Interesting how Kamala Harris and Jussie Smollet were good friends, and how she thinks he is the nicest guy in the world. Curious isn't it, how she is passing a bill for Lynching, and he then almost got two black extra actor friends of him in MAGA hats! Things that make you go hmmmmm?

Wagging The Moondoggie episode #2 "Moon Rocks and More' recap. If you didn't watch the 2nd episode, here are the cliff notes.

In episode #2 of 'Wagging The MoonDoggie' we will cover:
(Pardon audio issues. i have somewhat corrected them from original stream,so they aren't as harsh. They have been corrected for future episodes)

To SKIP EPISODE #1 Recap....Start at 8:50
Moon Rocks
Equipment Left Behind
Lunar Lasers
Lunar Module
Luggage Needed
Perfect Execution

Tune in, it's gonna be a good time!

Welcome to "Wagging the Moon Doggie" Part #2
*Credit to David McGowan - Wagging The Moon Doggie*

A quick video on the joke conspiracy regarding Patriot Prayer; Joey Gibson, and the 'Collusion' with Portland Police Dept. Gestapo!

Link To Joeys Side of The Story:

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's 'Green New Deal' is Commie Red! This is so funny, and I am really glad she is getting the press on this. Exposing the leftist for who they are is

Mother holds gender reveal party for 20yr old son, who is transgendered female. Son thinks his mom is crazy for throwing the party.... "Hi pot, I'm kettle!"

'Republicans Are Brainwashed,' Democrats Dutifully Chant While Clad In Identical White Uniforms! You can't make this crap up!

- Mom holds ‘It’s a Boy’ gender reveal photo shoot for 20-year-old transgender child
-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal' is Commie Red
-'Republicans Are Brainwashed,' Democrats Dutifully Chant While Clad In Identical White Uniforms
-Pelosi Excludes Ocasio-Cortez From New Climate Change Committee
-New Jersey residents face possible 'rain tax'
-Mother pours water on her sleeping infant's face as 'payback for waking me up all kinda times of da night'
-Chicago Police Superintendent: 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett 'WILL Be Held Accountable' If He Made A False Crime Report
-Pope Francis confirms ghastly reports of priests’ abuse and ‘sexual slavery’ of nuns
-Photo of ‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar dressed as a ‘beautiful African woman’ resurfaces — and it doesn’t look good
-Gucci Pulls $900 Sweater From Production Over Claims Of Blackface
-Should Trans Women Compete with Women?

Party of science: Rep. Ilhan Omar denies men have weightlifting advantage over women, demands probe into ‘discriminatory’ competition

Thoughts on how silicon valley is actively working against conservative and libertarian voices on various social media platforms. Also, some commentary on a little dork who has nothing better to do then threaten good people, they simply disagree with.

Clips from SOTU Stream regarding the Wall.

We really need to get some outrage consistency here! We are all over the board on who gets a pass on blackface and who doesn't! I am going to preemptively, deny any person who calls me a Racist for my viewpoints here also! This is not for, nor against, the use of 'Black Face'! But rather for the use of 'Consistency' in our alleged outrage, concerning 'Black Face'.

Here is a little song I wrote for Antifa, I hope you can all get a laugh or two out of it. Because if we can't laugh at ANTIFA, and their crazy hypocritical, leftist, Marxist insanity...who can we laugh at? Am I right?

Here is a teaser clip from my MAGA song, "Make Antifa Go Away"! Stay tuned for the complete song coming out soon!

A new song I am writing I thought I would share....very rough draft!
#Joey Gibson
#Antifa Parody Song

Thoughts on what is happening in Venezuela right now....The Trump administration’s recognition of Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president, opposed to Nicholas Maduro, their actual elected President, has provoked criticism from independent journalists but cheers from the unexpected...Trumps own foes! Please remember that Venezuela recently stated and enacted removing itself from the Petrodollar. Just like Libya and Iraq had plans to do. Follow the #Petrodollar / #Oil / #Money!

SJG Clips thus far.....

Discussion surrounding South Dakota Senate Bill 49, regarding athletes who have to compete against matching biological sex opponents. Using science to dictate competition, is so bigoted, rude and mean spirited!

25-year-old woman attacked by a 19-year-old armed mugger; she was a concealed weapon holder and shot and killed attacker. Zack Ford mocked the use of gun in self-defense, and the 2nd amendment supporters who were thankful the women was not another violent crime statistic.

Pedophilia is the next step for this wrong is right and right is wrong society we are creating! This makes me furious, to say the least!

Fake social sciences exposed again, and they are not happy about being made to look like fools! A seemingly genuine pronunciation blunder, gets meteorologist shit canned!

Support the stream: So apparently being a gentlemen, and wanting to be polite to women, is a form of subtle, manly toxicity! Men are now considered bad, when trying to be good! The penis packing humans, can't catch a break for nothing!

In this video, I want to share a couple thoughts on how the left likes to redefine the definition of babies in the womb, when it is convenient for them to do so. Also how tall men, are by default, more likely to violate sexual misconduct guidelines, at loony colleges! I think it's a form of height shaming myself......

Two mothers, one baby Story:
Tall Men Bad Story:

Just some quick thoughts on Venezuela and their departure away from the petrodollar.

Little blurb on upcoming content! I'm also testing my stream settings.....


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