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"In Depth Interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman"

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"Culture Shifters - Ps. Leanne Matthesius"

Pastor Leanne speaks in the Spirit of Elijah and draws parallels between a wicked ruler (like King Ahab) and the San Diego Chair of the County Board of Supervisors, Nathan Fletcher, who expresses as a wicked man promoting self-serving delusions.

"Freedom is most valuable to those that have risked their lives in order to obtain it." ~ Pastor Steve Solorzano

First speaker, Pastor Steve Solorzano, speaking 4/17/2021 at a Constitutional Rally featuring Sheriff Richard Mack of the CSPOA, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

Great American Patriots

Second speaker, Bishop Art Hodges, speaking 4/14/2021 at a Constitutional event hosted by ReOpen San Diego.
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“He won at the Supreme Court: Bishop Art Hodges speaks at ReOpen San Diego”

ReOpen San Diego:

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Sidereal Astrology Forecast: Week of April 19-26, 2021

Ethan exposing the delusional psychosis in Tempe, AZ.

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When Blunt Communication Is Needed With A Narcissist




The current context is all about invading and making a claim on 'territory.'

And this time, the 'territory' is every man, woman, child, and baby, from the inside-out, body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul.

The evildoers want others 'claimed' for their transhumanistic, gender-free robotic property, essentially honing others into becoming GMOs themselves who feed on GMOs, perhaps from all the midwest farmland which Bill Gates is allegedly rapidly purchasing.

Satan is paradoxically shrewd, clever, AND stupid.

The Laws of Nature and that of Nature's God and TRUTH prevail.

An example of the wickedness being passed-off as "Christian" where actions based on mass deception, corporatized-bureaucratic 'medical' terrorism, gaslighting, Communist-Fascist thought, and satanic agenda of the new Kō’-vid Cult/Religion are all used to abuse children.

No faith here in Yeshua the Christ and Holy Trinity, only .....

‘Faith’ in the World Economic Forum’s Kō’-vid Cult/Religion,
‘Knowledge’ thrown out the window and replaced with a cult of FAKE scientific materialism,
‘Service’ to the attempted ‘New Normal’ New World Order satanic agenda.

Mash-up compilation mirrored from:

Astrology of Mask Mandates

Sidereal Astrology Forecast: Week of April 5-11, 2021

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Yeshua the Christ ‘took on’ that inner delusion and interior sense of isolation and separation from the Most High, that state of anguish, of trauma - so we don’t have to reside in or stay emotionally addicted to that illusion in our own interiority any longer.

By becoming (temporarily) powerless, he opened a portal for all to discover her or his own uniqueness as a child of the Most High, free from trauma, fear, and a perverse dependence on malignant narcissists throughout society posing as faux saviors.

His solidarity with humanity was shown in directly participating and demonstrating how some humans .....

Abuse one another.
Abuse animals.
Abuse creation.

..... humans offloading their own undissolved and accrued inner trauma onto others while having developed a secret preference for evil.

What was done to him, we have sometimes done to one another.

In this current period .....

..... some humans have been crowned (“corona-ed”), traumatized, emotionally-mind-controlled with diabolical lies, gaslighting, goalpost-moving, triangulation, fear-and-trauma-mongering, impoverishment, financial theft, intentional seeds sown of cognitive dissonance, and encaged in their own residences under voluntary ‘house arrest,’ waiting for a ‘perceived’ other to say ‘you are free’ ..

..... caged by diabolical, lying, tyrannical-pathological “healthcare” experts, some politicians, narcissistic Hollywood figures posing as fake altruistic do-gooders, and all those ‘commoners’ acting as these entities’ mockingbirds, proxies, and flying monkeys, constantly parroting the rituals and jargon implanted into them with dark craft.....

….. voluntarily hiding behind MASKS and suffocating themselves, as they present their false virtue-signaling selves to the world

..... all promoting the Ko-Vid RELIGION of a fake ‘one-world’ unity built around diabolical lies that global statism is here ‘for the good.’

‘This’ is the same ‘hell consciousness,’ the same malignant-narcissistic mindset in Jesus’s day, which presented as malignant-narcissistic religionists from Jesus’ own religion-of-origin and that of worshippers of Roman Empire statism.

Some are waking up to these gaslighting ruses and are not and will not be supporting the timelines and intentions promoted by the likes of narcissistic-psychopaths like Bill Gates and company.

Thanks to Yeshua the Christ, the Most High, the Holy Spirit, Mariá, and the Angelic Hosts of Heaven, that the ‘real power’ of the True Self, the Soul, has been opened to humanity.

Choice-points have presented for the question, ‘Who will you trust?’

The ‘faithful and true’ One never fails in Pure Love, the best Covenant Love that ever was, is, and will be, forever and ever.


🙏🏻🕊🌿Viva Cristo Rey!

The power of offered prayers in private and in communion with others.

You will offer up your blood in covert satanic-ritual sacrifice, open your bloodstream, to be merged with toxins and a biotech-experimental operating system, synthetic Messenger Ribonucleic Acids (mRNA), that will give instructions to your DNA to permanently alter and re-engineer your entire physical system.

Said another way, through coercion, you will hand over body to be re-engineered into a Genetically Modified Organism. You will be ‘the’ GMO eating GMOs ......

OR ..... If you refuse, you will not work or participate in the functions of society because you are deemed, like the ‘Yellow Star’ of Nazi Germany, a biosecurity threat, a hazard to others, by your very exhalations, as a deemed perpetually-asymptomatic ill person walking silent as a potential harm to the community.

It is here, being rolled out in satanic Cuomo’s New York this week.

It is all coming to fruition during what global-satanists call the ‘season of sacrifice,’ the window of time in which we are now in leading up to May 1st, a Celtic and Germanic witches’ Sabbath (Walpurgisnacht) that has become a cardinal day for worshipping demons and the greenery of the earth ‘as’ god.

Twenty-five miles northwest of Los Angeles, in Westlake Village, CA, some humans are voluntarily encaging themselves in Plexiglass-Plastic, Yard and Garden Tool-Sheds to dine outside. Others elsewhere in CA continue to traumatize and destroy the healthy development of children by suffocating them, destroying future generations.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom on What the ‘New Normal’ Could Look Like

Why Do They Do That? Common Narcissistic Behaviors & Why They Do It

Dr. Cordie Lee Williams addressing freedom celebration in San Diego County, CA, on December 19, 2020.

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