The recorded discussion, allegedly among speakers representing the #YellowVest revolution, includes many elements of the truth and valid goals on a general level that a pro-freedom struggle of the West would rightly pursue, which however are taken into a lethal mix of neo-Nazi anti-Semitism and a new narrative validating and promoting Muslims and Islam as assumed allies of Christianity - whereas in reality Islam and Christianity are in antagonistic contradiction since Islam is a doctrine to expressly hate and persecute Christians. This comes down to the opposite of the program's stated goal of identifying the enemies of the West.

The views expressed in the meeting serve as a proof, straight from the horse's mouth, that the Western far-right anti-Semitism and "right-wing" pro-Islam stance go hand in hand indeed, as the title of the blog-series published on suggests. "Nazis and Islam are conspiring against the West".

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"44% of Yellow Vests Think There Is a Zionist Conspiracy on a Global Scale"

As it turns out from above recent incident all it takes for a fascist (Islamofascist) establishment such as the Macron's regime, to discredit a pro-freedom movement (#YellowVests #GiletsJaunes), is to insert fascist groups into the movement, order them to march with the demonstrators and paint fascist signs 'on behalf of' them, then to come up with a fabricated poll-figure to claim that a large percent of said pro-democracy movement are fascists.

This report and referenced incident is yet another instance to prove that the Islam-collaborator Western establishment is not only infinitely evil, it is also infinitely crafty, devious, shrewd, manipulative, tricky and deceitful.

The fact of manipulation remains true even if many in France, in Europe and all over the West, either within or outside the Yellow Vest movement, have been taken by the recently intensifying anti-Semitic neo-Nazi campaign.

One occasion of the campaign is a recently recorded discussion - see above video - among either real or alleged Yellow Vest activists, who are evidently into the business of spreading all the usual fallacies to encourage an avid anti-Semitic attitude for the movement.

The discussion includes many elements of the truth and valid goals on a general level that a pro-freedom struggle of the West would rightly pursue, which however are taken into a lethal mix of militant anti-Semitism and validating and promoting Muslims and Islam as alleged allies of Christianity.

The views expressed during above Yellow Vest meeting serves as a proof, straight from the horse's mouth, that Western anti-Semitism and "right-wing" pro-Islam stance go hand in hand indeed, as the title of this blog-series suggest.

The prospect of a new Hitlerian fascist era in the Western world, as a result of the white-misrepresenting neo-Nazi propaganda to undermine all Western efforts of our genuine anti-establishment resistance, is yet another threat the Western societies need to face and find a way to neutralise.

The current neo-Nazi campaign shifting the narrative of a defensive, pro-democracy, pro-freedom, pro-sovereignty, ie. righteous nationalism, towards an offensive, tyrannical, imperial and racist far-right includes the agenda of reinventing the Hitlerian methods to "resolve issues". As evidenced by actual examples, such neo-Nazi agenda is financed and promoted by the same globalist cartel who at the same time finances and organises the 3rd-world invasion and Islamisation of the Western world.

Evidence for above is the fact that due to the works of the globalist cartel more and more countries in Europe have movements or even regimes operating as per the classical, Hitlerian meaning of the term. For example in Ukraine the rules of democracy used to prevail before the country was literally annexed by the most prominent figure of the globalist cartel, George Soros. Since the 'colour revolution' organised by his NGO's in Ukraine, the country has been controlled by neo-Nazi groups, whose declaration of war on all Jews was followed by regular anti-Jew pogroms.

Again, the globalist cartel are NOT the Jews, even if they claim they are.

The NWO cartel are allies only of Islam, while they are arch-enemies of BOTH the White ethnics and of the Jews.

This video is to offer direct evidence, straight from the horse's mouth, that Muslims migrate/d to our countries WITH THE PURPOSE OF OCCUPATION AND TAKEOVER.

The original recording was created by and uploaded on Youtube. There, as we might expect, is restricted, therefore I uploaded it here so that everyone can access it. Please spread it far and wide to convince those who still don't believe that Europe (and West as a whole) is under invasion and occupation.
For the sake of creating a continuous effect of counter-brainwashing, we need to repeat all the time, that what the Western world is undergoing is white genocide, Islamic invasion and war, with the outrageous support of the Western liberal establishment. We need to repeat that defending one's own country's borders, culture, religious heritage, democratic rights, sovereignty, freedom, safety from the creeping Sharia law and the antidemocratic and threatening forces of the Islamic mass-invasion who would with time implement such prehistoric fascist legal system over our democracies, is NOT racism or far-right. It is essential for preserving our democratic system and our culture. It is essential for saving ourselves and our children's future from the unspeakable horror, slavery, subjugation, terror and control by the barbaric, hyper-violent Muslim tribes.

This is NOT a beach party, it's how moderate Muslims act when they flog someone only for breaking the Sharia law

The very near future of UK and whole West if we fail to deport these brutal pre-historic tribes back to where they come from.

Ce rassemblement n'est pas un party à la plage. C'est la manière dont les musulmans modérés se comportent lorsque quelqu'un est fouetté pour avoir enfreint la sharia.

#NeverForget that on #September11th, 2001,19 ISLAMIC TERRORISTS from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and UAE murdered 3000 innocent Americans at the #WorldTradeCenter.

#WTC #911Anniversary #911Day #Sept11

And never forget, ever since the WAR ON TERROR is on, where the definition of "war on terror": neutralising OUR self-defence against the deep state backed Islamic terror.


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