Some initial tips on hanging storage

Sacrifice strength for speed with peg board, instead of french cleats alone

A makeshift solution, using a Lazy Susan bearing & steel plate, can ease pipe welding woes

Final electrical checks on the refurbished unit

Basic operation of this welder described

Intro to the iconic buzzbox tombstone welder

Here is a quick & dirty lifting solution, along with the next rehab project

Closing thoughts

Some ramblings about the vise's likely history

Safely strip in the comfort of your own home

Guts of a vise

Dirty vises are the best kind

A simple jig for tapping

An essential set-it-and-forget-it tool for metalwork

What to watch out for & some potential modifications

Avoid reflections & missing batteries

Simple friction slide drawer upkeep

Recover from overzealous value-engineering

Some math behind creating large arcs in pipe

A project nearing the point where I can rest my feet (but not on it)

Right angle notching done right

We rise up out of concept into concrete reality

A nice surface appearance with minimal effort

Cheap, time-saving hardware

Some considerations in locating the project


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