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Does The Great Reset BEGIN In Canada? - From covidHOAX To climateSCAM Lockdowns

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about the absolute tyranny of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he attempts to rule with an iron fist for his masters, the globalists, the transhumanist, the devil.
Dan Dicks talks about the moves made by Justin Trudeau throughout his time in office as he brought in the carbon tax, a police state and of course the most insane covid restrictions in the western world, with the fractioning of society and the shocking level of medical discrimination that lead to massive trucker protests and the eventual trampling of protesters and banning of protests in general.
Now the economy is collapsing alongside the supply chain and the power grid all while Trudeau does his bidding for the New World Order. The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Great Reset.
Klaus Schwab said himself that he infiltrated the entire cabinet of Trudeau. Canada is aiming to eradicate 30% of farms with crazy climate policies. Millions will be left without food and power. But of course they can count on the Trudeau government giving them GMO rations, that is if they sell their soul.
Dan Dicks destroys the matrix and explains what we can do about this tyranny. But of course, it starts with you.


Dr. Paul Thomas Blows Up the Conventional Vaccine Narrative

Stunning: Dr. Paul Thomas Blows Up the Conventional Vaccine Narrative—Incredible Statistics
'The Control Group' Stats - Vaccinated / Unvaccinated
60% / 5.71% - Chronic Conditions
16.67% / 0% - Arthritis
48% / 0% - Heart Disease
10% / 0% - Diabetes
7.7% / 0% - Asthma
2.5% / 0% - Autism
9.4% / 0.47% - ADHD
6.0% / 0% - Cancer

Just remember - there is NO save vaccine! ALL of them are full of toxic ingredients. Conspiracy theories? READ product's leaflet FFS.


Harvard & Johns Hopkins Publish Explosive Truth: Scientific Papers PROVE C19 Vaxx Is A Death Shot

There’s a new draft scientific paper available online. Don’t expect to hear anything about it from the press, even though directly from the supposed “expert” class. Steve Kirsch is a tech entrepreneur who has become one of the top trackers of the mass vaccination fraud. He joins us today to talk about the contents of this paper.


'Viruses' - Baileys, Cowan & Kaufman Respond To Del Bigtree

“I think Del is afraid terrain theory is too fringe, (me: and he is controlled opposition I believe) that his show would be ignored if he promoted it. But what's going to happen is he is soon going to be left behind. It's incredible how fast knowledge of the virus fraud is spreading.” - 108Catfish

Sam Bailey addresses in-fighting in the Truth and Freedom Health Community, highlighting Del Bigtree’s recent comments in a conversation with Derrick Broze. Bailey shares clips from Derrick Broze and DelBigTree’s conversation, welcoming Andrew Kaufman M.D. and Dr. Tom Cowan to comment and contribute their unique point of view on this disagreement occurring in the online community. Mark Bailey offers insights and questions to encourage everyone to focus on what we can learn from this debate. In the hopes of continuing to work on understanding and processing reality, all participants in this episode agree that the major problem is tyranny, and taking the air out of the virus theory is a good way to pursue working towards freedom for all.

“The suppression and abuse of the human race and planet earth is ancient history, a history that’s been hidden from us. Unless you’re experiencing an awakening to reality triggered by events in your own so called personal life, you will not have ears to hear and eyes to see the truth. Frequency, vibration and consciousness are the crux of our reality and it’s not even included in all aspects of culture, medicine, education, economics, religion, The falsified information goes very deep so as Andy mentioned, it’s better to branch off and create our own version of medicine based on these immutable natural laws inherent to every human being.
ALL disease is man made. You get sick based on your frequency and how far removed you are from Nature’s principles. We cannot deny we are being poisoned and would heed well not to participate in any of these deranged programs to the best of our ability based on the consciousness that we have. I would love to live on Earth where medical studies weren’t suppressed and controlled, where the divine capacities of the human body were known and implemented in how we treat the body. The advanced technology is here and medicine is on the verge of exploding into a new reality.” - Ksantillo



DAVID ICKE - This is a man who has always been ridiculed for his “conspiracy theories”...
BUT the problem is nearly ALL his "theories" he was warning us about back in the 90s (!!!) are coming true right now before our eyes...

Dr. David Ayoub MD explains how the medical establishment (MAFIA) through certified documentation is working FOR YEARS hand in hand with the global cabal to facilitate the depopulation agenda.
Radio Liberty Conference 2005, Aptos, California.
“…this pandemic that's going
to come, they're trying to build the infrastructure to do mass vaccinations in a very, very short period of time.”
Dr. David M. Ayoub is an interventional radiology doctor in Quincy, Illinois and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Blessing Hospital and Memorial Hospital-Belleville. He received his medical degree from University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago in 2005 and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Dr. Jane Ruby and the Health Ranger reveal post-vaccine CLOT MYSTERIES with new lab results

“Funeral Directors are notising that they cannot drain bodies that had a booster; breaks the machines. So, they have to manually remove what resembles fibrous Calamari/linguine...and the stuff continues to grow days, afterward. “ - agus Incognito



Josh Sigurdson reports on the carbon credit climate tyranny about to be forced unto the masses with rations, droughts and technocratic, transhumanist takeovers of all resources in the controlled collapse of the supply chain, inflation and gas crisis.
In this video, we break down the low water levels in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, California, New Jersey, India and basically everywhere else as the globalists implode the economy and the supply chain all while coming in with a new technocratic replacement that involves selling off our very humanity to comply with transhumanism.
With carbon credits tied to bank accounts and social credit, we will be enslaved forever if we do not reject this tyranny TODAY, not tomorrow!


Israeli Vaccine Director SPEAKS OUT! - Blows Whistle on Mass Murder & Monkeypox

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Israeli covid vaccine director, Prof. Shmuel Shapira vocally coming out against the death shots and drawing the same line we have between the jabs and so-called monkeypox, saying it's simply a vaccine injury.
Professor Shapira himself was injured by the Pfizer vaccine and has now been suspended from Twitter by some SJW teenage girl for speaking out despite being a literal expert.
As lawsuits continue to be paid out, millions worldwide have dropped and millions more are running to get their latest jab.
And then a jab to cure the side effects from other jabs.
True unrivaled insanity.
In this video we expose the truth and break down the words and warnings of a former director of covid vaccines who is also at the top echelon of the IDF.


Governments ADMIT To Faking Covid As MSM Is FORCED To Cover Vaccine DEATH - NEW STUDIES

Josh Sigurdson reports on countless new studies and revelations surrounding the death shots also known as vaccines.
The mainstream media is extremely shocked for some reason that countless people are dying for no known reason. Specifically from heart related incidents.
As the mainstream media wrote today, up to 300,000 brits may be unaware that they have a deadly heart conditions with no previous symptoms.
Imagine that.
Surely it's just "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" and there's nothing to worry about.
In this video we start with one absurd headline and move through around 15 to 20 more as governments are caught in coverups, corruption and are openly admitting they lied to psychologically program people, like Birx.


Dr. Sam Bailey: A Tribute To Dr. Stefan Lanka - “VIRUS, IT’S TIME TO GO"

"This is a special video dedicated to the legendary Dr. Stefan Lanka. How did the virologist come to realise that the pathogenic viruses he was chasing did not exist?

We cover:
1. the misunderstanding of bacteriophages
2. refuting the HIV/AIDS dogma
3. the €100,000 measles court case
4. 7 points of how the virus story has already refuted itself
5. the end of virology....

“Most people are thick as two short planks, completely dissolved in cognitive dissonance and their long programmed belief system. You can show virology is a complete scam beyond any doubt but it's like a religion to these people. They love their murderers, and their 2 party communism in sheeps clothing. This video should have 500 million views, not 898 at the time of viewing. I am just glad there are people like you Sam and one of my all time heroes Tom Cowan, and the people who seek out this information because they know it's all BS and need to know they aren't the crazy ones.” - @MaxBlobs


Dr. Tom Cowan - Discussing the Virus Challenge with Dr. Mark Bailey

In this webinar, Dr. Mark Bailey and I discuss the Virus Challenge.
View the Virus Challenge Source Document here:

Tom and Mark, two medical experts coming together, with good old common sense. I've been following you from the beginning Dr Tom and all your theories are just spot on. Your work, and the education you provide, is very much appreciated by humanity. We can only grow if seeds are planted.


Dr Mike Yeadon - Fraud, Fear and How Herd Mentality Has Brought Us to the Edge

Dr. Mike Yeadon (former Pfizer VP Chief Science Officer) whistleblower comes out saying that the people who’ve been saying that are no infectious viruses are CORRECT! Mike Yeadon’s specific statement saying that there are no infectious viruses is at the 14-minute mark of this video (I've been saying and shared MANY videos on that since day 1 of this hoax)

Starting at the 14-minute mark:
“The powers that be — I’ll call them the perpetrators — the people who are running this global crime — it’s a global crime to take over all of humanity — they pretended that there’s a serious new respiratory, viral global health threat. In my opinion there never any new health threat whatsoever. Part of the [criminal] beauty of this is that it can’t go wrong because there are no moving parts. The only moving part is the PCR test. So the initial thing was an exaggerated health threat.
“Some people believe that there’s a new virus and if so then it’s not any more serious than any influenza, not really. Because flu vanished at the same time by “sheer coincidence.” Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion — and I will credit [Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman] and their colleagues — I had a really good chat with those guys early in 2020 and it bothered me, bothered me, bothered me. And over time I realized that I could no longer maintain my understanding of respiratory viruses as I thought I knew them. And then I learned a new bit of information recently and it collapsed the possibility that respiratory viruses as described exist at all — THEY DON’T.
“People do get ill. People get exactly the same illnesses as before that horrible Yeadon says viruses don’t exist — they still have “colds” and “flu” but I don’t think we know what causes them, but they’re not [caused by] respiratory viruses.”
~ Dr. Mike Yeadon


The Unvaccinated Will Be Vindicated: They Are the Heroes of the Last Two Years

We the UNvaccinated have been persecuted since this whole nightmare started but we are the control group now! Many of us have lost friends, family and our jobs because of the LIES yet we are still alive, not sick and we are NOT filling the hospitals nor are we dying, the vaccinated are...


The Scamdemic: Covid 19 - SARS COV2 the Virus that Never Existed!

Poornima Wagh, 2 PhDs in Virology and Immunology, 20 yr career as a Lab researcher and scientist, destroys the Covid scam with proof in language even a layman like me can understand. Who benefits? Big Pharma and its owners (not shareholders), Gates, Fauci whom she calls criminals, using words like "fraudulent," "deliberate," "planned and premeditated."

She (Poornima Wagh) was donated by the CDC with 1,5mil Dollar to isolate the 'virus', but she couldn't isolate that thing of course. She did the tests 3 times over, and still could not isolate the thing. The CDC asked her lab to lie about the test results, but she refused. The FBI came and closed her lab!. She wasn't allowed to tell the truth and couldn't publish the test results. Now she is trying the private domain to publish the results.

“Less people will die when the whole Rockefeller Medical System is shut down.
Because they are the main cause of all death worldwide.
I did a FOI request in the Netherlands and the best thing they had was some in silico nonsense...
PCR is not a test btw... and never was...” - @JackPoe



They want to reduce the population to 500 million (according to the Georgia guidestones) and they want to turn all of humanity into cyborg soulless slaves under their control.
The dam is breaking, and there’s no repairing it. There will only be attempts to change the subject, with one or more new propaganda terror-drives (during which the numbers of those “dying suddenly” will just keep growing).


Christine Anderson MEP talks about pilot vaccine injury...and harm in the general populace

Member of the European Parliament Ms. Christine Anderson does not her mince words. The time for doing so has long since passed.

The dam is breaking, and there’s no repairing it. There will only be attempts to change the subject, with one or more new propaganda terror-drives (during which the numbers of those “dying suddenly” will just keep growing).

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Whistleblower: Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Vaccine Deaths By Cremating Babies Themselves

John O'Looney is a brave Funeral Home whistleblower who has been raising the alarm since early on in the pandemic.
Funeral home director John O’Looney (UK) was interviewed by Maria Zeee (Australia), where he discussed that hospitals were directly cremating babies who allegedly died after a COVID vaccine, most of them prenatal, rather than going to a funeral home. (Published July 14)
He states that he has never seen anything like this in his professional career as a funeral director, and that the only reason as to why hospitals were doing this was to prevent this information from reaching the public.
Mr. O’Looney became a whistleblower early on in the vaccine roll outs, as he had bury so many young, previously healthy people in their early to mid-20s shortly after receiving COVID-19 vaccines, and his embalmer was seeing things in the arteries of those who were vaccinated that he had never seen previously.


Vaccine Injuries & Death – While Doctors Use Fake Vaxx Pass

While millions die or are injured from the deadly vaccine, there are sleazy doctors getting the fake Vaxx pass for themselves and their families.Which proves that the doctors KNOW how deadly and dangerous the vaccines really are!
They are criminals who know the Truth of what’s going on! Public hanging for all corrupt Death service workers!


The Truth About Monkeypox – what media won't tell you

Greg Reese: Everything we know about monkeypox that the corporate media won’t tell you.
The main weapon being deployed against us by the would be New World Order is slight of hand, distraction and fakery.
In 1980, smallpox was declared eradicated by the World Health Assembly. After 9/11 however concerns over bio-terrorism attacks increased.
Wuhan Institute Created a PCR Test for Monkeypox in February.
Wuhan Lab Experimented on Monkeypox Just Before Outbreak.
Wuhan Lab linked with COVID pandemic acquired monkeypox virus before outbreak.
As monkeypox goes mainstream, we dive into some of the more low-key preparations for a possible monkeypox pandemic, including government war-games, and recently authorized vaccines and their side effects.
ACAM2000® and JYNNEOSTM (also known as Imvamune or Imvanex) are the only two licensed smallpox vaccines in the United States.
Aventis Pasteur Smallpox Vaccine (APSV) is an investigational vaccine that may be used in a smallpox emergency under the appropriate regulatory mechanism (i.e., Investigational New Drug application [IND] or Emergency Use Authorization [EUA]).
ACAM2000 (Smallpox Vaccine) Questions and Answers.
2018: Orthopoxvirus Work Group Background and Considerations.
2021 Update:


The WHO & Gov'ts Begin Ramping Up a Propaganda Campaign For More Lockdowns, Masks & kill shots -DO NOT COMPLY! Resists satanic psychopaths!!!

Apparently, they haven’t killed off enough folks. Prepare yourself (physically and mentally) for tough times ahead, this may come sooner than the Fall, especially if you live in the colder climates.

They're now creating a real pandemic thanks to all the dumb fucks who rolled up their sleeves for this.

“There simply won't be enough lamp posts to hang these fucking murdering bastards from!” - ThePuppetMaster

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Blood slides of the unvaxxed – proof that the vaxxed are the problem (Dr Philippe)

That was a hard one to watch because it means that there are no pure bloods, the fools getting vaxxed are shedding on us, if only they had not complied, but we have to keep going and realise that... BUT it is still better to not get the deadly jab. If your immune system is working well , the vaxxed can shed all they like.


Orders for Child-Size Coffins Spike More Than 500% in Last Seven Months

A casket salesman blew the whistle on the massive spike in post-COVID jab child mortality on The Stew Peters Show

A man with close personal and family ties to the casket manufacturing industry is reporting a massive spike in orders for child-size coffins that coincides with the roll-out of COVID vaccines for children and huge death spikes in kids and other population groups alike. The man tells The Stew Peters Show that the historically large children’s casket orders are being sold to funeral homes all over the country in preparation for even more children’s services.
After an initial tweet went viral documenting the “large number” of children that funeral directors have reported burying “within a few months of the kiddie jab,” casket salesman Mick Haddock responded, describing the massive spike in orders for child-size caskets experienced by his family’s manufacturing business. The post-COVID vaccine spike, he says, is the first time in his family’s 30-plus years of business that they’ve sold children’s coffins in bulk.



As a reminder - Judy seems to be controlled opposition pushing BS viruses narrative – even in this video: Why does she say fetal cells are used to make ivermectin? it is refined from soil bacteria. I don’t believe a few things she says because I think some of the problem is that she has faith there are viruses because she (cant see them.. but) can see the damage they do. We all agree explosion of disease is caused by jabs, injections, blood transfusions and poisons. Aids can be diagnosed by symptoms (that can be caused by bad food/livingconditions/drug use) so it doesn’t even need a virus. Agree there was no HIV or LAV… there is no aids virus at all! Did she prove she has purified viruses or did she just prove that she can poison people or vero cells the same way and cause them to become sick in the same way. Not sure if that really proves contagion or just that poisons are bad. If we just look for poisons, and forget the *unprurifiable, invisible* virus for a minute, all the antidotes will be found and cancers cured. The rest is horrifying and true - bloglogician

Judy Mikovits is a former medical research scientist and has been learning this for years. She’s the creator of the original Plandemic video from all the way back in spring 2020. Judy was one of the first people to claim, openly, that the Covid-19 pandemic was not an accident, and that it was masterminded behind closed doors for ulterior motives.

Science and medicine have no other modern definition than FAKE at this point in time. Dr. Judy Mikovits presents her findings of medical fraud, and how Fauci was involved in her arrest AND career destruction.


Dr. Vernon Coleman: Ready for the BIG KILL

Dr. Coleman: “I warned over six months ago that they hadn’t finished with the toxic jab, the masks, the lockdowns, the mass slaughter of the elderly and all the rest of the nonsense which did so much harm in 2020 and 2021.
And it’s happening.
There is more, much more, surreal covid bollocks to come. It ties in neatly with the global warming fraud, the designer war and the social credit scheme that takes the zombies unblinking into the Great Reset. It’s a fraud that has been too useful for them to abandon just yet.
It’s crucial to remember that persistence is part of the essential process for breaking down both individuals and populations. It’s one of the few things that the CIA and the KGB have always agreed on.”

Vernon Coleman


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