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Seriosuly, these are the kind of bastards who deserved to be banned from fresh produce stores.

Squidward becomes lost in the Backrooms

Created by Dragon_GameDev2. Helping this small indie game developer to spread his creations around the web and undermine Nintendo for destroying small artists & game creators.


This man rolled his car, the EMT drugs him, dude wakes up in hospital 8hrs later hooked up to IV, Catheder, and Ventillator. Takes everything off and tries to leave the hospital while staff is trying to prevent him from leaving, telling him he has COVID-19 while his blood tested negative for the virus.

Florida Woman on meth having a freakout

Munich, Germany. 2022
Anti-vaccine & lockdown protest

The Innocence of Muslims is an short 2012 indie film produced by a guy named Nakoula Basseley among other fake names used to keep himself anonymous. This film lead to various riots in many Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries demanding for the video to be removed and destroyed. Some believe in the conspiracy that this trolling film caused the Benghazi Embassy Raid in 2012 prompting some to push for censorship of this film and the people responsible to be imprisoned.

The Metaverse is going to have interesting glitches

Iran should instead nuke this shit country out of existence.

Yes. This is the full movie. Enjoy.
If Uwe Boll made this movie today, it would be banned everywhere including the United States. Made in a time where no one gave a shit if you were offeneded.

To help out Mutahar of SomeOrdinaryGamers, his video will be posted here. The bastards at YT removed this video and rejected Muta's repeal within minutes of removal of this video covering Cash-App Scams. An important IoT's topic that seriously needs to be covered not censored.

Mutahar's Twitter post regarding this issue:

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I #StandWithMuta

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Hi, Since YT is deleting videos, I'm making it my personal mission to archive the obscure, hilarious, to the outright disturbing videos that made Youtube great back in it's heyday (2006-2012).