This is a short hot take on the difference between Rick Sanchez from Rick And Morty and Rey from Disney's Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.

This is just a question, not an answer.

This is the Collect for The First Sunday in Advent, taken from The Book Of Common Prayer 1979. Presented in both Traditional and Contemporary format.

Please enjoy, Happy Advent, and God Bless.

I may not be that great of a Singer, but here is the US National Anthem. Please enjoy.

This is actually the 4th Video I made for this, and the First Of Two instead of Second of Three. It is a revision to my plan since COPPA began roubling me. But here is my new plan for Bible Reading 2020.

As said above.

This is my Bible Reading Plan, which I have had trouble uploading.

This is a Video introducing New Directions for my Channels in the wake of COPPA.

This lets peopel know my new Bitchute Policies and about my Youtube Channel. It is tentative but, its a start.

This is a talk from 2018 about how Religion doesn't really cause Violence. Please enjoy.

Yesterday was November 5th on the Julian Calendar. I meant to post this sooner but was delayed.

A Tribute to Sherlock Holmes for 2019.

In this Video, I discuss my thoughts on what will transpire in the finale of Charlie The Unicorn. Enjoy.

As noted, to Honour the day I present the 95th Psalm, from The Authorised Version. Better Known as The King James Version. The very King The Villain Guy tried to kill.

This is the first Islamic Video I produced.And what better place to Start than Sura 01.

It also hosts an introduction. The Audio is actually from 2018, I set it to Video Imagery in 2019.

Remember Remember the 5th of November... This is a Video regarding Guy Fawkes Day.

I was robbed. Not Physically, but numaretically and financially. My Debit Card was somehow replicated, and used to buy Things in New jersey. I have never been to new Jersey. I was also in Tennessee where I live at the Time.

This is a Video concerning this incident.

This is a Video I did when first learning to Animate using Reallusion's IClone 5. It is a reading of The Bishop's Bible, Psalm 23, done in Text To Speech format.

Please enjoy. And God Bless.

This is an old Text To Speech Animation I created when first learning IClone 5 from Reallusion.

Please enjoy.

This is an old commentary I made in a Test Animation when learning how to Animate in IClone 5 from Reallusion. The Video and commentary are old, being from 2017, but were prepped in 2019 for presentation.

Please enjoy. And God Bless.

This is a set of Animation Shorts set to Music, presented for amusement. Enjoy!

In this Video, I present a discussion on how Atheists often Obfuscate. Come, let's discuss.

A commentary on Religion And Violence 2019.

This is a commentary on a common Argument against Christianity used by Atheists that alleges Christians get more abortions. Let's talk about it.

This is an old Video I did when first learning IClone from Reallusion. The Commentary is embedded in the Video, not laid in later. It was however adjusted for volume. The audio quality is poor and the Animation a bit wonkey but its an early effort.

The subject is Christianity And The Environment.


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Hello. This Channel is an experiment right now. I signed on as an Alternative to Youtube. Thusfar, I have ore views per video on average than Youtube and I've not even advertised! I intend to do Educational content. I will read the entire Holy Bible, using The Bishops Bible Translation, and upload college materials. I will also do commentary.

I'll elaborate more in the future, when this channel ceases to be an experiment and becomes a regular channel.