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In recent times, Jan irvin of Logos Media has been busted presenting ADL and JIDF talking points within his narrative. He has engaged in the censorship of his critics and He has even teamed up with a known Zionist shill "Halsey English". Today I am joined by Albert Bishai, TheFascifist, Almos and Ceekr, to discuss the poison in the well of the truth community, being cast by Logos Media and his Hasbara handlers.



Work in Progress Lyrics:

I remember I remember when I lost my mind

There was something so special about that place
maybe your emotions had an echo so much space

when your out there; out there yea
I was out of touch
Joe Rogan was banging a man’s behind

He got HIV
and then he smoked DMT

after getting HIV

from pumping butts behind a dumpster
he was pumping
he was pumping
behind a little tiny dumpster

Toe Rogan is crazy
Toe Rogan is crazy
Joe Rogan has HIV
so he smokes DMT

Joe Rogan masturbates to the UFC
After getting blown by Jack Dorsey

He serves his masters the Ashkenazi’s
One-time Joe Rogan got stung by a bee

That bee was named Owen B
You got stung by the Owen B
Feed the bear lots and lots of Honey

Who do you Who do you
Who do you Who do you think you are
Three foot One

DEF CON 22 | Richard Thieme - The Only Way to Tell the Truth is in Fiction. Barbarians Inside The Gates and the transfer of power from America to Israel [Brendon O'Connel Matthew North Mirror]

Matthew does a brilliant job presenting all the dark connections going on behind the scene and how change agents are being used to normalize drugs to further enslave humanity. Matthew North presents: Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo, Jamie Vernon (JRE Producer), Aubrey Marcus (Onnit) and the CIA connections with Elon Musk, MAPS, Esalen, Military MK Ultra and a Brave New World.


@Magisto - Zionist Hi-Jacked Judaism

#NeverForget how we have been lied to about nearly every military engagement over the past 60 years:


21 Trillion - 1,000’s of #WarCrimes that have been ignored ?


@Magisto Video Mix


American's have lost their ability to perform critical thinking, the population is under hypnosis and most don't even realize it. We are living in a TrumanShow Reality where every facet of life is being recorded and monitored.

Silent Genocide and Police State Infrastructure | March 15, 2018 | Irvine, California

lack of critical thinking is lost in America, the population is under hypnosis and doesn’t even realize it. Welcome to SoCal NWO Police State

Photo Music Video of all the NWO Art Work from Artist David Dee's

#SuperMoon photos and video captured using a Nikon P900 in Orange County California

Mar 2018 - Military Planes flying over our skies, dispersing chemicals that expanded and lingered for hours; blocking the natural sunlight from reaching the surface.

The video compares Natural vs Man-Made clouds and has been posted for #Educational Purposes.

September 2017 - The family took a day trip to the "Volcan Valley Apple Farm" located in Julian, CA

Later we ate lunch at one of the local Italian restaurants, spent time in the local shops and wrapped the day up at one of the bakeries famous for their Apple Pies!

#ManInTheMiddle | #AirForce Pilots and Jets flying in our airspace ignored by the FAA

Operation #KillingYouSoftly
Exercise #SprayAndPray
Owning The Weather by 2025

Everyone be kind to one another and #PayAttention to the skies and what’s going on.

#RandomActsOfKindness ?

#GeoEngineering in #SoCal | The #FAA is ignoring these planes, and allowing them to disburse dangerous chemicals across the general pubic


Cappellino Family Christmas Eve 2017

@Magisto #Cat #Rescue adapting to her new home


My two nieces decided they were going to create POTIONS (Perfume Scents); I snuck in after they left to see if they cleaned up... this is what I discovered


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