That was closer than I thought

All permissions obtained for this flight.

Flying my 800mm Naza hexcopter with FPV goggles

Today is my DJi Naza hexcopters 5th birthday. ūüéČ

Happy Birthday Hex!

Aerial footage of the waterfall at Glenvale in the Lomond Hills regional Park, Fife, Scotland. Captured with DJI Phantom

Testing and adjusting throttle curve.

Closeup footage of the Parrot Disco in flight captured with the GoPro 7 hero black in 4k 60fps

Sunrise timelapse view from Ravenscraig beach in Fife, Scotland

Attached the GoPro 7 hero black to the 800mm Naza Hexcopter on a breezy afternoon in the Lomond hills to see how well Hypersmooth can cope.

Full flight footage of a an early morning flyby of a Chemgas tanker anchored in the Firth of Forth, Scotland aswell as surrounding shoreline.

Parrot Disco flight out to a Chemgas tanker anchored in the Firth of Forth, Scotland.

Aerial views of Blairadam forest including Loch Glow in Fife Scotland

Aerial views of Greenland Solar farm located at Greenland farm in Thornton, Fife, Scotland.

Aerial footage of Diageo's new Cluny Bond in Fife, Scotland

Flying over and around a snow covered Ballo reservoir which is completely frozen over in Fife, Scotland

Aerial tour of the Lomond Hills regional park in Fife, Scotland

Spotted a UFO while flying the Parrot Disco over the Firth of Forth today.

Flying out to oil rigs in the Firth of Forth with the Parrot Disco and encountered a UFO at 12:24 approximately. Very odd occurrence indeed.

Freestyle practice with the Wizard TS-215 at the Lomond Hills regional park in Fife, Scotland. Captured on the GoPro7 hero black in glorious 4k 60fps goodness.

Slow motion cruising around Heatherhall woods at Ladybank in Fife, Scotland captured in 4k with the GoPro7 hero 7 black

Parrot Disco cruising around the Lomond Hills regional park, Scotland on a frosty day in full sunshine.

The frost finally covered the whole surface of Ballo reservoir

Captured with GoPro 7 hero black at 4k 60fps


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