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My second attempt at a remix

So I remixed this into a song which is Titled in the description. I got the music from YouTube.

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On ep 102 of the Sky Genie Show

- Roman Reigns
- Crown Jewel
- Sky Genie say's something crazy.

Plus a Sky Genie Extra.

On Ep 101 of The Sky Genie Show

- Crown Jewel
- Batista
- Brie Bella
- Fox
- Twitter
Plus More

Check it out.

Check it out.

On Ep 100 of The Sky Genie Show

- We had a fun time. You should listen & find out what you missed.

On Ep 99 of The Sky Genie Show

- Concussion Lawsuit
- Rey Mysterio signs with WWE
- TNA HOF hahahahahahaha
Plus more

On Ep 98 of The Sky Genie Show

- Ric Flair Married
- Mick Foley
- Universal Title
- PPV Predictions
Plus more

On Ep 97 of The Sky Genie Show

- WWE Tell All Book
- Mike Hodgewood Passes away (Former ROH Announcer)
- Pentagon Jr to WWE
Plus More

The Sky Genie is joined by Johny Florida of WNC & Chatroom HOF'er Luke Birch. As we talk about All In.

On Ep 96 of The Sky Genie Show

- Kevin Owens Manager
- Meltzer charging $45 an autograph
- WWE's October PPV's
- Retro CTS

Plus Sky Genie Extra: All In PRedictions
(Sorry for the late upload.)

Aired 24/08/2018

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On Ep 95 of The Sky Genie Show

- Erick Rowan Injury
- Bullet Club Rumors
- NWA 70th
Plus more

FWAP 10.08.2018

On Ep 94 of The Sky Genie Show

- Debut of Mike Neon
- Death of Jim Neidhart
- ROH Sells out MSG
- Jeff Jarrett suing Anthem (Yeah bankrupt that Owl)
- PPV Predictions

On Ep 93 of The Sky Genie Show

- Colt Canaba lawsuit against CM Punk
- All in Price announced
- NJPW cannot say the word "F"

Enjoy the show. No Blades this week.

On Episode 92 of The Sky Genie Show.
- No Bobby Blades this week.
- New Jack
- WWE hiring fans to cheer Roman Reigns
Plus more

On Episode 91 of The Sky Genie Show.
- Genie Jr Update
- 3 Wrestlers Pass Away
- Sky Genie is evil...
Plus more...

No Sky Genie Extra this week.

On this episode we cover the return of Hulk Hogan & dicuss racism overall.

On Ep 90 of The Sky Genie Show.
- Hulk Hoganback in WWE
- Impact Wrestling
- Ayako Hamada
- Interview with Matt Neon
Plus more

No Sky Genie Extra this week.


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Welcome to The Sky Genie Channel.

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