My return to the Devil's Tree. Wish me luck on this tainted land.
A remake of my first Paranormal video.


BE ADVISE: The sources do not support my viewpoints. Thou I worship the Skinny Lady, I do have to oppose views for the sake of balance. The last thing I want is to be CNN.

Santa Muerte:

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La Santa Muerte: Unearthing the Magic & Mysticism of Death byTomás Prower

Seeker Network:


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Catholic Church:

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Went to Rock City Gardens on a whim.
Then I got the best surprise of my life.

Trying out video editing on my smartphone. I hope you enjoy.

I started playing Soccer after watching a few games. And let's be honest, it is a lot of fun.

Music: Dame- Viva la Fifa

This is a nonprofit film. All video footage belongs to me.

My favorite band mixed with some videos I took over the years.


Music: Gogol Bordello- WonderLust King

This is a Non-profit video. All video footage belongs to me.

My trip to Texas. I hope you enjoy

Music- The Death South- Travllin'g man.

This is a non-profit video. However, all video and photography is mine.

Music: Old Crow Medical Show- Wagon Wheel

This is a nonprofit video. All photos and videos belong to me.

Music: Kongos- Come with me now.

This is a nonprofit video. All video footage belongs to me.

Part one of a series of Music Video of my life. Enjoy

Music: Bliss 66- Not Quite Paradise
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Just me mountain biking while rocking to Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard.

Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard- Hungry

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Karma is a bitch and Squirrels are not immune

Me biking through the backwoods of Florida (part 3)

Biking through a forest (part 2)

Just me, my GoPro, and a nasty biking trail (part 1)

Trying out my GoPro in Raven Rock State Park, North Carolina. See if my cinematography has improved.

A Short Documentary on Santería

(Please Note I am not putting down a lot of sources. Those who follow Santería prefer to keep things a secret. Thank you for your understanding).


United States Courts:


Johnny Cash- Personal Jesus

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A fun video for all those hippies out there.


This Will Destroy You- Killed the Lord, Escape to the New World

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Professional Fire spinners having fun.

Fire- Kasabian

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This was a field test of my new Go Pro. Checking to see what I can do better and see the cool videos I took.
I owe none of the music and this video is nonprofit.

Eminem: Survival
Blood Hound Gang: Jackass
Yo Yo ma and Ton Koopman:

If CNN wants to silence people by any form of terrorism, they will have to do better.


Mark Dice:

Stefan Molyneux:


Tim Pool:

Paul Joseph

I filmed my adventures in a forgotten military base. Sadly, there is something foul festering the place. Thus I had to cut it short for safety purposes.

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How to travel cheaply across America.


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Hi, I have Asperger and I have done more in my life than 85% of people alive.
I am able to drive my own car, travel, have a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, handle a decent conversation, and published my first book on Amazon. Not bad for a guy who is socially disabled.

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