take a deep dive into the not conspiracy theory but is actual fact and see fore your self the undeniable evidence that is hiding in plain site

The camera crew seemed to be scared of being fired. This doctor refused to lie and chose to save lives by advising against the Jab

Satanism and pedophilia happens at the highest levels in business and politics

Attorney Sue US Government for alleged Cover-up of 45000 deaths reported with in 3 Days from COvID 19 Jab!

Dr. Jane Ruby our medical hero did it again brought proof the experimental Jab hyjacks your every cell in the body cause massive blood clots in all the major organs!
Thanks Stew Peters for always bringing truth!!!

In honor of Pride Month this past June, the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus released a song outlining how they'll "convert your children."
The song, titled "A Message From the Gay Community," mocks parents that fear the push of the LGBTQ agenda in today’s media, with the song claiming that parents wouldn’t be able to protect their kids from the advances and ideas of the group, Not The Bee reported.

They can't Breathe!!! This can cause perminant brain damage from low oxygen

Just like the Event 201 was practice for this Plandemic. This Cyber Polygon Event is for the next upcoming attack on the free people of the world

QUESTION OF THE DAY! Dr. Jane Ruby is a 20-year pharmaceutical researcher and she joined Stew Peters to answer the question everyone is asking – WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE, and will it hurt me?

DeAnna Lorraine
Joins Stew Peters to reveal the horrific reality of mandatory vaccinations, now being telegraphed by the mouthpiece of the globalists. Time to strap up! We have the Right To Bare Arms

WHO recommends the use of the COVID-19 vaccine in pregnant women when the benefits of vaccination to the pregnant woman outweigh the potential risks. To help pregnant women make this assessment, they should be provided with information about the risks of COVID-19 in pregnancy, the likely benefits of vaccination in the local epidemiological context, and the current limitations of safety data in pregnant women. WHO does not recommend pregnancy testing prior to vaccination. WHO does not recommend delaying pregnancy or terminating pregnancy because of vaccination.

This is a leaked video originally from Twitter, Alegedly the location is the bottom of comment pingpong Caution very graphic sounds of the child crying

This overview will show the actual emails with the strange food related coded language used by Pedophiles to communicate preference. This links Podesta,Clinton,& Obama to pedophilia in DC

Dr. Stuckelberger Explains how they will use fear and those who believe that will die

The time is now Patriots Anons Digital Soilders the satanic Cabal will fall
#lynwood # Pompeo. #generalflyn. #cindypowell. #donjr. #danscavino.

12 Year-old Maddie de Garay Volunteered In A COVID Vaccine Study And Now Is In A Wheel Chair And Also Requires A Feeding Tube.
#covid #vaccines

British Airways had 4 pilots drop dead all within 1 week from blood clotts. Despite the alarming evidence British Airways quite about linking deaths to the covid-19 jab

There is plenty of evidence that the cv19 vax is not safe for humans &had toxic ingredients! This experimental shot had more deaths and severe adverse reactions than all other vaccines combined!!

Actual footage of sting operations on the ground mixed with clips from the new movie "Sound Of Freedom"


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