With all the recent discussions about memory, mis remembered events and the mandella effect, this is weird. We are out to eat and there is an ad at the venue for Gallagher’s last smash.. but I remember he died of a heart attack! I admit this is weird.

SisterSunshineTv reviews her doctrine a quick chat before bedtime

Hoping Brett is doing okay, last we spoke I know he was looking forward to his regular Wednesday night chat. So I will open up this chat and hope that all is okay.

So what does #SisterSunshineTV think about the #drama? I don't like it and I don't want to see me or my #friends getting sucked into the black hole of drama. So I am giving a short (which actually turned out not so short because I got long winded) explanation of my point of view on the recent kerfuffle and let it go at that.

Want to know what #triggers SisterSunshine? What will make SisterSunshine #rant ? Well today is your day! All I wanted was a #plain #white shirt! Is one white shirt too much to ask? Is it too much to ask that a shirt actually fits a woman's body?

This was previously uploaded in August 2012 but the Aspect Ratio looked strange after so many YouTube updates. So I took it down, reworked it and hopefully the aspect ratio problem is corrected.

The #Olympics are steeped in the #occult and many of the practices today have their roots in #occultist practices and #beliefs. Do not be fooled #Christian everything done in preparation for the #Olympic #Games is calculated and done for specific reasons

This is an older recording from a church Bible study which discusses how we got the Bible in the English language. Very interesting. The speaker is identified as Brother Johnny Seely.

#SisterSunshineTV is a channel which discusses a variety of #topics #currentevents #news and #religion

Ever wonder why the #Bible has such #weird instructions? Why did the #Israelites need to preform certain #odd ceremonies? Well #SisterSunshineTV found a surprising parallel with people today being #ignorant about what many take for granted!

reupload from a number of years ago

Two days ago a sheep was sacrificed in Israel with representatives from 70 countries claiming they were renewing the Noahide covenant with the Lord.

My husband got me the new iPhone for my birthday! I haven’t upgraded in a long time so tons of new stuff to learn!

#iPhone #birthday #sistersunshinetv

This is a young #childactor who is being #exploited to fulfill a very specific goal by her handlers. She is being funded by the #globalist cartel by the likes of #GeorgeSoros and #AlGore This is very sad this child is being used and abused by parents and others for #political agendas.

#SisterSunshineTV is a channel which discusses a variety of #topics #currentevents #news and #religion


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