Is this another blackout at the Vatican or just an underexposed webcam?

Current live cam link

Lt Gen Thomas McInerney at the White House on 1/8/21 talking about the special forces stealing Pelosi's laptop and America's slip into communism.

Trump speaks about the Capitol protest, covid, and censorship.

Mysterious envelopes given out to the Bush's, Pence's, Biden's, Clinton's, and Obama's at George HW Bush's funeral. Worried faces on everyone who got them. Were they a warning?

Members of Antifa trying to get a riot going by smashing windows. Called out by Trump supporters.

Military in DC mobilising for the inauguration of .. ?

Trump's new social media release, featuring Michael Flynn

Never Give Up - Donald Trump

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador speaks against the recent censorship by big tech companies.

Maria Zack having a conference call explaining how exactly votes in the US election were changed from Trump to Biden from Rome, Italy and who was involved. i.e. Barack Obama.

Military forces mobilising near the US Capitol. Insurrection Act?

Supreme Court of Italy legal counsel testifies about US election interference by Arturo D'Elia. Switching votes to change state outcomes from Trump to Biden.

Power generators being set up all over DC for.. something

Ashli Babbitt walking to the Capitol where she was eventually "shot". She describes the Trump supporters she's with as a "mob". Rather odd way to describe your so-called friendly acquaintances..

Lt. General Thomas McInerney talking about the raid on the Capitol on 1/6/21 by special forces. Capturing Nancy Pelosi's laptop and why she's so frantic to remove Trump from office.

Tulsi Gabbard destroys Kamala Harris on her record as a prosecutor at the democratic debates

A nurse collapses while doing a live television interview shortly after taking the covid-19 vaccine.

An amish Trump caravan in Pennsylvania. Oct 2020

Professor Di Dongsheng of Remnin University in Beijing talks about China's influence in American politics and how a Biden win will further their influence in America

Joe Biden talks about George HW Bush's criminal reform bill not going far enough to put people in prison. From 9/5/1989

Eric Swalwell caught the attention of CCP spies with this fart heard round the world.

CCP opposition host Lude discusses how hard drives containing blackmail information about American officials ended up in Trump's hands. A hard drive was sent to Pelosi. Bloomberg is also on the hard drive. In addition, information about a CCP "bioweapon"

Justin Trudeau talks to the UN in September 2020 saying the coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity for a reset. He later backtracked and said the Great Reset is a conspiracy.

Joe Biden claims he's constantly cognitively tested then a couple weeks later claims he's never taken a cognitive test.

The O'Reilly Factor circa 2006 discussing George Soros' infiltration into the media with Monica Crowley and Phil Kent. Also a clip of Soros talking about his time in Nazi Germany.


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