This video was made 10 years ago in response to jewish bankers looting Americans of 1 trillion. Back then people still didn't understand they have a well known parasitic infestation in their midst hell bent on their destruction. It will be very interesting to see how Americans react once the veil is lifted.

Says "Zionism" but really whoever made this ment to say TALMUDIC JUDAISM. Shows how far we have come.



The jews say the protocols are a "forgery", which is a copy of the them yourself and decide for yourself if you think it was a blueprint for world domination, which they have carried out about 90% of it.

Listen to jews talk about their demonic ways.

Amazing video at how the FN FAL works in slow motion. Video owned by VICKERS TACTICAL, go check them out at

Listen to legend JB Campbell speak.

Grab a beer, and listen very carefully.


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