The process surrounding the house deal is becoming increasingly mysterious. Justus Hoffmann was apparently even present at at least one notary appointment with Marcel Templin, which was probably about claims arising from the land charge. At the time, Justus Hoffmann was aware of Reiner Fuellmich's public statements that he had "put" the committee's liquidity reserve into his house and could only pay it back after it had been sold.

Justus Hoffmann did not intervene in the presumably excessive payment to Marcel Templin; on the contrary, he kept it secret from me (later even defending it) and at the same time informed me that he would take security measures for the proceeds of the sale for the committee. I have considerable doubts that this is compatible with the fiduciary duties of a shareholder and managing director. In the meantime, Justus Hoffmann has made good on his threat to sue 2020News for the published chat messages about the house deal. After Göttingen, he offered to end the legal dispute if 2020News took down the passages on the house deal.

However, he still didn't provide any evidence that Marcel Templin should be allowed to keep the money. When I did not respond to his proposal, Justus Hoffmann quickly deleted all chat messages with me, perhaps on the assumption that they were not otherwise secured. Reiner Fuellmich asked Justus Hoffmann a large number of questions on February 7, 2024, which essentially arose from my critical comments on the port lawyers' complaint. In the complaint, the three port lawyers had claimed, among other things, that Reiner Fuellmich had threatened Justus Hoffmann and Antonia Fischer.

I cannot confirm this, although I am said to have been present on almost all of these alleged occasions. Justus Hoffmann stated in court that he would like to work on the committee again. However, for almost three years now he has not been able to make up his mind to do so, even after Reiner Fuellmich stopped attending the meetings, he and Antonia Fischer had no desire and/or time to do so. Instead, Justus Hoffmann informed me that it would violate the principle of private autonomy if the committee shareholders were to commit themselves "forever" to the company's altruistic orientation, as I had requested.

Reiner Fuellmich is right when he says that Justus Hoffmann and Antonia Fischer are only in a decision-making position in the company for formal legal reasons, which does not coincide at all with their commitment to the cause."

Original at Youtube "Wohnvan" by Mirko. I added the subtitles. It appears that the main complainant, Justus Hoffmann, of the port lawyers (Hafenanwaelte) and brief partner at the Corona Committee, made an absolute fool of himself in court, didn't answer questions, mumbled, was nervous, and appeared as a totally untrusthworthy witness. Trial dates 14th Feb, 20 Feb, and 23 Feb have been cancelled, next date is the 27th Feb at Goettingen court, Germany.

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Dr Fuellmich's Audio, in English, with a brief history into Nazi Germany and Section 266, that was introduced by German Nazis in 1933, and is now used against him. Thankfully, he has many supporters attending his hearings, and his accusers (Justus Hoffmann, 7th Feb 24) are exposing themselves as dishonest, lying little Wiesels. A lesson in history I've learnt via this statement: German Supreme Court Judge Roland Freisler, who was found dead in 1945, still clutching the files of people in the resistance he wanted to murder, and poor Klaus von Stauffenberg, who tried to kill Hitler, but was executed. At least Roland Freisler wasn't able to kill all of them, the file "Fabian von Schlabbendorff" was in his dead hands, and Fabian von Schlabbendorff lived happily ever after. If Wikipedia is to be trusted. Thank you, Dr Fuellmich, for giving me some history background. We're slipping into the same regime again, really looks like it.

Thank you Bittel TV and Mirka.Dr Reiner Fuellmich still in pre-trial detention. Day 3 of proceedings in Goettingen, Germany. The tide is turning, one accuser was questioned on the 7th of Feb 2024, Justus Hoffmann, firm Hafenanwaelte, and he presented nervous, avoiding questions and contradicting himself. A very unreliabe witness.

Audio only. Dr Fuellmich has been in a German prison since October 2023. (Pre-trial detention) He was kidnapped from Mexico, and brought back to Germany. It is my strong belief that he has done nothing wrong, and his accusers (Justus Hoffmann, Antonia Fischer and another lawyer from the firm Hafenanwaelte) have actually swindled Reiner out of his money. Dr Fuellmich was behind the success of the Corona Investigative Committee, without him they wouldn't have attracted 2 pennies.
Thankfully, in this statement dear Dr Fuellmich sounds a lot more hopeful and says things are looking up. Witnesses are going to be questioned next week.
Wishing him all the best!
Thank you, Roger Bittel, for uploading this video on YouTube.

Wild dogs have to kill to survive. This one doesn't have to. Let's work on a world where we don't have to kill to survive. Or cheat and lie and steal.

July 2023: European Parliament. Christine Anderson MEP: We will bring you down.

The newly successful Freedom Party in Austria, in the state of "Niederoesterreich", has bargained hard with amazing results: The Corona witch, Johanna Mikl-Leitner conceded to some changes, thanks to Udo Landbauer, and his Freedom Party, FPOe. I think the witch is on her way out, and Udo is a cool player.

German language, English subtitles.

A 4 minute short video by Austrian TV channel Auf1, about the recent press conference organised by "Doctors and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy", MWGFD.
Austrian TV Auf1 with Stefan Magnet:
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Werner Bergholz Physiker, ehem. Professor für Electrical Engineering an der Jacobs University Bremen Partner des ISC International Standards Consulting GmbH & Co KG

Prof. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi (zugeschaltet) ehem. Direktor des Institutes für medizinische Mikrobiologie und Hygiene der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Facharzt für Mikrobiologie und Infektionsepidemiologie, Bestseller-Autor, Vorsitzender der MWGFD e.V.

Prof. Dr. med. Arne Burkhardt Facharzt für Pathologie, Reutlingen, Leiter des Teams »Pathologie-Konferenz«

Dr. med. univ. Dr. phil. Christian Fiala Facharzt für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe, Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Tropenmedizin, Wien

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Martin Haditsch Facharzt für Hygiene, Mikrobiologie, Virologie, Infektionsepidemiologie, Tropenmedizin, Ärztlicher Leiter TravelMedCenter Leonding, Ärztlicher Leiter Labor Hannover MVZ GmbH

Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Ulrike Kämmerer (zugeschaltet) Humanbiologin, Würzburg Ltd.

Ministerialrat a.D. Uwe Kranz ehem. LKA-Präsident Thüringen, Autor und Analyst

Pascal Najadi Investmentbanker, Filmproduzent, ehemaliger Regierungsberater, Schweiz, 3fach Covid-»geimpft«

Full video with Eng subs:
English translation:
The Federal Minister of Health is with us. Thank you very much for that and good evening, Karl Lauterbach. Good evening, Mr. Sievas. What do you say to those affected? First of all, these fates are absolutely upsetting. And every single fate is 1 too many, and I honestly also feel very sorry for the people. These are severe limitations and some of it will be permanent. So from that point of view, it is difficult. What we do as a state is: the health insurance companies pay the treatment costs and the states pay if care is necessary, the care costs. But in fact we have problems on both sides, because we don't yet have the drugs for treatment, which are being researched feverishly. And the care requirements are often very tightly tied, so I really do understand the people who are complaining here. Now, you act a bit as if everything is actually settled. But when you talk to these persons, you hear exactly the opposite. Fighting for a year, being rejected again and again, many places that don't believe you, sometimes not even getting an answer at all, and then running the gauntlet until recognized as vaccine damage, and in the end a small sum. That can't be what the state is currently offering these people, can it? Absolutely not and I don't want to give that impression because that's not how I see things. It must therefore come to a faster recognition of these procedures, these vaccination damages and we get now also slowly at clearer picture. One must point out however also, only that no wrong impression remains here, severe vaccination damages are on the basis of the data of the Paul Ehrlich Institut or the European permission authority in the order of magnitude of less than 1 in 10,000 inoculations. So it is not that common.

But because the pictures of the disease are becoming clearer and clearer, it should also be possible in the future to identify those who are affected more quickly, so that help can be provided more quickly. Why did you, Mr. Lauterbach, still claim in the summer of 2021 that the vaccination would have no side effects? Well, that was an exaggeration that I made once in a failed tweet, but it was not fundamentally my position. I had very often commented on the side effects of vaccinations before. But you have also often said afterwards that there are hardly any, or practically none at all, just more or less free of side effects, you said again afterwards in a television program of Anne Will. So you have always given the impression that the topic of side effects is not really an issue. Well, that's not right. I just said it, so the numbers were known to me all the time. They have also remained relatively stable: These vaccines have been used worldwide. 1 in 10,000, you can say that's too much, and you can say it's not that much. But it is indeed a vaccination that protects against very serious diseases and, by the way, very often reduces the long covid risk. This is similar to what what we have seen here with the post-vax syndrome. So: The vaccinations, the benefit outweighs! But it is right one in 10.000 that is the frequency of severe side effects. Now the first lawsuits are pending against Biontech, also against other vaccine manufacturers. What do you think the outcome will be?

I can't speculate - that's not my job as a minister, so I have to be careful there. What is true is that within the framework of these EU treaties, the companies were largely exempted from liability at the time, and that liability therefore lies with the German state. So, quasi as just described, with the states, health insurance companies. What is the most important thing looking forward is we need a treatment. And I will set up a program with the Federal Ministry of Health where we will investigate the consequences of long covid, and also post vax would then be affected, where we will investigate this and also improve the care. That is a contribution that we can make. When will this happen in concrete terms? These people who are affected are the ones who are being stalled all the time. That's true, but I'm negotiating with the budget committee and it's actually a program that I would like to set up as quickly as possible, and I'm virtually in the budget negotiations for this money. It is something that we also have to bring where we are in the duty and that would network the experts in this field in such a way that the probability of a really good therapy in Germany would grow.
Now you have just mentioned this disclaimer itself. It means that the pharmaceutical companies can, as it were, sit back and relax in all these court proceedings, because the state has assumed the risk, and it is the state, i.e. you, the federal government, that has to answer for any claims for damages that may arise. Does that make you feel good? What do you mean, feel good?
(continued below)

Dr Reiner Fuellmich in a recent interview with Pascal Najadi, who filed criminal charges against the Swiss President in December 2022, and now added Pfizer and the FDA.
-Swiss President Berset named in lawsuit filed by British Swiss Banker Pascal Najadi vs Pfizer Inc. & FDA with Supreme Court NY, USA
Dr Fuellmich's new website:

Austrian Biologist and mRNA critic takes his own life. 18 February 2023. Sadly missed. RIP, dear Clemens!
Dr Fuellmich's new investigative committee is here:
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