This is just another practice Animation set to Music. If you know how to Animate, feel free to offer advice. I am still learning. If not, you can enjoy the visuals, or at least the Music.

I was banned from R/ Atheism on Reddit. According to the notification, it was because Trolling and Bigotry are not allowed. However, I didn't troll and am not a Bigot, I just questioned the popular talking points. Atheists oday claim to love Free Thought and Free Inquiry, but it really is just n Echo Chamber where only approved thoughts are allowed.

Happy Constitution Day 2018!

Happy Rosh Hoshannah 2018!

This is my Second Free Speech Video in my Free Speech series. Its short and not very good but the future Videos will be better.

Just anther Animation Practice set to Music.

These are Dark Days, where Freedom Of Speech is being denied. I have addressed this and recent events such as Alex Jones and his banning in this Video. Please Listen, and consider.

Set to Music, This is me working with the features of IClone to make Flags fly in a Realistic manner. Pleas enjoy.

This is my responce to Youtube's banning of Alex Jones of Infowars.

I find it an appalling and hypocritical assault on Free Speech.

Please watch for more.

This is my Responce to the Assault on Jeremy Hambly, or The Quartering, and a decry against Assault.

This is an Animation Test set to music for you to Enjoy. It features a Goblin Girl.

This is a bit more ion my Series on Wallbuilders. Not a full episode, just Things I forgot to mention in the previous Video.

This is a rather Long Animation Practice, set to Music. It still glitches a bit, but I am improving. You may enjoy, or if you wish, just clock on to listen to the Music. It is Franz Liszt's Transcendental Etudes in D Minor.

This is the very First Episode of a Limited Series in which I examine one David Barton and his Orginisation Wallbuilders. A Critiisd Man who says he only seeks to restore America's lost Heritage and the Christian Foundations of The Republic, who Stands accused of Lying and Manipulating to met his own ends. What is True? The matter has been brought before me in my Court, and I, Lord Williams, shall make an Inquest concerning it.

So join me as I examine David Barton and Wallbuilders, to see what is the Truth.

This is the Academy Walk Test, an Animation Test I used as Practice, set as Music. Please Enjoy.

This is just an Animation Test set to music, and its shorter than most. I tested complex characters in the background.

Please enjoy.

This is a very long commentary on why I do not like The Snoke is Plaugis Theory. It is of course about Star Wars.

This is another Animation Test, set to Music. There is some sliding and jerking, its not perfect, but I am improving. So enjoy my leisurely stroll through the Hills with my Lovely Companion.

This is an update on my Bad Arguments Video Series, covering David Barton.

Psalm 24, From The Great Bible, As Presented For Th Bishop
s Bible. Sick Psalm 03.

This is the 24th Psalm, redone as part of my Sick Psalms collection.

This is the 23rd Psalm, done for my Sick Psalm series. It came out better than the first but the lip synch is still bad. Still, Enjoy.

AS Promised, here is Psalm 22 from The Sick Psalms. I actually Think Psalm 22 was better served by my sickly voice given its content, and of course the Animation doesn't match. Still, I Promisd to preent it and here it is.

I have however decided this one is not the official one for the set. I'll stick to the original and give it as an Alternate just because I Promised.

Here is Genesis Chapter 13, From The Bishop's Bible. Please enjoy.

Note: My computer crashed, and I am installing my programmes. I have yet to Reload The Royal Wedding, so I used a sill image from a previous Video and used the Crazytalk functionality in Crazytalk Animator to generate Facial Movements.

It is apropos that this, the one done in a different style, but same imagery, is the 13th, given it was done due to a mishap. The 13th is unlucky. it seems.

And it is Friday The 13th when I load it, so enjoy!

This is just a Channel Update. I have completed The Sick Psalms and will upload them next week. I will then resume my Reading of the Bishop's Bible. I will also release more on The College Seines and my commentary.

As the Title says, this is me reading Three Prayers to The Holy Trinity.

A Sort Video given to thee.


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Hello. This Channel is an experiment right now. I signed on as an Alternative to Youtube. Thusfar, I have ore views per video on average than Youtube and I've not even advertised! I intend to do Educational content. I will read the entire Holy Bible, using The Bishops Bible Translation, and upload college materials. I will also do commentary.

I'll elaborate more in the future, when this channel ceases to be an experiment and becomes a regular channel.