Not my best, but sunk some more time into this than others. Again, rendered with two RX580s; however, this time is different, as I had to change motherboards and now some of my drivers are acting wonky.

Multi Scene test. Originally made July 1st 2019

Texturing as well as background work testing. It's not much, but it something I tried in my free time.

Decided to make something that'd be intensive for crossfired graphics cards to render.

Lowered the samples down for faster rendering, but it still looks good.

Pretty big upgrade in sound design.
Originally made August 5th 2019

Further test of background audio and use of stereo sound. Originally made in March of 2019

Test of flashing light methods, simulated sound effects in space, and heavy use of lighting thats so demanding on a graphics card that this took 17 hours to render on an RX580.
Originally made March 31st 2019.

Nothing really new here, this is an old animation I worked on but didn't have the power to render it without taking more than a few days. But with a crossfired RX580 it only took me six hours.

Originally made late 2018

Prototype walk animation for new(2018) humanoid character. I'm moving everything over to Bitchute since the new FTC things on Youtube mean I can be forced to pay money for making things I like.

Made somewhere in early 2018


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