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I am uncertain when I downloaded this Attkisson report on mRNA adverse trial effects. HOWEVER, I found a corresponding Attkisson post on ( with the date 1/22/24.

Excerpt from the post:

“Stephanie de Garay: All three of my kids were in the Pfizer clinical trial for 12-to-15-year-olds at Cincinnati Children’s.

The de Garays, firmly pro-vaccine, didn’t hesitate to let their children take part. Among three siblings, 12-year-old Maddie alone was chosen to get two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, rather than a harmless placebo. It proved a fateful and debilitating roll of the dice.”

I cannot recall how I acquired this 1:03:15-Hour clip of Yuri Bezmenov (a 1970s defector from now defunct USSR Communism) lecturing on the Soviet Agenda to use Psych-Warfare on Western Society. I decided to post on my Bitchute Channel in conjunction to a David Ludlum essay read posted on 2/26/24 entitled, “The Secret War: A Silent Attack on America's Soul” (

I found this 25:13-Minute of Dr. Malone speaking at the International Crisis Summit-5 Agenda in Washington DC posted as held 2/21 – 26/2024 ( Dr. Malone posted the video on his Substack page with a transcript on 2/26/24 (

The second paragraph of the Substack transcript is a good summary of the speech:

“The truth is, it's not medical freedom. It's not even the problem of the lies that we've been told about the COVIDcrisis or the gross mismanagement of the COVIDcrisis. It's the willingness of governments to deploy modern cognitive and psychological warfare tools and technologies against their own citizenry in combination and particular with the power of modern big tech.”

Then these Dr. Malone thoughts from transcript paragraph five struck me with a similar political evolution I’ve come to realize:

“I love America. I love the land. I love the people. I love the diversity of cultures. I love the commitment to freedom and personal success and the ability of individuals to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, and property. But I have had this growing concern in the back of my mind, particularly over the last six to nine months, that maybe we're not the good guys. Maybe some of the things that the government has been doing has been what has led us to this point. …”

In case any one is interested, I found Youtube versions of the Conference live streams posted as Day ONE (2/23/24 9:24:31-Hours - and Day TWO (2/25/24 6:15:26-Hours -

I found this video Documentary on Substack GeneralMCNews ( posted on 2/26/24 (

The 55:50-Minute Documentary probably has a different name differing from the one provided by GeneralMCNews. I usually search for these things, but not this time. I liked the Documentary because it focuses on the kingmaker and financier of wars nature of the Rothschild Banker Family more than looking at the idiotic accusation of Jewish World Domination. Meaning: More of a Globalist New World Order that benefitted the re-establishment of a Jewish nation-state. Since Globalism is a nefarious adversary to Individual Liberty, it is legitimate wonder about the designs behind Rothschild support for a Jewish State. I for one look at the Rothschild support much as a cog similar to ancient Persian support that released Jews from Babylonian Captivity. The Hand of God is involved even though the Rothschild might have a different agenda. Time will tell and God will prevail regardless of an ungodly Leftist Globalist Agenda. Maranatha Jesus.

The Documentary says nothing about the death of Jacob Rothschild who has passed into eternity 2/26/24 at age 87. Here are the somewhat favorable obituaries:

o Reuters:

o BBC News via Yahoo:

o Wikipedia:

I found this abbreviated Tik Tok (CCP-owned) video on a post by ISTORIA MINISTRIES (ABOUT PAGE: warning about Smart City tyranny entitled, “15-Minute Cities: Tyranny, Autonomy, and Methodology” (

Tik Tok video clip propagandizes that people like me and hopefully you, who warn about Smart City tyranny are the Conspiracy theorists. The Woke-lady basically don’t believe you see but only the potential good she tells you is intended. I say, “Are you gullible?” Original title: “urgency-of-covid-restrictions”.

I found this abbreviated clip on Telegram Sound of Freedom – Redpilling ( posted on 2/13/24 ( with a description that focuses on “LGBT” but in my opinion should be viewed in a wider scenario: “They created the LGBT problems to hide COVID crimes”.

In my search to locate the full David Martin video I discovered a huge amount of search-citings trying to discredit Martin. The discrediting were ambiguous primarily showing science that common observation already demonstrates political narrative more than science while unable to refute David Martin’s specific data. I could not find the specific video from the clip, but Martin has not been shy about sharing his findings and documentation.

On 12/9/23 The Burning Platform cross posted Dr. Joseph Mercola that featured a nearly 90-Minute video David Martin touching on the issues of the Telegram clip. It’s entitled, “Exposing COVID-19 Crimes”:

I found a Rumble version of Plandemic 2 in which at the 5:56-Minute mark David Martin begins sharing some of these COVID/mRNA assertions: That Rumble video was posted on 10/7/22.

Then there is a Facebook Reel of David Martin that’s a little over 8-minutes (can’t find the date) sharing his findings:

This clip (3:12-Minutes) was found on Telegram Clown Planet ( posted on 2/14/24 ( The clip is excerpted from a Youtube ECR Group European Parliament post entitled, “The EU as a superstate or a community of sovereign states? [EN]” streamed live on 2/9/24 ( and is 1:59:30-Hours in length.

Clown Planet Description:

‘Speaking in Poland, Dutch MEP Rob Roos exposes the various ways unelected globalist technocrats at the EU are attempting to seize complete totalitarian control—including the fabricated "climate crisis", digital ID, CBDCs and the war on farmers.

"They are trying to control CO2. If you control CO2, you control people, because everything we do in life is about CO2 emissions: living, breathing, eating, travelling. So if you can control that, you can control people's lives."

"Now they have introduced the digital identity and the central bank digital currency, so they can see everything we do, and they can control everything we do, because they can shut off our financial system whenever they want. We have seen it already in Canada during the Covid crisis."

"They want to abolish the nation state, because once that happens they have complete control. We are heading towards what I call a new kind of communism."’

I found this abbreviated clip on Telegram Sound of Freedom – Redpilling ( posted on 2/13/24 ( The description is only the title.

Mr. Truth Bomb takes credit for putting together this “Deep State War Series” and is found on both Bitchute ( and Rumble ( The Bitchute version ( of “DOCTOR MANHATTAN” lists parts 1- 6 all pointing to the Rumble versions. Both Bitchute and Rumble ( provides a one-sentence description of the Documentary: “In this film we look at Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer and communist infiltration in the United States government.” The Bitchute version was posted 2/15/24 and Rumble on 2/13/24.

ERGO, if you wish to watch the six previous parts of the series, below are the Rumble titles and shortened urls:







I found this clip on Telegram Sound of Freedom – Redpilling ( posted on 2/13/24 (

The clip is from a 1998 anti-CIA Documentary that has many ex-CIA employees explaining their disillusionment working at the clandestine government agency. The Documentary title, “Secrets of the CIA”. I found a version on Youtube 3/23/13 ( I found a Youtube low quality clip of Mary Embree on Youtube posted on 8/11/16 ( And I found a better Mary Embree clip on odysee on 1/14/23 ( has an interesting article on the CIA Heart Attack Gun being revealed at the Senate Committee Chaired by Senator Frank Church exposing American Intel breaches of the Constitution in 1975:

Sound of Freedom – Redpilling Description:

“The CIA built a firearm that could make a murder look like a natural heart attack. A small dart made of ice would penetrate the victims body, release poison & dissipate quickly, so nothing shows up on an autopsy.”

I found this clip on Telegram The X Files (an ask to join Channel) posted on 2/10/24 (

This is 9:53-Minutes of a much larger video. On ( I found I found a 25:31-Minute Rumble version (same audio but video-feed appears different) of George Green talking Depopulation. website indicates the Rumble video is a reduced edit of a 1:10:59-Hour Youtube video entitled, “George Green: Illuminati Plan To Kill Billions Delayed, ETs/Advanced Technology, Human Clones. Part1” posted on 12/15/17 ( In case you are interested, you can watch Part 2 (51:31-Minutes):

From my searches, it appears Mr. Green has been warning of a depopulation agenda to be unleashed by Globalist Elitists for quite a while. The thing is, if it wasn’t for the CCP Virus (aka COVID) and WEF published world domination & Depopulation agendas, Green would be totally relegated to UFOlogy ( fringe thinkers/promoters. George Green Passed away in 2019: I’ll let you search for George Green’s assertions pertaining to UFOs and contacting ET. No matter the ET-sounding nut-worthiness his contentions might sound, his disclosures of the nefarious designs of the Globalist Elitists seem to be coming to fruition today.

The X Files Description:

“Former prominent Investment Banker George Green who is sadly no longer with us explaining from his knowledge from within the inside of how the global agenda would unfold.”

I found this 59-Second cut-off clip on Telegram THE WHITE RABBIT ( posted on 2/10/24 (

I love a good Conspiracy Theory especially when it turns out to be more fact than theory. Unfortunately, the tale of the disappearance of Pan Am Flight 914 in 1955 and reemergence 37 years is TOTALLY FABRICATED and made by now defunct print tabloid Weekly World News not once by three times only changing the details slightly with each publication. Yet many Conspiracy Theory sites to this day attempt to portray an actual event form the Weekly World News stories.

Sources to Examine:

o Mysteries Of Flight: The Curious Case Of Pan Am Flight 914; Plane & Pilot; Last Updated 4/1/22 - [Debunking]

o The Mysterious Disappearance of Pan Am Flight 914; Defensebridge; 6/2/23 - [Implying Actual Event]

o Youtube VIDEO (7/12/20): Did Pan Am Flight 914 Really Land 37 Years Later - [Debunking]

o Youtube VIDEO (3/26/21): Pan Am flight 914: The MYSTERY Debunked In 8 Minutes -

o Youtube VIDEO (6/13/22): A Missing Plane From 1955 Landed After 37 Years - [Debunking]

o Youtube VIDEO (2/13/24): Mystery of Pan Am Flight 914 - [Implying Actual Event]

The White Rabbit Description: “This Flight Landed 37 Years Later.”

I found this episode of the Daily Dose on Telegram America’s Frontline Doctors ( posted on 2/5/24 (

Before the CCP-Virus (aka COVID) Plandemic I was a willing Flu Shot recipient. After watching Dr. Peterson Pierre cite the science that Big Pharma would wish YOU would never see, I became angry I was duped for so long. When you see Mr. Pfizer (er… I mean Kelce) tell you a double dose of mRNA & Flu Shot is Safe & Effect, KNOW you are being propagandized with LIES.

For proper credit: This video is a product of America’s Frontline Doctors ( The video comes from the Daily Dose section ( And the Daily Dose video I’m sharing is listed as “Ep. 2301 - 2.2.2023” though website shows a 1/31/24 posting (

I found this Antichrist-False Prophet Yuval Noah Harari on Telegram Area 51 EXPOSED (an ask to join Channel) posted on 2/3/24 (

Harari says the concept of human soul or spirit is baseless hence there is no human Free Will. Ergo when the Elitists plug humanity into Artificial Intelligence (AI), humanity will be controlled.

Area 51 EXPOSED Description:

‘Lead Advisor to Klaus Schwab, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, on AI Sensors, Hacking Humans, and Free Will

"People will walk around with biometric sensors on or even inside their bodies, [which] will allow Google, Facebook, the Chinese government, or whomever to constantly monitor what's happening inside [their bodies]."’

This 9:57-Minute clip was forwarded to a Telegram Channel to which I belong then I placed it in my saved folder. The clip was forwarded from an ask-to-join Channel EXPOSED Evidence to which I do not belong. That means I can’t share any source links. The clip was posted on Telegram 2/4/24.

With some search engine magic I discovered the clip is a part of a 50:57 promotion of Jim Rickards book “The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis” published in 2016 (Amazon: The 50:57 video promotion on Youtube title is “Jim Rickards Ice Nine The Coming Big Freeze The Daily Reckoning Road to Ruin” and was posted on 3/19/20 (

It's been nearly 4-years since the original clip was made. So, what’s the significance? Four years ago there was probably a bunch of Conspiracy Theory whining. Well, TODAY, the theory is beginning to look a lot like fact. RESIST TYRANNY!

EXPOSED Evidence Description:

“Former Threat Advisor to the White House, CI@ and the P€ntagon Jim Rickards explains how project "Ice Nine" which is code for the financial reset is being readied by BlackRock and other financial institutions to facilitate the NWO.

I derived the title from Description content. I found this clip of Archbishop Carlo Viganò denouncing the WEF (specifically Klaus Schwab & Yuval Noah Harari) on Telegram Agents of Innocence ( posted there on 2/4/24 (

I am a bit surprised the Globalist Communist-Pope Francis has not defrocked Archbishop Vigano for Truth-Telling contrary to the approved Narrative. To be honest, Archbishop Vigano has been preaching against this ungodly Globalist-Depopulation agenda for quite a while. I tried to pinpoint the date for this specific sermon-speech and found so many similar denouncements I cannot be sure of the date of my uploaded video.

Here is a list of videos & a Gateway Pundit post from oldest to most recent:

o Archbishop Vigano calls warns of Global Coup D'etat (Youtube – 11/22/21):


o Archbishop: We Are Undergoing A Global Coup D’état & Must Fight Back Or Lose Everything (Youtube – 11/28/23):

o Archbishop Carlo Viganò (Rumble – 1/3/24):

o Archbishop Viganò Denounces Globalist Elite’s ‘Coup d’état’ at National Congress: A Call for Resistance Against New World Order (The Gateway Pundit [Text-English & Video-Italian] – 1/29/24):

Agents of Innocence Description:

“Archbishop Vigano: The WEF is threatening the heads of government of the 20 most industrialised nations in the world to carry out the Great Reset. It is a global coup d'etat, against which it is essential that people rise up. Those who govern nations have all become either enslaved or blackmailed by this international mafia.”

Tucker Episode 72 can be found on many video platforms, but the origin locations (2/2/24) are X/Twitter ( or ( I found it on Telegram Tucker Carlson ( posted on 2/3/24 (

I’m joining the multiple fray of sharing less for the very evident dangers of prolonged Ozempic usage, but more on how the episode exposes how CORRUPT American Big Pharma is and how CORRUPT the American Healthcare System is in general. Tucker Carlson interviews Calley Means ( which interview indicates he is a member of (

Full Disclosure: I’m a diabetic and I take Mounjaro. The weight left to the tune of 50lbs in 3-months. I had minor constipation issues which a laxative solved handily. So I did some Ozempic/Mounjaro searching.

I discovered the Big Pharma line informs but downplays the Side-Effects:

Business Insider has a more focused down-side Side-Effects implying Ozempic can be severe and Mounjaro mild in comparison:

I found 2-website posts reporting on the multitude of Lawsuits aimed mostly at Ozempic but a few at Mounjaro:

o The Cut via

The Telegram Tucker Carlson Description:

‘Ep. 72 - "If a fish tank is dirty, you clean the tank. You don't drug the fish." Calley Means makes the case against Ozempic.’

I found this video clip excerpt at Telegram Agents of Innocence ( posted on 2/8/24 ( I derived the title from the banner in the video.

The subject is essentially people-control via fear & genetic manipulation. The speaker’s (I have no idea who he is) is HAARP Technology and Project Montauk is mentioned. I tried and failed to search for the complete video, perhaps if someone knows they can leave a link in the Comment Section.

Under the corrupt government’s current Globalist tactics of controlling the masses, the speaker’s initial stipulations got my attention. But as you listen to the 4:43-minute excerpt there is an element of a Ripley’s Believe It or Not. If you are intrigued, do some checking before believing.

Agents of Innocence only offer this cryptic description: “DNA | AND - AND | DNA”.

H/T: Jeffrey Ian posting on MeWe Group United We Stand One Nation Under God ( Who linked to a FaceBook video ( shared by Fabulous Fifties 4/12/20. It’s Patriotism from 1939 as expressed in Loonie Toon cartoon. Would this cartoon be censored on television today and/or ridiculed by the Left? Probably! You Will notice old Porky does not recite “Under God” when he speaks the Pledge in 1939. That was not added until 1954. Here’s the historical Pledge run-down leading to 1954:

WARNING! SOME VISUALS MIGHT BE OBJECTIONABLE TO CHILDREN – Even though YOUR Local Public School may show them to YOUR CHILDREN to program their Wokeness! A parody yet accurate short video I found on Truth Social Group Make America Great again by michaelboyle83 on 2/4/24 ( It is tongue-in-cheek humor that should also infuriate Patriotic Americans. WHY? Because it’s happening.

H/T Rose Reed Brown (Facebook Friend). This is Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN - posting a live Press Conference ( led by Rep. Matt Gaetz introducing a House Resolution that reads (2/6/24): “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that former President Donald J. Trump did not engage in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or give aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” The Resolution PDF:

Here’s the link on the Press Release in which 65 House GOP members co-sponsored:

Brigitte Gabriel shares that what the Hamas terrorists perpetrated on 10/7/23 is something Jihadi-Muslims have been doing for decades. From the Act For America Substack Page posted 2/2/24 (

The one element that strikes me, and I believe Stone, the U.S. government (including a Globalist-oriented Deep State) and the MSM have been infested in corruption MUCH-MUCH longer than any American could ever imagined.

BTW – the spoiler alert: Roger Stone’s primary villain among many is President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

This video is downloaded from the Clay Clark Substack page posted on 2/2/24 ( AND since I’m a graduate of RHEMA Bible College (then RHEMA Bible Training Center 1984) and the RHEMA Church was the location where this Roger Stone dialogue occurred. The Clay Clark Substack page has a video transcript. The video has a bit of a delay countdown so you might want to fast forward to the actual beginning. Clay Clark has a small opening monologue. Then the Pastor of Sheridan Church Jackson Lahmeyer (who attempted to Primary RINO Senator Lankford) facilitates Stone’s dialogue at about the 28-minute mark.

I found this clip on Telegram Down the Rabbit Hole (an ask to join channel), posted on 1/28/24 (

Now Bill Cooper is one of those controversial fellows in which one loves or hates. Most online bio websites (e.g., Wikipedia) will paint Cooper as a Conspiracy Nutjob. On a personal level, I regard Cooper with plusses and minuses. You’ll have to do your own research to form your own opinion.

What got my attention about the clip as embedded caption “THE JUDAS GOAT”. The clip can be found on various video formats, so I was wondering if THE JUDAS GOAT was a channel facilitator, calling Cooper a Judas Goat OR if the clip was formatted to show Cooper pointing to Judas Goats.

As you watch the 2:37-minute clip, I believe you’ll agree that clip is about Judas Goats leading the masses to slaughter.

What is a Judas Goat? From (

“Named for leading their fellow livestock into slaughter, these betrayers aren’t as common as they used to be. But they’re still around.

In a move meant to keep the sheep docile, the plant’s live-in Judas goat would receive training to routinely lead the flocks to their fates like a four-legged pied piper, stepping aside after completing the job — and often earning a reward of a cigarette to munch. The natural instinct of sheep makes them prone to follow a leader, even to their demise. …”

The clip cleverly has Cooper speaking of brainwashed masses following modern Judas Goats to their demise. I say “cleverly” because my sense most of the imagery is post-Cooper as in after he passed away.

I found another interesting quote from 2018 on Leftist Judas Goats in a Washington Times post by Wesley Pruden (

“Beware the Judas goat, who leads unsuspecting cattle down a stockyards chute to the slaughter pen, stepping aside at the last minute to preserve his own survival.

There’s a Judas goat at work in the culture to destroy the First Amendment guarantee of free speech for all. This Judas goat, pretending to protect the feelings of the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized among us, naturally expects to preserve his right to say anything he likes when the rest of us suffer the censor, the blue pencil and the billy club.

The Judas goat once worked on the right margin of the public debate, eager to silence liberals, Communists, Socialists and others out to harm “the American way of life.” Why, asked many conservatives, “must we suffer the evil lies of those who would do grievous harm to the country we love? Communist speech, after all, is wrong and wicked.”

The political left scorned such reasoning as the work of rubes and hayseeds, intellectual primitives without learning, distinction or sophistication.”

HMM… Something to think about.

Down the Rabbit Hole Description:

“Bill Cooper was right.

Nobody listened, except a few”.

I found this clip from Telegram USA Freedom Hub ( posted on 1/28/24 (

USA Freedom Hub offers no description so I did my search engine thing. The clip derives from a 1/24/24 broadcast of Fox News The Ingraham Angle ( The focus is CCP-controlled liar and Director (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) of the World Health Organization (WHO) crying that the national sovereignty stealing Pandemic Treaty might fail because the Truth Tellers he calls liars are spreading disinformation and misinformation about the impending despotism that treaty would bring upon those dedicated to Liberty. Ingraham and Dr. Scott Atlas explain that Tedros is the ACTUAL LIAR.

I found this 4:11-minute .mov clip (I converted to mp4) at Telegram Wide Awake Media ( posted on 1/27/24 (

The clip is excerpted from the EPOCH TV Documentary “No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?” ( The full Documentary is 1:09:21-hours in length. If you have The Epoch Times paid subscription, you can watch for free. OR you can purchase the DVD: OR if you are among the Biden-Tyranny cash-strapped, I posted a Fair-Use version on my UGETube Channel:

Wide Awake Media Description:

‘"If you control the food, you control the people. That's ultimately the end goal."

All around the world, unelected globalist bodies like the WEF and UN are waging war against farmers, in an attempt to seize control of the global food supply, under the banner of UN Agenda 2030—as detailed in a must-watch new documentary titled 'No Farmers, No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?'’


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