JoJo Siwa, And Gang.

Catherine McKenna Has Big BALLS

Courtney Love Transvestigation. Simply put Mr Love is a Tranny And the Daughter is as well

Brooke Shields Transvestigation

Theresa Tam Is The MAN.

Anthony Fauci, And Husband. This one has the face of a truck driver!

Cara Delevingne Is A Tranny

Jillian Michaels Transvestigation

Gisele Bündchen TransVestigation. Finally found this video on my portable hard drive This was one of my first uploads to YouTube about a year ago. They ended up taking it down and I got cyberbullying and Nudity, And shut down for the first time, I came back and tried to upload it and it was blocked by YouTube. I want to thank all the good people out there exposing this agenda. This is not and shouldn't be a VS or who makes better videos. It's about getting the message out there. It's about educating the zombies, its about bringing the zombie too GOD. Waking them up.

Oh Canada.. Oh Canada

Elliot Page psyop.

Bette Midler Transvestigation

Carmen Electra Transvestigation

Demi Lovato Transvestigation

Michelle Obama. BIG MIKE Transvestigation

A Royal Transvestigation This could have been longer, but in the interest of time I decided to shorten it

Jeri Ryan Transvestigation

Richard Simmons Transvestigation

Elle Macpherson Transvestigation

Cameron Diaz. Transvestigation.

They Tell Us But No One Listens.

Male To Female Plastic Surgery Abomination's

Kathy Smith Fitness Guru Transgender, Fooling The sheep For years

Beyonce's Moonbump The Sheep Suffer From Cognitive Dissonance

But How Do They Get Pregnent, Its Called A Moon Bump.


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