Let's examine the definitions of each and how they tie in to eachother, because I believe this is a major issue in our communities today.

Re-uploading the live stream because it seems to cut off the first minute which was important. Additionally, I'm fixing my settings so the quality is better... sorry about that everybody. Twitch streams perfectly fine.

Lets talk about why some of these companies may have chosen their names. Do names determine the future?

Playing the first ever MMORPG The Realm Online

I think it is...


Any politician who supports this shit is a traitor to the Constitution. They should be put on trial for subverting our country and if found guilty punished accordingly.

I really think either PJW and Candice just don't understand how the tech works, or they just like the narrative that they get persecuted while enjoying immense popularity. Here are my comments on some of it...

Let me know if you agree...

Look out, they're on the way

I've got a ton of interesting news for ya'll! Let's talk about it!

This guy's life is just nuts!


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