Here is an improvisation on my Hiren Roy sitar to a 6/8 tabla beat I made via my Roland Handsonic. Four different tracks of Indian drums create the majority of the percussion. The other two drum tracks are of a tuned gong and a xylophone in pentatonic scale.

Towards the end of the song I bring in the Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody to play lead over the other tracks.

During the filming and recording of the sitar track a thunderstorm caused a blackout in my area. Fortunately the camera and zoom microphone are battery powered so I didn't lose the recordings.

The overakl mood is pretty ambient and complex like an elaborate dream hence the name Sitar Dreamscape. Thanks for listening :-)

Here is another improvisation on my Egyptian oud. I added some doumbek and other drums via my Roland Handsonic. There is also a bass track on my Musicman Stingray 5. The last track is my G&L Comanche hooked into my Ravish Sitar pedal with some distortion on it.

The overall mood reminds me of a caravan slowly plodding along through a hot desert. Thanks for listening :-) #oud #egyptian #guitar

Here's an improvisation on my Martin acoustic guitar. I added a few drum tracks to accompany the main acoustic guitar track. Some of the drums include bongos, wood blocks, a standard kick and snare as well as a highhat. Later in the song I bring in my partsocaster guitar as a lead over the other tracks.

The overall tone has a country roots type of feel to it with a galloping rhythm to it. Thanks for listening :-)

Here is a four track improvisation on my fancy Les Paul. I programmed the drums in superior drummer with the post rock big oak kit. Fractal background was created in jwildfire. I panned a few of the tracks to the left and right for more depth hence the name left right paradigm. Thanks for listening :-)

Here's an original composition on my Martin concert cutaway. This is another experiment where I taped a gopro inside the guitar for a view of my fingerpicking hand. I added some percussion to this track ranging from bongos, udu, tuned gongs, frame drums and djembe.
Overall the mood seemed mysterious to me like a mystic discovering hidden knowledge from an ancient manuscript.

Thanks for listening :-)

Here is a short improvisation on my cigar box guitar. The cigar box guitar part is only around 2 minutes long so I repeated it then added a few drum layers over it. Some of the drum tracks include cajon, cymbols, woodblock, xylophone and a bass drum. Towards the end I bring in a couple tracks of my G&L Fallout. For the fallout I play inside the pocket of a digital delay at the same bpm for the song to get a nice bouncy note effect for the leads.

I called it a stay of execution because the overall mood of the song reminds me of a criminal waiting for a verdict on their innocence from the court. Thanks for listening :-)

Here is an improvisation on my Stephen Carpenter seven string baritone guitar. Drums were programmed using the post rock ezx from Superior Drummer by Toontrack. Thanks for listening :-)

Here is an original improvisation on my handpan, udu, shaker and partsocaster. It starts off with four different tracks on my hijaz tuned handpan. Then a couple udu tracks come into play. Next a shaker track ties in a 4/4 beat in preparation for a lead track on my home made partsocaster. Finally towards the end I bring in another track on my partsocaster with fast picking to close out the song.

The overall feel of the song reminds me of the atmosphere of a mysterious market that has exotic items for sale like shrunken heads or voodoo dolls and the occasional good luck charm. Thanks for listening :-) #handpan #udu #partsocaster

Fractals were all rendered in jwildfire. I've been accumulating fractal footage over the year and these come in helpful for background footage.

Here is a basic four track blues jam on my G&L Comanche and Musicman Stingray 5 bass. This composition started with a main riff on the bass, then I added a second bass track with a bit of distortion to fatten up the mix. Next I added the main lead guitar. To make the overall song sound more spacey I added a four delay super wide harmony track. Once all the guitars were in place I built the drums around them via Superior Drummer and the classic rock ezx.

Thanks for listening :-)

Here's another jam on my Martin acoustic guitar with some Indian drums and a partsocaster at the end. #martin #acoustic #guitar

Here is an original composition on my Egyptian oud. It started out as a improvisation on the oud then I added five drum tracks via my Roland Handsonic. Three of the tracks are a sample of a doumbek, an udu drum and the other two are a hand pan.

Overall the song has a feel of an ancient international trader traveling on their route. Thanks for listening :-) #originalmusic #egypt #oud

Here's an original improvisation on my Egyptian Oud. It starts out with oud and then a few tracks on my tar drum. Later an udu, hand pan and Irish bones are added to the mix. Towards the end of the song I bring in an electric guitar with some vibrato effects on it.

Fractals were created in jwildfire and the video was composed in Adobe After Effects.

The overall mood of the song reminds me of ancient structures being worn away by sandy erosion. Thanks for listening :-) #oud #egyptian #handpan

Here's am improvisation that started out with a beat on an empty kombucha bottle. I have to play this song now whenever I run out of kombucha.

Later I added an oud track with a ton of reverb on it to create an ambient fill in the background. The rest of the tracks include the main oud improvisation as well as three tracks on my udu, a track on my doumbek and a shaker track. Towards the end of the song I brought in my G&L Fallout with an effect that has five different octaves per note played.

Gotta keep stockpiles of kombucha around :-) thanks for listening. #oud #kombucha

I was out birding with my zoom lens and discovered a den of raccoons in a tree hollow. The little guys made a few noises as I looked in the hollow. They proceeded to climb up the hollow tree once tgey figured out I wasn't their mom. #raccoon #nature

Higgs the hamster does not know what to do with this huge pecan. He wants to stuff it in his pouch but its too big. He also thinks I'm trying to take it from him so all he is left to do is spin around in circles. #hamster #greed

Here is an original improvisation that started out with a beat I programmed in Superior Drummer using the pop ezx. Once the drums were programmed I added four tracks of electric guitar via my G&L Comanche and Axe fx II. The first track has a four repeat delay that kind of acts as a bass rhythm track. The second track has a really long drawn out reverb with a slow attack and long release to fill in the space on the left ear. The third track has a vibrato and wah on it to fill in space on the right ear. Finally the lead track has an autowah on it with delay and chorus to create a sort of wavy sound.

The overall mood of the song reminds me of crystal clear water. I added some footage of last year's vacation to torch lake in Michigan where the waters are crystal clear. You can see little minnows swimming around near your feet in the sand bars. Thanks for listening :-)$/invite/@sketchandjam:1

Here is a little jam that started out as a multitrack drum beat in a malfuf format. The malfuf beat is a basic 2/4 groove with a strong doum lead and evenly spaced tek beats. I also added a tuned gong, some cowbells and a tambourine track in addition to the doumbek.

Once the rhythm tracks were in place I improvised to the beat on my Egyptian Shehata oud. Overall the mood reminds me of a slow journey somewhere on horseback.

Thanks for listening :-)$/invite/@sketchandjam:1

Just a random noodling improvisation on my home made partsocaster. I wanted to play around with some vst plugins so I recorded the electric guitar clean then added some effects via software. For this experiment I tripled the tracks and set one to have the fas reverb plugin by fractal audio. The next duplicated track has a pitch shifting effect and some delay via the ezmix guitar plugin. The final track has some compression and boost via ezmix as well. Thanks for listening :-) #partsocaster #guitar

Here is an improvisation on my Takamine cutaway classical guitar. Thanks for listening :-)
#classicalguitar #takamine$/invite/@sketchandjam:1

Here is an improvisation on my Egyptian Shehata Oud along with some hand drums. I started out with a maksum drum beat composed of a cajon, doumbek, udu and shaker. Maksum translates to "cut in half" and is a basic 4/4 style beat in Middle Eastern music. Once the drum beat was in place I improvised an oud riff over it and later a jaw harp track. My jaw harp is in the key of F so it complements my Arabic oud tuning perfectly.

Towards the end of the jam I added an electric guitar track on my home made partsocaster with a tricky delay on it that repeats each note 4 times. Thanks for listening and watching :-)$/invite/@sketchandjam:1

Here's a goose I see every spring in downtown Chicago under the Marina Towers. It might be the same one... who knows #goose #canadiangoose #chicago

Here's a four track cigar box guitar jam. The tracks start off in order of appearance. Percussion tracks are first, the cigar box guitar acts as almost a cajon sounding drum with a string scratch track as a shaker. Then a deeper rythym track comes in. The lead harmonizes with the rythym and eventually turns into a slide track. All the tracks were one take with some rough sounding errors here and there, hence the name :-). Thanks for listening.

I may try something like this on my Irish bouzouki soon a bit more polished up. #cigarboxguitar #improvising

Here's a little jam that started out with a drum beat by @jaybird on the steem blockchain check out his work here
He has a conga, kick, cowbell setup with some bells resting on one of the congas. See the original video here

Later I added a couple tracks on my hijaz tuned hang drum. Then finally a bass track with my musicman stingray. I put a pitch filter effect on it. Overall it turned out pretty good I may add a guitar or some other lead instrument to it later. Thanks for listening :-)

This is an original improvisation on my baglama saz. I also added tanpura (via swar plug), udu, doumbek and shaker tracks for rhythm and percussion. To close out the song I added my hijaz tuned handpan.

The overall mood of the song reminds me of the cycle of life and the perpetual birth and death treadmill mortal creatures have to endure. Thanks for listening :-] #handpan #baglama

Quick jam on my idiopan. I added a bit of reverb and delay to get subtle ambience. Fractals were created in jwildfire. Thanks for listening :-)


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