This started out as improvising on my cajon, tar, doumbek and shakers. Later I added cigar box guitar and banjo. I also dug out my cheap midi guitar controller from under the bed to add some synth ambiance. Later I may do a version of this song with sitar instead of banjo. Background fractals were created in Jwildfire. #cbg #cigarboxguitar #banjo

This is Carl the whiptail scorpion aka vinegaroon. I took him out of his enclosure to put more dirt in his tank so he could dig a nest. He started walking to a song i was working on that i had on loop in the background. The soundtrack seems to suit him well, it incorporates a cajon, shakers, doumbek, tar and my 5 string bass. #percussion #vinegaroon #scorpion

Just layering my idiopan, doumbek, stratocaster, fallout and musicman stingray. Sunset was taken on lake michigan.

Improvisation with a meinl tar and wechter pathmaker acoustic guitar. Audio was recorded via a zoom h6. #guitar #tar #acoustic #improvisation

Improvising to a 6/8 middle eastern beat made by kettem BEAT here on youtube. Audio was recorded via my zoom h6. #oud

Just a jam i made up on the spot with my cigar box guitar and fender mustang amp. #cbg

Just jamming on my egyptian shehata oud.

Just some basic improvising on my slide guitar.

Just improvising on my sitar with strymon mobius, timeline and bigsky pedals.

Just jamming on my cigar box guitar with some fractals i made in jwildfire.

Playing the foggy dew on my irish bouzouki.

Jamming on a home-made cigar box guitar and amp with a delay pedal.

This is my first attempt at improvising on my oud after practicing on it for a couple weeks. Audio was recorded via the camera and i added a drone and some effects in sonar. Pyramid fractals i made in J-wildfire were added to complement this oud's origin from Cairo, Egypt.

I bought the oud from Maurice Oud shop after trying out a number of different ouds and this one really had the right sound and playability.

#oud #improvising

Just jamming on my idiopan with a couple hand drums and my acoustic guitar.

Just a short jam combining a dominus idiopan, a meinl tar, a remo hand drum and my cigar box guitar.


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