Here's an improvisation on my Gibson Les Paul quilt top. I recorded it running through my fender mustang amp on a high gain setting. I used a Jim Dooley backing drum track to improvise to. Later I added my musicman bass and a fender stratocaster special track as a lead. Thanks for listening.!/c/sketch.and.jam

Here's an improvisation on my Epiphone Les Paul, this was the first guitar I ever bought with my own money way back when I was a kid. It's a fairly cheap guitar but the neck has great action and the pickups are pretty good for the price point. For this improvisation I wanted to test out a mini isolation box along with my Suhr amp and a tc electronic reverb pedal. The isolation box worked pretty well but there's something a bit loose inside that causes a rattle when certain notes are hit. So I'll have to open it up and make sure everything is extra secured. After recording the audio via my zoom h6 I added a synth track overlay and a bit of drums via my Roland Handsonic.!/c/sketch.and.jam

Here we have another song that started from an improvisation on my udu drum. Later I added three idiopan tank drum tracks and a shaker track. I also wanted to test out one of my Russian jaw harps, it appears about midway through the song. To close I added a cigar box guitar track with some digital delay. I may remix this with some different instruments later on perhaps my bass or banjo, possibly my sitar... thanks for listening :-) #udu #idiopan

Here's some original music I came up with on my cigar box guitar, musicman bass, roland handsonic and g&l asat. The first track was the cigar box guitar improvisation built around a drum track by Jim Dooley then the bass, drums and other tracks were added later. The timelapse video is a recording of my typical walking commute in downtown Chicago where me and all the other worker drones rush off to our jobs in the morning. I took a bit of time to stop by the bean in millenial park to make it more interesting. Thanks for listening :-) #originalmusic #cigarboxguitar

This started out as another improvisation on my cigar box guitar. Later I added a few drum tracks with my roland handsonic and a jaw harp track tuned to the key of f. Later as i listened to the finished mix it reminded me of a witchdoctor selling strange spices and medicines to people to cure them of their illnesses. Thanks for listening :-) #cigarboxguitar #originalmusic

Here's an improvisation I made up on the spot with my Egyptian oud. Later I adjusted the audio to add a new reverb plugin by fractal audio (FAS reverb). I also added some fractals I created in Jwildfire throughout the video. Thanks for listening :-) #originalmusic #oud #improvisation

Here's some original music I came up with. I started out with an improvised beat on my Udu drum then layered in additional percussion tracks via my handsonic drum controller. Some of the handsonic sounds include indian drums, tuned gongs, some pots and pans and synth sounds. Once the percussion tracks were completed I added a bass (musicman stingray) and guitar (G&L fallout) track direct recorded via my axe fx II. Once the final mix was finished, I combined the video and audio in adobe after effects along with a fractal image towards the end that I created in jwildfire. Thanks for listening :-) #udu #originalmusic #handsonic

I went to the lake michigan beach and caught some relaxing waves hitting the shore. I added a soundtrack composed with my jaw harp, morin khuur, drums and my cigar box guitar. I also recorded my first attempt at throat singing as a subtle ambient sound to blend with the jaw harp track. Thanks for listening :-) #morinkhuur #mouthharp #meditation

This started out as a test of my gopro timelapse feature where I clipped it on my backpack for a typical morning commute in downtown Chicago. Later I added an oringinal soundtrack composed with my handsonic drum controller, a jaw harp and my cigar box guitar. Thanks for listening :-) #cigarboxguitar #jawharp #originalmusic

Just jamming on my cigar box guitar tuned fcf. Later i tweeked the audio with some guitar rig effects. #originalmusic #cigarboxguitar

This started out as an idiopan beat i improvised. Later i started adding some idiopan harmonies as well as a couple hand drum tracks. After i let this project sit for a couple months i added a mason jar shaker, a jaw harp and banjo track. The fractal overlay was created in jwildfire. Thanks for listening :-) #idiopan #banjo #jawharp

Just a quick cell phone bluesy slide jam on my cigar box guitar. Sorry about all the slide knocks on the neck. #cigarboxguitar #blues

This started out as some riffing on my Russian cigar box guitar. Later i added some standard drum kit beats via my roland handsonic. To add a bit of drone i also used my jaw harp. Towards the end of the song i added my g&l asat electric guitar with some pentatonic leads. Thanks for listening :-) #cigarboxguitar

Justin Johnson playing at the 7th annual Cigar Box Guitar festival in St. Louis at the Highway 61 Roadhouse. I try and go to this every year to see all the amazing #cigarboxguitars and hear the wizard shred it up on various builds.

Just testing out how well my phone pucks up my playing on the cigar box guitar. #cbg #cigarboxguitar #improvising.

Another freestyle jam on my sitar. I added a few tracks of drums via my roland handsonic that include a tabla, a yangqin, a guzheng and some subtle bongos. There's also a jaw harp track to add some drone. I call this one sitar sunrise because of the jwildfire fractal overlay, and the video finally finished rendering early in the morning :-). Thanks for listening :-) #sitar #handsonic #originalmusic

This started out as an random improvisation and the riffs sounded a bit medieval to me so i added my frame drum, a shaker and some midi strings. Later in the song i add a bit of synth overlay via the midi track i recorded on my midi guitar. Thanks for listening :-)

This started out as an improvisation on my sitar in Ravi Shankar tuning. Later i added some percussion via my Roland handsonic's tabla setting. The fractal overlay was created in jwildfire and imposed on the video in adobe after effects. Thanks for listening :-)

This is a demonstration of my five jaw harps combined with some drumming on my roland handsonic drum. I also added some synth drones in the same key as each of the jaw harps as well as animation of each jaw harp while i play them in sequence. Back in the day shamans used to use jaw harps to access spirit helpers to forsee the future, treat people or gain hidden knowledge. I just use these as a way to chill out after a long day at work and take my mind off of things. Thanks for listening :-)

Found this old video i made where I dug out my dad's old guitar and recorded this improvisation. This is the first guitar I learned how to play. It's an old hondo dreadnaught that had the bridge and nut replaced with brass versions to give a loud sustaining tone. I recorded the audio in 5.1 via my camera's microphone then mixed it down to stereo in adobe audition. Thanks for listening :-)

Improvising on my prs to a simple drum beat by Jim Dooley. My main goal was to test out a weird effects chain in guitar rig. I stacked distortion over a grain delay that was fed into a sine wave modulator that controls a talking wah. That signal was then fed into an ice reverb with lots of coloring. It turned out pretty weird which is what i was hoping for. I also got to test out a particle simulation in after effects that turns video into a series of dots then scatters them in a rotating pattern.

This is a song I made up in homage to the endless gray winter days here in Chicago. It starts out with a simple beat created on my handsonic. Then I use a g&l comanche for the rhythm and a musicman stingray for the bass. Leads are on my cigar box guitar and g&l asat. Cloud timelapse was taken by a lake where I like to hunt for mushrooms (keep an eye out for the birds). Hope you all enjoy, thanks for listening. #winter #chicago

This is a combination of two of my latin/spanish instruments. This song starts out with sounds of my fiberglass udu drum. I filled it with water to get some interesting liquid pitch variances. Later there are a couple tracks of classical guitar improvisation along with a sunrise video. I recorded the sunrise while camping in Michigan at Elk Lake. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for listening :-) #udu #classicalguitar


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Original artwork including drawings, digital art and animation as well as original music compositions created on various stringed instruments.