Hello humans, It's SkratcheR, and today I'm gonna show ye all my daily routine which involves many fun facts about me. So strap in. Zoo wee mama!

*Epilepsy Warning*
Some better moments from my playthrough of The Meat King's Party in Hitman Contracts for the Ps2. I asked WolfZ to Play Hitman Contracts but he refused, so hey, it's free real estate. Hitman Contracts is easily my Favourite Hitman game so far.
It's easily one of my favourite Playstation 2 stealth games, I'm not great with letsplays but I hope to get better.

libtards ahhahahhahaha

This is my first time doing a story like this and I really enjoyed making it.

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I'm sorry if I sound awful right now but this is an issue I find genuinely upsetting. I've nothing but the upmost respect for Mumkey and It hurts seeing this happen on youtube, the platform I grew up on.

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After the months of emptiness and hurt. (and wearing the exact same dirty disgusting shirt) SkratcheR is back. Expect new videos in 2019.

I know I (I as in Travis) have been gone for quite a while coming back every now and then to make and upload videos, for anyone interested, the reasons I've been gone have a mixture of laziness and my film, 2019 should expect much fewer uploads from me as I'm really trying to push my work onto this film, there should be a trailer in the coming months and the full thing should be out in July. With all of that out of the way. I hope ye enjoy this sketch I've made and I hope ye have a lovely new year!

Feminist Frequency is a channel that I majorly dislike. It spreads hate and fear like the Black plague and it misinforms people like they're an awful person if they don't agree., However there is a larger problem. this video cannot be shown due to EU regulations. Article 11 and Article 13 have both been passed, meaning youtubers based in the European Union will no longer have the rights to upload content that uses even just a mere screencap of copyrighted material. Help fight article 13 by fighting back against the EU, firstly by signing the petition at

The internet is a lovely place, Giving us many gifts like WolfZ, Anti Bullying psa's, and a child who really likes his corn flakes.

Disclaimer: While Jake Paul isn't the best role model... at all, I still do not condone people being sending blind/pointless hate towards him just because he's Jake Paul, I think we should acknowledge the good and bad things everybody has done. I failed to make that really apparent in the video but he honestly isn't that bad of a guy. He's a terrible role model. But he doesn't try to be malicious. I do hope he can improve in the future as his career goes on. Hopefully it won't take another Japan Vlog to instill that into his mind.

Also later in the video I briefly touch on how Mental Health and bullying is depicted in Media. there's a really good video talking about the differences between how Bojack Horseman and 13 Reasons why. You can watch it here:

[Ooh you found my secret description lair, that means you're awesome, or just, curious]

Jake Paul might just end up being the champion of a Boxing match, But he's no champion to listen to.
Just recently the YouTuber Logan Paul has gotten himself in to a Boxing match with KSI.
This has sparked a lot of interest in the community, a lot of memes, and a lot of profits for Wal-Mart, although it's most likely just popular because nothing much else seems to be going on on YouTube right now.

However, this video does not focus on the Main event, no. Today we're focusing on the little brothers of both YouTubers, Jake Paul and Deji (ComedyShortsGamer) who thought settling it in Smash wasn't enough. I Review Jake Paul's """""Diss Track""""" "Champion" It's eeeeehhhhhhh?
Honestly, It's a good video, a good beat, just not a good song.


(Jake Paul "Champion" Diss Track)

(Background Music In Order of being played)

Club Penguin Epf-Shopping in Style


Ben Briggs-Rainy Day [Animal Crossing Remix]

To avoid my terrible intro Skip to 2:41 Disclaimer: Do not send any hate towards the people mentioned in my videos, I make these for the sake of comedy and to make a point, being directly hateful towards these people will most likely just make their problems worse. With that disclaimer out of the way, I hope ye all enjoy. More description for you sneaky little Lurkers: Ew. There's a relatively new trend on YouTube called Mukbang. Mukbang is a trend of video that originated in South Korea, where people eat food on camera and this trend has spread worldwide as of recent. I know the idea may seem harmless, and well, it is, but then there are people like Nikocado Avocado who have to ruin it by pandering to certain audiences (Mostly kids) in rather gross and harmful ways. This video is the first in what's going to be either a 2 or 3 part series over the next few weeks where I go into detail on certain members of the Mukbang Community. I know I cut myself short a few times in this video and I regret not going into further detail. I will try to remedy this in the next few videos in the series. One Last thing: Special Thanks to my cousin for helping me out with the skit at the start of the video!

Today, SkratcheR will throw some "Water" on a random passerby's face
This man, was a very silly boi and done got his youtube channel Terminated, which I don't feel was really deserved, but hey whatever. I was really sad when making this so sorry if you can hear the depression in my voice.

Jerejy jyle is a big scary man with a desire for truth, with him and his group of friends (Security Steve and The Lie Detector) he will work to make the world a more truthful place.
This is a Re-upload of my YouTube video.
I'm glad that people like this living legend exist.

(sorry for the bad mic quality. It gets better later in the video.)

Re-upload from my YouTube Channel.
SkratcheR rips at schools who make content of a questionable quality.

I had a lot of fun making this.
Please don't direct any hate towards the schools/colleges featured in this video.
Nonetheless I hope you enjoy my embark into the cringe that is School Videos.
No sources for obvious reasons.

Re-upload of the current Holy Grail and most viewed video of my YouTube channel, SkratcheR decides to roast a dude he goes to school with just for the sake of fun.

I know I give WolfZ a hard time in the video but In all seriousness, his content is actually pretty good and worth checking out.

Show my man WolfZ some support here!

(Meme Review Ep 1)

(TheGamingLemon Hitman Part 1)

(WolfZ Hitman Part 1)

The Game I'm playing is called Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime, It's a really fun Indie Game that I highly recommend!

In an effort to let off some steam, SkratcheR watches a video that makes him happy for once, and yes, the Club Penguin Ds game is good.

Please Check Out The Original Video:

Playlist of the Club Penguin Ds Soundtrack:

Re-upload from my YouTube channel.
Kinda funny now that Tana-con just happened and history repeated itsself.
But It still turned out pretty well.
I hope you enjoy! ^w^

(Goodbye Moonmen Music Video)
(Law And Order Theme Song)
(Pickle Rick Rap)
(Slow Clap)
(GodAwful Hello World Convention announcement.)
(The Living Tombstone's Goodbye Moonmen Remix)

This Video is a reupload from my Youtube Channel.
The point of this video isn't to put down Obese People, it's to put down the idiots who promote the Fat Acceptance movement, Which promotes being unhealthy and says that being obese is a lifestyle and not a disease.
Funny story, this video got me in a bit of trouble with another YouTuber due to him Misinterpreting my original video.

Re-upload of my YouTube video.
(Boob Sketch By The Kloons)

(The Young Turks' Mentally Challenged Sibling)

(MLG Can Can by AncientReality)

(Big Shaq, Man's Not Hot )

(Weird Al: First World Problems)

Thank you so much for watching!
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As I stated in my YouTube Account Description,

I want to make 2 things crystal clear here,

1. SkratcheR is a character and is meant to over exaggerate situations.

2. I do not want people sending any hate towards the people in my videos. I'm not saying you shouldn't go to comment on their video, but just be civil and kind. I'm just expressing my opinion on them in a way I find comedic. I don't condone that type of toxic behavior though.