This dude assaults several people and is taken down by a few good samaritans. Now, this jackass is using his daddy's money escape punishment and to DMCA this video and remove both posts and comments from Reddit.

This douche bag idiot who thought it would be a good idea to try and misuse DMCA takedowns to remove a video of him assaulting someone (and then getting his ass kicked by a man twice his age) from the internet. Just Fucking LOL!

Free Speech will not be stopped by this jackass!

Here's an article on the whole thing:

Torrent Freak:

Here is all of the comments that have been removed by both the Reddit mods and Admins on this video:

Repeat after me! I'm the Great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!

If we allowed Taco Bell to have fashion shows.

Hey? Did anyone notice the burrito walking in the back?

Let's bring back Troll face for this year or make a 2020 rendition of it.

Mr. Trololo aka. Eduard Khil (1934 - 2012)

At first, we thought this video was annoying. Now 2020 is nearby and we consider Nyan Cat as a piece of internet history

Does anyone remember this classic?

Just waiting

WTF mate?

I'm visiting my family for the holidays. I get bored, decided to search through my parents closet of old VHS/DVDs, and found this gem of WTF with cats in it.

What is better than the TSA? Free Bacon!

This is such a great song.

I have no reason of why.

At least this does have a more coherent plot than anything Disney have produced recently.

Did I ever tell you about the tale of Darth Wiseau the Wise?

Archived it before Disney takes it offline.


Yeah... I have many, many questions.

This video will be the first added to my Internet Archive playlist. Since YT's change to their policy will probably include the removal a lot of these videos that made Youtube great in the past.

This commercial from 1975


This video explains what is an incel and the psychology of one. Enjoy.


This fan film was created by the Youtube Channel Star Wars Theory. He asked Lucasfilm for permission with only two conditions. It can't be crowdsourced and monetized. After publishing on Youtube, Disney & Warner Chappell immediately manually claimed it by started running ads on the video and placed a strike on the channel. Star Wars Theory Channel doesn't care about the money neither do I, but I saved the video just in case if Disney strike the video and youtube deletes it.

The channel "Star Wars Theory" is to be welcomed on Bitchute. No more longer shall he fear the demon ears of Disney and be a victim to Youtube's suspend ban-hammer.

You want to see a horrendus Christmas movie? I bring you "The Christmas Tree".

Seriously? How bad could this movie can get? Frosty the Snowman from the 1960's had better animation and acting than this.


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Hi, I'm SkepticalPr0thean. I love DOOM and everything that goes with DOOM. Since YT is deleting videos, I'm making it my personal mission to archive the obscure, hilarious, to the outright disturbing videos that made Youtube great back in it's heyday (2006-2012).

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