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A short audio analysis.
The LVMPD FIT report states the Fuel Tank 'shots" occurred in the middle of the event, along with 6 missed shots. Their stated evidence is "Uber video" Lombardo's early assessment was that the first shots people thought they heard 'may have been at the tanks. Skippy believes that had the shots occurred later as stated by FIT, then there should have been many witnesses to the two strikes. No impact sounds are heard on multiple other clips from outside the Village at this time. The same logic applies to the 'last two shots' heard on the Bus stop video.

Shortly after spearheading MGM's response to an active shooter alert in the Mandalay Bay, LVMPD Officer Hendrex found time to discuss movies with arrested subject "Daniel" who suggested "Smokin Aces" reflected similar themes.

Follows the Story of new recruit Brady Cook as he arrives at the Route 91 Concert amid gunfire from an elevated position. Muffled bursts of gunfire are heard, before Brady is wounded during a long burst of automatic gunfire. More shots are heard as Brady is driven from the scene.

Did Paddock calculate a firing solution @ 2000 Yards ? What could this target have been,

No rifles were tripped over, but several shells went underfoot

Explores visual anomalies caught on digital camera Oct 01 Las Vegas
Hawkmoth Life cycle
Vegas Playlist
Baby Bats

These observations support the hypothesis that the 32134 window breech occurred minutes after the 32135 window rather than at the same time.

Fireworks and Falling Debris :
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Short Film 2:16 and audio podcast archive Oct 2 16:30
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Recently True Pundit began an appropriately titled series : "Fear and Lies in Las Vegas" The articles claimed Brian Hodge "witnessed": shootings and had knowledge of evidence "within minutes" specifically a hammer. These claims are easily debunked by listening to his interview and Facebook posts. Brian never said he saw a Gunman. Sherriff Lombardo mentioned a "Hammer' on October 2nd, Brian repeated this information in an interview on October 3rd. one day later, NOT minutes after the shooting.

More Fake News and Debunks ( Las Vegas ) here :

Ney York Times released edited and dubbed snippets of CCTV supplied by MGM Demonstrating the facts shouldn't get in the way of a good 'scoop" Still "Clueless" of the Motive.
Las Vegas Shooting Route 91 Oct 01 2017
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On the evening of October 1st a gunman broke 2 windows on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, firing on a concert crowd and other targets. Some confusion still surrounds the timeline and the order of events. In the absence of CCTV, Shot cams and other data, for the timebieng we must rely on eye witness testimony. Here are Seven reports concerning the breaking windows.
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Las Vegas Massacre Route 91

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DJ Silver's "Nanny" and Child Wake were on the 32nd Floor room 32130 during the shooting in Las Vegas. Route 91 Festival.
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Jody Kechego was taking time-lapse photographs on the roof of the Mandalay Bay on Oct 01, His photo's have been provided to the FBI
The Nations Story :
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Archive audio of Tia made the day after the shooting in Las Vegas
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Speculative target based on all the available evidence.
Secondary Target ::
Arrest of Douglas Haig ::
The Magic Bullet::
Fireworks and Falling Debris ::
Son of a Bitch Lighting Fireworks ::
LVMPD video of Fireworks ::
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Supporting evidence:
* Significant planning and logistics
*Originally booked 32200 wing Tower with a superior coverage of the airport
*32235 is right next to the service elevator
*Military Target ( Edwards, Area 51 and Creech Drone Command via JANET)
*Former employment and contacts within Aerospace ( Including Douglas Haig 2 weeks earlier.
*Grandiose Ideation
*Weapons suitable for the range
*Armour piercing explosive rounds
*Calculated range and fall for the main fuel tanks
*Fired and struck Janet Tanks twice with special rounds.
*Suicidal Depressed Unwell Unloved Aged Lonely Problem Gambler

Stephen Paddock was a Problem Gambler Audio only
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McMahill is a Lying Bastard

Explores the potential relationship between Las Vegas's biggest secrets and the Las Vegas Cover-up.
Area 51

Las Vegas Massacre
Las Vegas Review Journal story
The Document released
Jason Goodman Laura Loomer interview Dr Thomas Rudd former Lake County Coroner

FBI Allege Doug Haig supplied Armour Piercing Rounds to Stephen Paddock which were subsequently used in the Las Vegas Shooting Oct 1 2017 at the Jason Aldean Route 91 Concert. This Video summaries the evidence against Haig and includes Footage of single shots fired possibly by the 308 American Ruger found in room 32134 of the Mandalay Bay.

Ballistics Analysis " The magic Bullet"

Omitted credit to "Shooter Foe" for Video Stabilisation. :-)

Source Documents

An Early report from Ashley Mullany an Australian who was staying at the Mandalay Bay October 1 Las Vegas
Las Vegas Shooting report October 2
Cory Langdon Taxi vid excerpt "Everything sems normal when its not"
:-) Starless matrix

Seconds before the first Shots are heard a Projectile is seen over the Mandalay Bay Sign and a glowing object is seen drifting down to ground level.
Discussion and more video HERE

Explores the role of Gambling in Domestic Violence and Suicide in Australia and the USA.
Part 2 the search for the trigger
(( dubious trigger 'loud country music, unresolved noise complaint claim, so left up till resolved)
A school Friend Speaks out "Paddock was a problem Gambler"

( Also listen to Bruce Paddock Interviews, Mothers Marilou's and other witnesses as to his gambling, change in personality, unwell appearance )

Recent update of loses of at least $600,000.00USD ( financials incomplete - ongoing)

Basic Elements
Age: In the most common age bracket for suicide in Nevada
Relationship: Recently separated
Family History : Broken family (Never met his father, estranged brother, eldest child, father a criminal
Gambler : "Nuff said" higher risk, addictive repetitive behaviour
Losing money "lost a significant proportion of his net wealth"
Identity : promoted self as living a luxury lifestyle based on gambling success (fantasy) (loner)(self reliant)
Disgruntled: Previously had lost a civil case against a casino
Depression : Still on valium since...
Health : In declining health, lost pilots licence, blood pressure, sore legs (dentition?) ,
Ideation : Began purchasing semi-automatic rifles some time after losing a legal action.
Manifest ( Earlier 93 page manifest outlining grievance against casino )

Shots fired in Las Vegas from the Mandalay Bay 32nd Floor were believed to have been directed at A Kerosene Fuel Tank. From well above the Tank, could a shot have impacted below the reinforcing Lip ?

The Primary Target McCarran Fuel Tanks
Danny Deisel
Mr Visual


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Skippy supports Full Transparency surrounding the Events of October 1 2017 in Las Vegas.

McCarran Fuel Tanks :
Janet Fuel Tanks :
Impossible Shot ??? :
FBI Fuel Tank Special Investigation :

Fireworks and Falling Debris ;
Slow Motion of Object :
Fireworks captured on Copcam :
Son of a Bitch lighting firecrackers :
Mortar Fire reported :
Fit Report Final ....
FBI Final Report October 2018

UTube Fake News :
The First Lies :
Deputy Sherrif McMahill is a Liar :
Sheriff Lombardo is a Liar :
Debunk-No Cameras in the hallway ;
Debunk - The Prostitute :

The Motive :
Paddock was a Problem Gambler :
Forensic Accounting report ?
Bruce Paddock : Audio Interview 40 min. Bruce

Paddock :
Hartfield case

Tia Newman Williams (32nd Floor) Sonny Morgan (32nd Floor) :
Brian Hodge (32nd Floor) Mathew Donaldson (32nd Floor) :
Jode Kechego (Roof Mandalay Bay) :
D J Silver ( Wake and 'Nanny' on 32nd Floor) :
Return2Logic Full list 32 Floor and summaries :

Jason Goodman Interviews
Strephanie :
Tyler :
Joe Napoli :
Breaking Glass.. Lucas Brunch, Floyd Conrade, Rachel Dekerf, Bus stop girl, Alfred Manqindang :

Douglas Haig :
Douglas Haig Trial : Hearing 21 May 2018 ... "Gone dark"
The Will :Report 31st May assets report ..."Gone dark"

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Las Vegas Review Journal
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Published Documents
Fit Report :
Autopsies : Paddock :
MGM CCTV release :
Officer and Witness Statements :

Footage Archive
Witness Jason Hartman :
Officer David Newton Body Cam :
Officer Joshua Bitsko Body Cam :
Mandalay Bay Roof Camera 9:50 5hrs :
LVMPD court ordered releases
Weg Oak Footage Map :
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