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Trump got impeached, is he going to play ball now or are we going to "keep winning"?

Listen to the very end.
While I may agree with MGTOW on a few things, I disagree with MGTOW on an awful lot.

However, I have great advice for the MRAs who wish to push some of the MGTOW platform into the mainstream.
MGTOW do have some legitimate grievances, and some of the conversations need to be had on the mainstream stage.


An authentic conservative movement is gaining traction and the establishment "conservative inc." are not happy about it. We will continue out efforts and expand this to other cuckservative influencers such as Dan Cringeshaw, Shapiro, Crowder and Gorka.

Make America Groyp Alloverthegrifters



Melinda Gates is a billionaire who is married to another billionaire (bill gates)


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