Salute to “Twitter Account - Inner City Press”
They got the ill stenographers skills with them twitter fingers

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I was in #JackFrostBBN chatroom earlier for his morning coffee show about
"Proof Shotti Would Snitch 9/3/19"
and thought it would be a good idea to call him out about this here video, where he finds himself walking down the street recording himself talking about going to the law on people. He even goes as far as to try and get others to help him on his quest of snitching by getting them to screenshot or record the people he thinks is harassing him.
Just like he's hold #shotti as a snitch for this

he should be held to the same standard, because he's actually caught here trying to go to the law on people. #HISFEARISREAL

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This was recorded because of the Flip Floppy 2 face shit
BBN Jack Frost be doing. I notice he talks a whole lotta shit
then tries to pass it off to his fans as something he doesnt do.
Notice how in this video he shows his victim hood mentality
as I try to talk to explain to him my side of the arguement.

If Im wrong correct me, but was a being "Hostile" in any way talking
to this dude before the ending where he kept trying to over talk me instead of hearing the points being made

check out this video here:
for a better understanding.
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From "August 15ish 2019"

I was trying to talk to "BBN Jack Frost" about why the Feds would possibly want 69 and how he would be useful to their investigation. I personally think dude was more focused on trying to anything but factual. He even tried to play tough guy til i told him hit me when he gets to "SOUTH STATION" im a BOSTON nigga and he knows it. but anyways........

Watch this shit right here, then tell me how you feel about it in the comment section, even if you feel like I was in the wrong.

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Just some old face nigga that makes up stories

This is the same dude trying to put a #snitchjacket on #shotti and some of them other dudes wrapped up in that #rico case. Is he trying to label others to justify the #weakness he #suffers from?

How long before he gets someone in #legal #trouble #realtalk

You tell me, comment below.

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