There are some evils better left alone.


Why knowing you are going to die one day is the best form of sanity.


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A short introduction about Santa Muerte and what she brings.

BE ADVISE: The sources do not support my view points. Thou I worship the Skinny Lady, I do have to oppose views for the sake of balance. Last thing I want is to be CNN.

La Santa Muerte: Unearthing the Magic & Mysticism of Death byTomás Prower

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The Black Diamond plague has taken a toll on Princess Cathy. Her kingdom is under quarantine, her pets turn into food, and her husband slowly rotting away from the disease. To make matters worse, the royal court is too incompetent and selfish to bring order to the land.
As all hope seems lost, Cathy finds a cure that could save the kingdom. A special flower that can cure anything including Black Diamond. However, the flower is in a hostile land west of her home.
A land called the Badlands.
Knowing the Royal Court is useless, she goes on a solo crusade to save her kingdom. Unknowingly to her, her crusade is well-set trap to keep the status quo. While stopping the fires of revolution from taking over the land.
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Drifting across America with no goal, I answer a request to have a murder solved. But like Pandora's box, I unleashed a war between gods, men, and demons. Breaking the foundation of this once mighty nation.
There is no hope for saving what was once lost. No hope of bringing life to a rotting corpse. All I can do is protect the ones I love.
While to pay our Holy Death anything for everlasting victory.

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Hi, I have Asperger and I have done more in my life than 85% of people alive.
I am able to drive my own car, travel, have a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, handle a decent conversation, and published my first book on Amazon. Not bad for a guy who is socially disabled.

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