Stardrop is a sci-fi adventure space type of game that just came out of early access. It's extremely easy on the eyes with gorgeous graphics and amazing lighting effects that really show off how nice the Unreal engine is. This is a very story heavy game that revolves around rescue and salvage operations.

Game provided by: Developer
Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi, Space, First Person, Mystery
Release Date: Feb 14, 2019

Stardrop on Steam:

#SciFi #AdventureGame #LetsTryGames #VideoGames #Space

Sharpshooter3D is a very strange looking FPS game that I got on sale on Steam. It's actually better than I was expecting although extremely bizarre but in at interesting way.

Game Purchased For $0.66 (90% off)
Release Date: Sept 5, 2018
Genre: FPS, Action, Indie Game

Sharpshooter3D on Steam:

#VideoGames #LetsPlay #FPS #Indie #Indigames #LetsTryGames

Fight'N Rage is a sweet old school sidescrollin' brawler game in the same style as Streets of Rage and Final Fight. This game is tons of fun and really good with local couch co-op up to 3 players. Lots of unlocks and fun to be had.

Game Purchased For $10.99 (50% off)
Genre: Indie, Sidescroller, Beat 'em up, Pixel Graphics
Release Date: Sept 19, 2017

Fight'N Rage on Steam:

#FightNRage #VideoGames #Gaming #IndieGames #Indie #LetsTryGames

This is Pixel Battle Royale, the latest free to play battle royale game on Steam. Lets see what it is.

Genre: Battle Royale, FPS, Indie, Multiplayer, Free to Play
Release Date: Jan 31, 2019

Pixel Battle Royale on Steam:

#BattleRoyale #FPS #LetsTryGames #IndieGames #VideoGames

I've never played Dungeon Of The Endless before but I do like a good rogue-lite so I thought it would be fun to try it out and then I thought if I'm trying it out I might as well stream it so here we are.

Dungeon Of The Endless on Steam:

#RogueLite #Gaming #LiveStream #VideoGames #Live

Thrusty Ship is a game sort of like the old Lunar Lander game in terms of contols but your ship is pretty beefy and can smash into stuff without taking damage. You collect gems in each level and try to get it all done in a good time and score.

Game Provided by: Developer
Genre: Indie, Arcade, High Score, Time Trial
Release Date: Jan 23, 2019

Thrusty Ship on Steam:

Developer's Website:

#VideoGames #IndieGame #LetsTryGames #ThrustyShip #IndieGaming #Gaming

Everspace is a neat rogue-lite space game with crafting and procedural generated levels. It's fun and challenging with cool unlockables and awesome explosions.

Game purchased on sale: xxxx (50% Off)
Genre: Action, Space, Roguelite, Crafting, Indie Game
Release Date: May 25, 2017

Everspace on Steam:

Developer's Website:

#EverSpace #RogueLite #LetsTryGames #Gaming #IndieGame

I was maliciously gifted this during the steam winter sale. Let the torture commence...

"Game" gifted by Animefan726
Genre: Unity Assets
Release Date: Jan 1, 2018

Vaporwave Simulator on Steam:

#FakeGame #AssetFlop #LetsTryGames #GameShapedObject #FakeGames #BadGames

This is a free to play game up on Steam called Rolling Bird. It's crazy hard but really fun at the same time and very replayable. I got a high score when recording but after havent been able to come close, this really is a hard game and it's definitely worth playing.

Genre: Action, Retro, Platformer, High Score, Indie, Free to Play
Release Date: Dec 28, 2018

Rolling Bird on Steam:

#RetroGaming #Arcade #FreeToPlay #LetsTryGames #IndieGame

Wrack Exoverse is a new FPS / Tower Defense / Rogue-Lite game in Early Access on Steam. It's got some good things and some bad things to it, I like some of it but certain things feel slightly off, I hope it improves a lot over the Early Access time. It sure has a cool look it to and I like how colorful it is.

Game Provided By: Developer
Genre: FPS, Tower Defense, Rogue-Lite, Indie Game, Early Access
Early Access Release Date: Mar 6, 2018

Wrack Exoverse on Steam:

#TowerDefense #FPS #Gaming #EarlyAccess #RogueLite #LetsTryGames

Mortal Royale is a new Early Access Battle Royale game based on the Mortal MMO game I think. It's really rough and badly optimized but there is a hint of fun here, it just needs a lot more updates. Also, apparently you can have up to 1000 player matches.

Genre: Free to Play, Battle Royale, MMO, FPS
Early Access Release Date: Dec 16, 2018

Mortal Royale on Steam:

Developer's Website:

#MortalRoyale #FreeToPlay #FPS #MMO #LetsTryGames #BattleRoyale

Omensight is a gorgeous hack and slash mystery adventure game with a very nice story, awesome presentation and fantastic music and ambiance. The gameplay is fun with a controller and playing this is a good time

Game provided by: Developer
Genre: Hack 'n Slash, Adventure, Mystery, Indie Game
Release Date (PC): May 15, 2018
Release Date (Nintendo Switch): Dec 13, 2018

Omensight: Definitive Edition on Steam:

Developer's Website:

#Omensight #Gaming #IndieGames #LetsTryGames #Mystery

Pig Eat Ball is a strange and interesting game that takes place on a space station. You're a pig who has to do various games for unusual reasons but it's all good and very neat. This is probably one of the most strangely pleasing games I've played in a long time.

Game provided by: Developer
Genre: Indie, Arcade, Puzzle
Release Date: Sept 27, 2018

Pig Eat Ball on Steam:

Developer's Website:

#IndieGame #PigEatBall #LetsTryGames #VideoGames #Gaming #Indie

The mobile app stores are like an overloaded sewer system clogged with fatbergs and garbage. Probably at least 99% of mobile games are complete garbage or fake games but if you reach deep into the sewer and search long and hard you can find a few games worth playing. Here are 3 actually worth playing mobile games that you should check out.

Game 1 (Tiny Bubbles):

Game 2 (Armory & Machine):

Game 3 (Little Alchemy 2):

#MobileGames #Gaming #MobileGame #VideoGames

Bully Beatdown is a game where you're a guy who's beating up everyone you see. Is everyone a bully? Are you the bully? I'm not sure about that but it is a bit fun although simple. I wish there was more complexity to it because I really like the art style and enjoy side scrolling beat 'em up games.

Game Provided By: Developer
Genre: Indie, Action, Sidescroller, Beat 'em up, Indie
Release Date: Nov 16, 2018

Bully Beatdown on Steam:

#IndieGame #LetsTryGames #BullyBeatdown #BeatEmUp #Brawler #VideoGames

Deceit is a free to play game where you have a group of people and some are infected and the others have to escape. Nobody knows who's infected though and you have to figure it out befure they get you. It's fun and neat.

Genre: Free to Play, FPS, Survival Horror, Multiplayer, Co-op
Release Date: Mar 3, 2017

Deceit on Steam:

#FreeToPlay #HorrorGame #LetsTryGames #FPS #VideoGames

WTF is a thing on Steam that says it's in Early Access.

Game gifted by: AnimeFan726
Genre: Unity Assets, Early Access
Release Date: Jul 27, 2018

My Steam Review:

WTF on Steam:

#FakeGames #LetsTryGames #Gaming #Indie #WTF

Cybarian is a sweet new action platformer game with a classic retro 16bit feel. It's fun but hard because "Winners Don't Use Saves" and you mess up your attack combo it can leave you defenseless for a tiny bit. Fun game, hard stuff, cool bosses!

Game provided by: Publisher or Developer
Genre: Action, Platformer, Pixel Art, Indie, 16Bit, Retro
Release Date: Nov 9, 2018

Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior on Steam:

#Cybarian #Retro #LetsTryGames #16Bit #IndieGame #VideoGames

More worthless trash was recently dumped onto Steam by the person behind "ES Games". This "developer" releases the worst garbage you have ever seen and likes to preach to people on Steam and try to get players to check out their favorite religious propaganda.

Cars Arena is a new car combat game in Early Access. It's Free to Play and currently seems to be very lacking of players.

Genre: Free to Play, Car Combat, Racing, Multiplayer
Release Date: November 5th, 2018 (It is listed as the 14 though..??)

Cars Arena on Steam:

#FreeToPlay #VideoGames #LetsTryGames #Gaming #IndieGaming #Indie

Furwind is a colorful and nice looking action platformer game where you play as a fox on an adventure to save the day. It's pretty nice, gameplay feels good with an xbox 360 PC controller and the music is nice too.

Game provided by: Developer
Genre: Action, Platformer, Indie, Pixel Art
Release Date: Oct 25, 2018

Furwind on Steam:

#IndieGame #LetsTryGames #Furwind #Indie #VideoGames #Gaming #PixelArt

Jar Sam is a dirt cheap puzzle platformer game with nice pixel art that's very easy on the eyes. The gameplay is simple and requires some thinking the further into the game you go. It's okay, I think it's a bit short at just 40 levels and could maybe use a bit more.

Game Provided By: Developer
Genre: Platformer, Puzzle, Pixel Art, Indie, Casual
Release Date: Oct 7, 2018

Jar Sam on Steam:

#Platformer #PuzzleGame #PixelArt #Indie #Gaming #VideoGames #JarSam #LetsTryGames

I can't get enough of these cowboy style guns and enemy cowboy slaying. Time for more!

I need to blast more enemy cowboy bad guys with these awesome cowboy weapons.

Nogalious is a really neat looking 8bit style action platformer game. It's a bit fun but at the same time it can be infuriating and punishingly difficult.

Game Provided By: Developer
Genre: Action, Platformer, 8Bit, Pixel Art, Adventure, Difficult
Release Date: Aug 8, 2018

Nogaliuos on Steam:

Developer's Website:

#RetroGaming #8Bit #LetsTryGames #Platformer #VideoGames #Gaming #PixelArt


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