Today, SkratcheR will throw some "Water" on a random passerby's face
This man, was a very silly boi and done got his youtube channel Terminated, which I don't feel was really deserved, but hey whatever. I was really sad when making this so sorry if you can hear the depression in my voice.

Jerejy jyle is a big scary man with a desire for truth, with him and his group of friends (Security Steve and The Lie Detector) he will work to make the world a more truthful place.
This is a Re-upload of my YouTube video.
I'm glad that people like this living legend exist.

(sorry for the bad mic quality. It gets better later in the video.)

Re-upload from my YouTube Channel.
SkratcheR rips at schools who make content of a questionable quality.

I had a lot of fun making this.
Please don't direct any hate towards the schools/colleges featured in this video.
Nonetheless I hope you enjoy my embark into the cringe that is School Videos.
No sources for obvious reasons.

Re-upload of the current Holy Grail and most viewed video of my YouTube channel, SkratcheR decides to roast a dude he goes to school with just for the sake of fun.

I know I give WolfZ a hard time in the video but In all seriousness, his content is actually pretty good and worth checking out.

Show my man WolfZ some support here!

(Meme Review Ep 1)

(TheGamingLemon Hitman Part 1)

(WolfZ Hitman Part 1)

The Game I'm playing is called Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime, It's a really fun Indie Game that I highly recommend!

In an effort to let off some steam, SkratcheR watches a video that makes him happy for once, and yes, the Club Penguin Ds game is good.

Please Check Out The Original Video:

Playlist of the Club Penguin Ds Soundtrack:

Re-upload from my YouTube channel.
Kinda funny now that Tana-con just happened and history repeated itsself.
But It still turned out pretty well.
I hope you enjoy! ^w^

(Goodbye Moonmen Music Video)
(Law And Order Theme Song)
(Pickle Rick Rap)
(Slow Clap)
(GodAwful Hello World Convention announcement.)
(The Living Tombstone's Goodbye Moonmen Remix)

This Video is a reupload from my Youtube Channel.
The point of this video isn't to put down Obese People, it's to put down the idiots who promote the Fat Acceptance movement, Which promotes being unhealthy and says that being obese is a lifestyle and not a disease.
Funny story, this video got me in a bit of trouble with another YouTuber due to him Misinterpreting my original video.

Re-upload of my YouTube video.
(Boob Sketch By The Kloons)

(The Young Turks' Mentally Challenged Sibling)

(MLG Can Can by AncientReality)

(Big Shaq, Man's Not Hot )

(Weird Al: First World Problems)

Thank you so much for watching!
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As I stated in my YouTube Account Description,

I want to make 2 things crystal clear here,

1. SkratcheR is a character and is meant to over exaggerate situations.

2. I do not want people sending any hate towards the people in my videos. I'm not saying you shouldn't go to comment on their video, but just be civil and kind. I'm just expressing my opinion on them in a way I find comedic. I don't condone that type of toxic behavior though.