I can’t remember which Telegram shared this video. But it was on the Telegram Derrick Broze's Daily News Channel ( that I saved on 6/5/23. In not quite 11-minutes Broze shares a clip from the Better Way Conference providing a very synopsis on AI & Transhumanism with Elitist intentions.

The Telegram post offers this description:

“On June 3rd, 2023, journalist Derrick Broze shared a presentation during the "From AI & Transhumanism to Being Human" Panel at the Better Way Conference in Bath, UK!”

I found this video on the Telegram Tommy Robinson News Channel ( on 6/5/23. The channel had this commentary:

“The Barney Miller Show ran from 1978-82.

I can't believe they aired this.”

Whenever this actually aired, I was either a teenager or in my early 20s. IMDb has the show running from 1975 – 1982 ( Robinson is a Brit. Perhaps in his neck of the woods the show aired 1978-82 or perhaps the clip was from that time frame. I wasn’t really a Barney Miller fan in those days. Those were my primary practicing heathen days and was more interested in carousing than watching television. FULL DISCLOSURE: Today I’m a Born Again Christian with those heathen days way back in my rear view mirror.

Topic in this little over 2-minute video: Trilateral Commission, David Rockefeller & even Henry Kissinger and the NWO. It’s almost prophetic.

I actually first found this video on Telegram from whence I downloaded. THEN via my Substack subscription Courageous Discourse I found the same video from Dr. Peter McCullough. The below text is from that Substack page 5/28/23 (

“This is the first part of a live presentation given in Panama City by Dr. Peter McCullough hosted by iconic hero for free speech La Prensa founder Roberto Eisenmann with his wife Maruja and daughter Denise Eisenmann in collaboration with Raluca and Tim Wood. Origins of SARS-CoV-2 from US research contracted to the Wuhan Institute of virology are reviewed. COVID-19 vaccine safety concerns and lack of theoretical efficacy are presented with citations from the scientific literature.”

ORIGINALLLY from CHD TV program called
Financial Rebellion with Catherine Austin Fitts which usually airs online on Thursday morning – this episode was on 5/25/23: (Recording has about 20-second delay in beginning)


A historic battle faces a critical tipping point — Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. found to be ‘not guilty’ after appearing in court with charges of “incitement of the masses” and “trivialization of the Holocaust.” Dr. Bhakdi has been outspoken on matters of COVID vaccination and their impacts on society. Watch today’s ‘Financial Rebellion’ to find out more.

Speakers: Catherine Austin Fitts, Taylor Hudak, Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Meryl Nass, Carolyn Betts, Polly Tommey,

Original Date: 5/16/23

American Thought Leaders – Jan Jekielek

“Looking at the data from a totality of sources, I mean, the signals were absolutely alarming … You saw a failed medical experiment being covered up on a global scale,” says Dr. Pierre Kory.

We discuss the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, what Dr. Kory describes as a decades-long war on repurposed drugs, and the information warfare tactics that have been deployed these last 3 years. And we also take a look at an interesting and perhaps not well-known part of Dr. Kory’s medical experience—he was an expert medical witness for the George Floyd civil case.

Dr. Pierre Kory is a pulmonary and critical care medicine specialist and co-founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).

“Once you read a study, and you see that they have numerous conflicts of interest with the actual molecule or compound or medicine that’s being studied, you cannot trust that paper,” Dr. Kory says.

He’s the author of the upcoming book “The War on Ivermectin: The Medicine that Saved Millions and Could Have Ended the COVID Pandemic.”

For those interested, here is the Union of Concerned Scientists’ article referenced in the episode: “The Disinformation Playbook.” (

Emerald Robinson interviews Naomi Wolf about Pfizer mRNA harmful effect including a huge amount of deaths. I any other era the deaths would be labeled genocide. I found the video on Telegram so I have no idea of the original date. It is from FrankSpeech’s The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson TV Show. Several of those episodes can be found HERE:

Clip from The Gateway Pundit ( of Jesse Waters and Sen. Josh Hawley expressing outrage over Crooked Hillary and Corrupt FBI. Waters & Hawley call for action, BUT ACTION WILL BE UNREALIZED under the current Election Coup installed government.

Metaxas interviews Dr. Gold and John Strand. America’s Frontline Doctors posted the interview on their website 5/11/23 ( I found the video on the website Absolute Truth from the Word of God posted by Geri Ungurean on 5/13/23 ( Below is the Ungurean commentary on the Metaxas interview:

"Do you remember Dr. Simone Gold who founded America’s Frontline Doctors? She and many other doctors were trying to speak truth to America about Covid 19. Because they came against the ‘narrative’ put out by Tony Fauci and his cohorts, the government kept a close eye on Dr. Gold and others from AFLD.

Did you know that Dr. Simone Gold served time in prison, and may serve a very long sentence in the future?

Brethren, when you view this video – I am certain that many will finally understand that America is now a Totalitarian State. Yes, we are under a tyrannical government and I doubt seriously if we will ever have fair and credible elections again – if we ever did!

But now the LEFT does this brazenly in our faces with no remorse.

Benjamin Franklin said this about our Government:

“I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other. I doubt too whether any other Convention we can obtain, may be able to make a better Constitution.” (emphasis added)

Those prophetic words of Franklin have come to fruition right before our eyes!"

This video was share by Dr. Bryam W. Bridle on his Substack COVID Chronicles. Post link:

The story on how Dr. Bridle found the video from his Substack post:

A reader sent me a great animation that they made. It punctuates the reality that ivermectin is effective against SARS-CoV-2. I have kept up with the literature on ivermectin and can tell you that the studies that disparaged its use were based on incredibly flawed designs. So poor were the study designs that the authors of the papers were either incompetent or there were more nefarious reasons. If I conducted my pre-clinical research studies the way that the ivermectin-bashing experiments have been run, I would never be able to get my work published. I have been shocked over the past three years to see how often human clinical trials disgrace the scientific method.

The link to the animation can be found here [Shortened url link of original Google Drive source]:

Thank you to the kind and talented lady who made and submitted it.

Stephanie Locricchio hosts discussion on the tyranny of Smart Cities and Pandemic Treaties. The program is Good Morning CHD. This topic was posted 5/5/23. Here’s shortened url of the original post:

Here’s the Good Morning CHD description:

Should we be concerned about our personal privacy? From pandemic policies to smart technology, there is a clear effort to control the human population. Three guests, well-versed on this topic, appear on ‘Good Morning CHD’ to disclose the details of this imminent threat. Watch the episode on CHD.TV!

On the Telegram Tommy Robinson News Channel (, I watched an awesome speech by James Lindsay on Woke Marxism. This was the Tommy Robinson summary of the video:

“This is perhaps the most important video you can watch.

To truly understand the the various species of Marxism, and why western nations, culture, politics and religion is under attack.

Woke is Marxism and it’s designed to attack and infiltrate the west.

James Lindsay spells out the problems we face today brilliantly.

He calls out the WEF and the UN for pushing this attack on us.

Absolutely brilliant.”

I downloaded the video to place on Bitchute. The download title was “Intersectional Marxism”. I updated the title to reflect what I believe to be a more apt description.

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Video found on HATS Telegram Channel 4/14/23:


Part of the satanic NWO agenda is to create mass infertility around the world which in part has been achieved thanks to the Convid vaccines, GMO's, fluoridated water and microplsctics.

This company EctoLife is helping accelerate the transhumanist agenda by creating artificial womb pods which is promoted through the WEF and other NGO's under the guise of sustainability and depopulation.


The EctoLife video is a promotional selling a pain-free birth process in which the parent or parents can select specific genes to shape the outcome of a child. The video appears to be promoting a heterosexual miracle, BUT I can see the potential of the LGBTQ godless blasphemy eliminating the God-design (CREATOR) of male and female natural family in favor of the Godless Transformation promoted by the Globalist Left. MEANING: EctoLife is not so a miracle but more a Satanic alternative of reproduction. The process could further separate humanity from the Creator God Almighty. The Good News for Christians is that such a blasphemy is yet another sign Christ the true King is Returning soon to claim those who trust in the Risen Savior.

I subscribe to The Epoch Times. In this video Roman Balmakov interviews Dr. Robert Malone about the dangers of the Spike Protein delivered along the mRNA Jab. Dr. Malone reveals he is double-jabbed AND Jab-Injured. Then Dr. Malone runs through Spike Protein detox protocols that might save one from a sudden death.



Original Date: 3/29/23

While in Washington DC, we spoke with Dr. Robert Malone about the danger that the spike protein presents within the human body, as well as some good strategies for detoxifying your body from the spike protein.

I found this very JP Sears mocking gun control (cough – transgender terrorism against Christians the unspoken backstory) on Telegram. I wish I could remember from where to give proper credit but I can’t recall. I notice the original video format is Tik Tok. I for one avoid Tik Tok due to its essential ownership by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP is enemy of all Freedom loving people world-wide but especially the enemy of the American Principles of Liberty that the Dem-Marxists are doing their damnedest to terminate.

AT ANY RATE, this JP Sear 3-minute short is full of truth, the humor amplifies the right of self-protection and the hints of past genocides resulting from gun-confiscation.

BTW: SlantRight 2.0 Telegram Channel:
My Telegram Profile:

From Event 201 to Dark Winter, the Pandemic Simulations That Foreshadowed Our New Reality

EPOCH TV interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., by Jan Jekielek. Original date: 3/14/23. Original Link (shortened url):

Original Description:

Now in part two, he explains how U.S. government tools developed for influencing overseas populations were deployed on Americans.

We also take a look at the string of pandemic simulations conducted in the last few decades—detailed in his book “The Real Anthony Fauci”—and the eerie similarities he discovered.

What does Kennedy think about allegations the CIA was involved in the assassination of his uncle, John F. Kennedy?

And at a time when many have lost faith in the American system, how do we restore power to the American people and rekindle American ideals?

EPOCH TV interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., by Jan Jekielek. Original date 3/11/23. Original link (shortened url):

Original Description:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the founder and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense and author of “The Real Anthony Fauci,” shares his journey from environmental activist to a fierce critic of the vaccine approval process in this comprehensive two-part interview. Not a single vaccine on the childhood immunization schedule has been tested against a true saline placebo, he argues.


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On Telegram, Linda Forsythe (C-Vine) [Post link:] borrowed the Full Video of Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday 3/7/23 from Telegram Channel Kiki’s Finds ( I downloaded the .mov format then converted it to mp4 to post on my Bitchute Channel.

Tucker’s episode begins by repointing out the TIME STAMPS in video footage shows Dem-Marxists, MSM Propagandists & RINO comrades are blatant liars. YOU guess the reasons for the lying charade. THEN Tucker runs a series of collages of Dem-Marxists & Propagandists heads exploding telling their gullible listeners not to believe what they see BUT ONLY BELIEVE WHAT THE LIARS TELL YOU.

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I found this on Telegram not long ago (join my Telegram Channel: From the Washington Examiner ( - 2/16/23):

“Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) introduced a sweeping slate of policies dubbed the "Digital Bill of Rights" aimed at safeguarding "Floridians from Big Tech harm and Big Tech overreaches" …

Under the proposal, which will head to the state legislature for its session that begins in March, Florida would protect its citizens' privacy rights, offer protections against harm to children, and protect against unfair censorship in the digital realm, among other things. (Click Washington Examiner link to read entirety)

Yup, it appears if you are unvaxxed (i.e. unjabbed), you might be considerd a criminal by the FBI.


FEB 14, 2023

Host: Michael Kane
Guest: Betsy Combier

Betsy Combier discusses the threat of a ‘Problem Code’ to unvaccinated NY educators in terms of payroll. How is this labeling based on vaccination status a scary omen of the future of personal data tracking? What hazard does this pose for both NY educators and the rest of the population? Michael and Betsy examine the link between this classification, the FBI and fingerprints. Don’t miss this!

Report by Roman Balmakov
ORIGINALLY: Epoch TV (Subscription may into play:

On February 6th Roman Balmakov of The Epoch Times ran a report on Conservative Counties in Oregon becoming fed-up with the handful of Left-Wing Counties (YET CONTAINING A POPULATION MAJORITY) calling the shots. The Report is a County secession movement to leave Oregon and join Idaho.

I found the report interesting growing up in Eastern Washington State which largely faces the same Leftist tyranny from the majority population living West of the Cascade Mountain Range (essentially the coast-side) with a minority of land area.

Indeed, Balmakov mentions many Conservative Counties have expressed the same griping about Leftist population centers but really go into those other States.

I suspect there is an unlikely prospect of success by Conservative Counties in any State dominated by the Leftist Majority Tyranny – at least no peaceful prospect.

Epoch TV Description:

After many years of being fed up with the policies coming out of Portland, over 30 percent of the counties in Oregon have voted to secede. Specifically, they voted to leave behind Oregon, and instead join the state of Idaho—in the process creating a new state that would be called Greater Idaho.

Out of the 36 total counties in Oregon, 11 of them have voted in favor of seceding because by and large, the people living there believe that their values are no longer being represented by the state legislature, which is dominated by extremely liberal politicians coming out of Portland.

The Youtube Channel Larry the guy from Michigan posted some commentary on a Dr. Robert Malone Substack post on mRNA tech being injected into livestock (as in future processed meat):

Since Youtube typically censors anti-narrative truth and I find the video of interest, I’m uploading it to my Bitchute Channel. Original Link:


On January 11, 2023, Dr Robert Malone, co-inventor of the mRNA process, published a post on his substack where he offered several citations and quotations about RNA animal vaccines being developed and deployed by major pharmaceutical companies, and warning that through such animals, genetically adjusted meat products are entering the human food supply. I react, as well as sharing a warning given to Chrsitians more than 100 years ago suggesting that eventually it would be prudent to abandon meat as a food source.

Larry Kirkpatrick also offers the Open Hands audio Podcast twice a week at, which addresses he rapid increase in soft totalitarianism enveloping our world.

He has been engaged in pastoral ministry since 1994, serving several congregations. He has authored books including Real Grace for Real People, and Cleanse and Close. He has been plenary speaker at symposiums and a presenter on several continents. He presently serves as pastor of the Fremont and Muskegon MI Seventh-day Adventist churches. Every morning he shares short Bible devotionals for those who want to start their day with God.


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