This started out as an improvisation on my idiopan tank drum recorded via my zoom h6. Later i added some grain delay and tone filters in guitar rig along with the original clean recording of the idiopan. I also recorded a couple subtle tracks on my meinl udu drum for a bit more rythym. #idiopan #udu

Just a tune i thought up while i was bored riding a slow train out to the suburbs. I captured some timelapse video and audio on my phone then recorded my musicman bass, g&l asat and comanche to a 120bpm standard drum kit beat by Jim Dooley. The bass was recorded clean then amped with guitar rig. Guitars were recorded via my axe fx with delay set to match the bpm of the song so i could get synced delay trails.

This is an experimental animation using after effects and my ball point pen doodles. Towards the end of the video the original images are shown. The audio is just me jamming on my cigar box guitar plugged into my strymon timeline pedal. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for listening.

Sunday night practice session of oud and udu.

Another exploration into the art of improvising where I combine my tar drum, cajon, cigar box guitar, udu, musicman bass and irish bouzouki in a Spanish style composition. The bass has an envelope filter effects on it to add some depth and i put a bit of delay on the percussion tracks. The bouzouki is mostly clean other than a tint of reverb and eq. Color overlay for the video was made in jwildfire. Hope you all enjoy, thanks for listening :-)

This video shows my girlfriend trying to move carl the vinegaroon to his new enclosure. Music is me jamming on my oud to a middle eastern beat. #vinegaroon #oud

Another jam in open c on my wechter pathfinder. #acoustic #guitar #jam

Just a jam on my egyptian oud where i added midi tracks to it later as well as a rythym track via tapping on my electric kalimba hooked into my axe fx.

Jamming on my musicman stingray 5 with a tc electronic bg250 amp and a custom toneprint. I finally decided to play around with toneprints and this is the result. I remixed a drumbeat by Jim Dooley then improvised on bass. (Pardon the effects on the video i've just been playing around in after effects lately).

Just a jam on my martin acoustic that has 10 year old strings on it.

Finally trying out open c tuning on my wechter pathfinder. #guitar #jam

This is my entry for steemit open mic week 121 where i play a doumbek, kalimba, shakers and sitar. Hope you enjoy, thanks for listening :-). #steemit #openmic #sitar #kalimba

Playing around with my weber resonator and zoom h6. I added an additional microphone with a subtle delay effect (strymon timeline) on it with a high delay time and lots of repeats that starts to buildup towards the end. I had to turn that track down quite a bit as it started feeding back over itself. #resonator

Once i figure out all the banjo riffs ill add a bass and cajon track. #banjo

Just improvising on my sitar with a jaw harp drone as a background track #sitar #jawharp

This started out as an improvisation on my cbg tuned to f bflat f. I added some midi tracks later in my daw. Drums are superior drummer's latin kit and synths are dimension pro and rapture. #cbg #cigarboxguitar #shamanistic

Just a test to see what expensive gear sounds like through a home made cigar box guitar amp. Guitar is a paul reed smith hollowbody 1. Effects pedal is a strymon timeline. Amp is a diy cigar box kit with a volume and tone. #prs #cbg #cigarboxguitar

Improvising on my sitar to a drum track created by jim dooley composed of a darbuka, tar and riq. #sitar #drums

This is my first recording of jaw harp after i got the d glazyrin lighthouse for christmas. #jawharp #vargan

Just riffing on a galloping rythym with my slide and wechter guitar. #slide #acoustic #guitar

Just playing some slow blues with my home made ceramic slide on my wechter pathfinder acoustic guitar. #slide #blues #guitar

Making up random riffs in standard tuning on my wechter pathfinder. #guitar #acoustic #wechter

This an alternate tuning test where i tune my cbg to f-bflat-f to mimick a tovshuur or morin khuur. #cbg #cigarboxguitar

Making stuff up on my oud. #oud #jamming


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