Decided to fly out to a container ship in the Firth of Forth today. It was anchored 3.4km offshore.

West Lighthouse in Tayport, Fife, Scotland which was built by Robert Stevenson in 1823.

GoPro 7 Time warp of the drive from Airdrie to Glenrothes in Fife, Scotland

GoPro 7 Time warp of the drive from East Wemyss to Airdrie in Scotland

Mavic 2 take off recorded at 240fps with GoPro 7

UPair ONE flying 3km (6km in total) using 5200mah multistar 10c Li-Po from Hobbyking

Surfing through the clouds forming on a hillside with my Parrot Disco.

Snow has arrived in the Lomond Hills regional park so I flew my Parrot Disco around to see it better!

Cruising over a freezing reservoir in the Lomond Hills regional park, Scotland with my Parrot Disco.

Aerial views of St Ninians Fife Earth Project near Kelty in Fife, Scotland

Cruising around the Loch Fitty and the old St. Ninians opencast mine (St Ninians Fife Earth Project) with the Parrot Disco

Spotted a boat while cruising around with the Parrot Disco and decided to take a closer look.

Cruising around the Lomond Hills regional park in Fife, Scotland

Flying my Parrot Disco low over Ballo reservoir in Fife, Scotland

Shots of Craigow Lake and surrounding woodlands at Path of Condie in Perth and Kinross

Quick test flight of the Babyhawk R with it's new [email protected] camera setup.

Exploring Heather hall woods with the V-tail 210


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