Instrumental theme for ...something.
Recorded on a Korg D1600
Les Paul Standard from the custom shop USA
Silvertone Bass guitar
Roland U20 keyboard

Set to a collage of photos taken near Mglin, Bryansk region which is about 300 miles south of Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia

The Past

Just a few tracks laid down on a Korg D1600
The vocal mix at the end still needs work....well the whole thing needs work.

Gear Used
1990 Les Paul Standard from Gibson Custom Shop
Silvertone Bass
Korg D1600 drum tracks
and a cheap mic

Video: A collage of photographic images by "Diana"

By "pilky27"

An instrumental cover of the Jimi Hendrix/Bob Dylan song.

Probably the best instrumental of this song ever made. This guy is amazing.
Go to his YouTube page and read about the gear he played to make this song

I make no money from this and I have no connection to anyone involved in making the video. I posted this purely in the name of art. (I made the cover photo by taking a still frame from a film of Jimi Hendrix performing live. I chose this frame because of the expression in Hendrix's face.)

Original music by Slave Nation with a bunch of photos.


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