Caveman discover wonder in shiny object. He fancies himself rocket surgeon now.

Keep points centered & angles consistent with this simple gauge.

Here are some ramblings about their features. Also, use bi-metallic blades because they outlast the cheaper carbon ones.

Relocating a light with recessed shelving standards illuminates an erector-set oasis in this crazy, mixed-up, Lego underfoot world.

More material-handling excitement than a mere mortal, handle.

What hand tools would you bring to the other side of the world? Please leave your thoughts.

Lessons learned in crafting the vise shield

Protect screw threads and ways with a simple concoction of angle and sheet

A round-stock support option where the Frankenstein-stitch welds of a beginner aren't a problem

Take a closer look to fashion a hook

The unforeseen can lead to some sore eyes later

Marking round stock for joining without a specialty notching tool

Ramblings about keeping tumbling device all nice and pointy

Keep pipes, rods, etc. easily visible and accessible for free

Another win in the battle for floor space

One of many uses of strut channel

Reduce hand discomfort from sharp edges.

Using this technique on a not-so-level concrete floor, large projects can be fitted together without need of a table. Please subscribe, like, and share.

Layout lines on pipes, tubing, and bars without straying. Please subscribe, rate, and share.

Options available

Not so tipsy, or pokey, cans

Wall storage examples

TLDR: Ear plugs & muffs

Keep those peepers popping. And use a face shield for sparks and high velocity debris

Furtive fasteners


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