While out christmas shopping with the wife i might have pushed a button. Careful how you speak cause you never know who is listening.

this is the last time i try to upload the video

CTV comes out with a article that says cancel culture does not exist...I am getting drunk tonight...What??!!

This video is a response to the Raging Rants livestream

Don Cherry's out burst is a reflection of a growing number of Canadians.

Don Cherry won't apologize. But what about the rest of us that are not ready to retire?

As we count down to Dec 10 we remember those who have fallen and those who serve. Divided nations and theories of cause dominate our thoughts.

Check this guy out.

Faith Goldy, Nick Fuentes and the like are being shut out of the culture war and they are not taking it lying down. Here is my take on this complex problem.

Do you think your supervisor is manipulating you. There are whole fields devoted to this. Lets see when this all began.

Do you ever get the sense that some force is trying to control you. Well you are not insane this is the social theory of change. Come down a rabbit hole with me.

Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself and this is why it is so important we do not forget.

Progressives want to tear down all the walls. All of them. I believe some walls should stay up.

Do you chose Gov't or big business to rule over you. Pick and chose because they are both fighting for it.

Today we get to the bottom of some nasty rumors going around in my hood.

With the woke left on the ropes we need to break free from the group and be a individual

We went from Progressive to Matriarchal to Communist. Welcome to the front line.

The Liberal Canadian Goverment produces a book printed by Laurier University telling Muslims to vote Liberal. This is how it is going to back fire on them.

Extreme maybe, smart yes. I think its the smartest move for whats coming. See what a got from watching the documentary "Over a Barrel."

If you have never heard of him Mr. Peter Thiel is the co founder of Paypal and a very interesting person. Here are some deep thoughts I was able to pull from his video's.

If time is linear and we are all different, how can we determine age?

Lets talk about Tulsi Gabbard and Jodi Wilson Raybould.
Donald trump and Justin Mangina Truedope
Lets talk about the PPC and going forward

Justin the woke wins. 4 more years of woke for Canada. How to move on after defeat.

Your voice and it is your vote. I am voting PPC. Why? In this video I tell you.

Women will often make males jelous on purpose and the woke left has been doing it for years.

A women charges a man with sexual assault for touching her arm. This is why she is smart for doing that.


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