Covid Quarantine camp being built in Nisqualy Washington

Eerie similarity to what's going on today from 1995. Did this man know what the plan was?

A member of the Dutch Parliament gives a speech about the vaccines, lockdowns, covid. Shocker, it's not about your "health" after all.

Project Veritas goes undercover and doctor reveals what's really happening with the vaccines.

Australian hospitals are using ivermectin to treat Vaccinated patients, while unvaccinated patients are put on a ventilator to give the illusion the vaccine is working. This is a crime of humanity by doctors.

Top Irish Doctors & Surgeons come out and say a resounding NO to Jabs for Children.

Biden and wife making an appearance at a school where Joe acts strange.

This is not about a virus at all, it's about control.

Her husband went out and got the vaccine because they said it was "safe". He died shortly thereafter, but the doctors refused to attribute his death to the vaccine.

Woman tells her story of the debilitating side effects of the Pfizer Covid shot. They said it was "safe"

Joe Biden says his patience has run out and threatens millions of Americans with losing their livelihood if they don't take the Covid vax. He also lies and says they're safe despite tens of thousands already dead from the shots.

A Rockefeller Foundation report perfectly describes the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccines. Was it all planned?

January 6th at the Capitol. Police allow protesters to enter the building. These people are now being charged with trespassing? What is going on here?

A call to CHI Memorial Hospital where the nurse, Tiffany Dover famously fainted on live TV after receiving the covid vax. They refuse to answer if she is even still alive.

Lin Wood speaks at the Health and Freedom conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 4/17/21. Says Q is truth.

An interview with the supposed husband of Ashli Babbitt. Why did it take 3 months for him to finally speak out? Right as the officer in the "shooting" won't be charged or even named. Is it all an act?

CNN and most of mainstream media is nothing more than disgusting propaganda dividing our society through fear and manipulation.

Mentally handicapped people being forced to take the Covid vaccine.

No Covid vax? Sorry, we're going to leave you to fend for yourself against the volcano.

Bodycam footage taken from another angle clearly shows officer Chauvin's knee was clearly on George Floyd's shoulder blade, not his neck.

Biden makes fun of Trump walking up ramps while he himself stumbles multiple times.

Mike Lindell outlines all the mathematical inconsistencies in the 2020 election and how it was scientifically impossible for Biden to be the winner.

The Capitol "riot" on January 6th, 2021 was nothing more than a staged false flag, organized by the government. This video explains how the Ashli Babbitt shooting was nothing more than a show played by Crisis Actors. Video banned by YouTube, of course.

Video credit goes to WoozNews
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