Using GIMP in 2019 we make 3D Spheres or Balls - Pool Balls 3-D using Map Objects. As always when you are done, export your project as a (.png) file so your background will be transparent.

Create a Blown Money Effect using GIMP in 2019. Learn the Transform Tools to change an objects Perspective.

Design your own Computer Desktop Wallpaper 1920 x 1080.
Using both GIMP and Inkscape we design a Custom Hi Def Wallpaper. 2019

Wrap Text around an object for projects like creating a Company Logo, using Inkscape.

Using Inkscape we remove the background on a Photo so we can make a Bitmap Image that looks like a Charcoal Drawing of the subject.
Subject is Tim Pool from the Subverse Newsroom.
I am also on at

This is an example of what you should be able to do with the videos I have released so far. (a project)

Learn to Transform a Vector Graphic easily. We will Transform the Logo into a different version of itself. (a Project)

Create 3-D Text Using GIMP (a Project)

Quickly add Custom Fonts to Linux

Fast and Easy way to Photo Manipulation for generating you own Memes or Greeting Cards suitable for posting on Social Media or sending via text or email.

Make High Quality Posters, Desktop Wallpapers, Greeting Cards, Memes, or just change a Photo to suit your needs. This is an easy way to make High Definition Photo Manipulation.

Using GIMP we will remove the background of an image, photo, picture, so you can then use it in any other kind of project from image manipulation to creating a greeting card or meme.


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Welcome to Slick Tricks;

This channel will focus on bringing you Short – Clear – Straight to the point Videos, on Specific Software Tasks.

We don’t plan to have Long Project Videos on this channel.

We will only use Free to Use, No Registration Required Software that is available on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

We try to find the easiest way to do a Task and share it with you.

That being said;
If you know of a Better or Faster Way, that produces Great Results, leave a Comment or Link to the Resource in the Comment Section of the video it refers to.

We are always looking for a better way to share with our viewers.