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Tony Jeffries an Olympic bronze medalist boxer shares The Basic Boxing Punches Explained | How & Why - 5 basic and 8 advanced punches. Before you throw knockout combinations, it is important you know the fundamentals and proper techniques in throwing punches such as Jab, cross, etc.

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0:00 The Basic Boxing Punches Explained | How & Why
0:21 5 Basic Boxing Punches
8:06 Advanced Boxing Punches

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Jump rope workout tutorial for beginners and expert boxers. Jump rope is essential both for boxing and to lose weight if you are doing boxing for fitness. I will teach you all the basics of jump rope such as the length and type of rope to use and I will also share a few tricks and tips you can do next time you are in the gym.

Jews ARE the bag of plagues.
Somebody has to say it (ALL of it).

Johnny Grube talking about men being pussies.

Johnny Grube talking about Society crumbling.

World According To Briggs
Sep 29, 2023 #CheapLand #UnitedStates #RealEstateTips
Thinking of buying a piece of land without burning a hole in your wallet? 🤔 Look no further! In this video, we traverse the U.S. to uncover the most affordable states to buy land in 2023. Whether you're a first-time buyer, an aspiring farmer, or looking to build your dream home away from the city hustle, we've got you covered. Dive in as we reveal hidden gems, pricing trends, and insider tips to make your land-buying journey smoother. Don't forget to hit that like button, subscribe for more property insights, and drop a comment about where you'd love to own land. Happy hunting! 🌄🏡 #CheapLand #RealEstateTips #LandBuyingGuide

World According To Briggs
Jan 27, 2023 #offgrid #UnitedStates
Escape the Grid: Best States for Off-Grid Living

So, ya wanna live off the grid? You have grown tired of being suffocated by the rat race and want to make your own way and live more deliberately.
Why not, it worked for Henry David Thoreau.
There are several ways you can live off the grid. Van life, off-grid tiny homes, cabins, you can even live out of a rucksack or backpack.
However you do it, it is becoming more popular.
Gen-Xers down were always told to go to school, get a job, buy a house, start a family, and start getting ready to die. Younger generations and some of the older generations aren’t down with that. They are blazing their own trails. One of those trails ends up living off the grid. If you are one of those people that are thinking about this, today I am going to list the best states to live off the grid.

Embark with us on a riveting journey through history in our latest video, "The Last Tiger: Final Stand in Berlin | World War II." Join us as we delve into the intense and dramatic events of the war's closing days, exploring the Battle of Berlin and the courageous defense mounted by German forces. Witness the formidable Tiger Tank's last stand on the streets of Berlin and gain historical insights into the strategies and human stories that unfolded during this critical juncture. Whether you're a history enthusiast or simply curious about the past, hit the like button, share with fellow buffs, and subscribe for more captivating content. Don't forget to turn on notifications to stay updated on our latest historical explorations and join the conversation in the comments section. Thank you for joining us on this historical journey—subscribe for more tales from the annals of the past!

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Sep 3, 2022
Examining the rural parts of each state to determine which is the best overall rural area. Criteria for the list include being authentic to the surrounding culture and not having major outside influences in terms of exurban development or over-tourism. This is Part 1 of this series that covers the back half of the states in alphabetical order, Montana-Wyoming.

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Sep 8, 2022
Part 2 of the Best Rural Area of Each State video. Here I look at which rural parts most accurately reflect the surrounding culture, are not economically depressed, and are not overly touristy.

Best Rural Area of Each State Part 1

• Best Rural Area of Each State Part 1

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Nebraska. [88.1% White = #10]
Geography King May 13, 2020
A discussion about the geography of Nebraska, to include the cities, population, natural landscape, economy, companies headquartered there, taxes, agriculture and food. May 13, 2020
A discussion about the geography of Nebraska, to include the cities, population, natural landscape, economy, companies headquartered there, taxes, agriculture and food.

Explore the harrowing events of World War II as we delve into the intense Luftwaffe raids on Moscow. Join me on a historical journey through the battle-scarred skies, where the fate of nations hung in the balance. In this gripping video, we unravel the strategic maneuvers, the resilience of the defenders, and the impact of these raids on the course of history. Witness the courage and determination of those who faced the might of the Luftwaffe in a pivotal chapter of World War II. Subscribe for more riveting tales from the past and gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made during this tumultuous period. History comes alive as we revisit the Luftwaffe raids on Moscow—don't miss out on this compelling narrative.


Vermont. [94.2% White = #2]
Geography King Jun 19, 2020
An in-depth look at the geography of Vermont. Topics discussed include population, cities, natural landscape, climate, economy, taxes, agriculture, food and more. An overview of what makes Vermont a unique place.

Johnny Grube talking about isometric holds.

Johnny Grube talking about men who will not stand up for themselves even if being so called abused.

10 Whitest States in the US. via World According To Briggs channel
Per Briggs-
A few months ago I caved to public pressure. I normally avoid race-related videos but I had many requests. People pointed out it isn’t just racists that want to know the demographic of a location, people of different races like to know where to live so they can be near their type of restaurants, stores, and events. To me that made sense and a few months back I did a video on the most Asian states and then we did the Hispanic States.
Today we do the Whitest states. We will look at what European people settled in that area first and the percentage of the population that is considered white according to the US Census.
The United States is a country founded by European colonizers. History books and historians all have different stories on how most things went down, but the basics are this. At some point, Europeans showed up around the 1600s and possibly earlier. Sometimes the indigenous people welcomed them, sometimes not so much. Sometimes the Europeans were nice sometimes not so much, to put it mildly. Whatever the case, white people took over, and the country has remained predominantly white ever since.

*** To see what States are the most black-asian-etc check out his other videos***

Beautiful Old Railroad Towns In The Middle Of Nowhere
Utah. [90.6% White = #8]
Joe & Nic's Road Trips. Utah towns: Helper & Price.


Learn self-defense on how to see a punch coming at you in a street fight. I will also teach you how to defend and throw the perfect counterpunch for the most common punch in a streetfight. You have a greater chance of avoiding being hit if you know which punch your opponent is going to throw.

How to Box in 4 Minutes | Boxing Training for Beginners
How to Punch Faster in Boxing | 3 Drills:
10 Expert Boxing Tips: Beating Taller Opponents
4 More Tips to Improve your Stamina and Cardio for Boxing

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Johnny Grube talking about his agenda.

Towns In The Farthest Away Corner Of The United States
Maine. [94.4% White = #1]

MAINE: Slowly DYING Towns In The Farthest Away Corner Of The United States
Aug 22, 2023 Towns in Maine: Houlton, Millinocket & Old Town
Joe & Nic's Road Trips
Joe's Instagram: / joeysroadtrip

Embark on a riveting journey through the closing chapters of World War II in our latest video, "Why did the Germans Keep Fighting in 1944-1945?" Uncover the intricacies that fueled German resistance during this tumultuous period, from strategic decisions to the unyielding spirit of the soldiers. Join us in decoding the complex web of factors that kept the German military machine in motion, offering insights into the minds of both leaders and soldiers. Hit play, subscribe, and let's explore the untold facets of history together.


New Hampshire: Awesome Towns In The LIVE FREE OR DIE State [93.1% White = #4]
Lowest poverty In the United States. No state income tax. No tax on Social Security. An amazing state. We visited these New Hampshire cities: Laconia, Franklin and the state capital, Concord.
Joe & Nic's Road Trip

"We Are ALL the Palestinians" - Scott Roberts. Another excellent video. Go to his channel and sub if you haven't already. The comments at his channel are worth checking out.
Per Scott Roberts:
Gaza isn't the only place they have bombed. How quickly we forget what the commie/Bolshevik Jews and their useful-idiot Shabbos Goy did to (TENS of MILLIONS of) us not a century ago. Well, we better remember and expose/stop these blood-thirsty bastards real soon or they will make Gaza and even World War 2 look like a walk in the park by comparison.

Want to see the true nature of the Jews? Just look at how they treat their closest cousins (the Palestinians), then imagine what they will do to the people they hate the most (White people). Or simply look back at what the Bolshevik Jews already did to us (or any/all other Jews throughout history), then know that they will repeat history (only worse) given half the opportunity to do so (and WW3 will give them all the opportunity and cover they need).

Gaza, Dresden, poverty, famine, disease, poisoned "wells" (food/water/air/medicine/etc), torture, and a new Red Terror wave of death is what awaits our children.

So stop holding back or mincing your words or worrying about the "good" Jews (where are they?). These evil demons want to poison everything, enslave/starve/torture/murder everyone you love, and destroy our world. They have proven themselves to be mass-murdering monsters all throughout history. What more will it take to get you to understand who we are dealing with and what they plan on doing to us all?

Joe And Nics Road Trips
Ohio towns: Lynchburg, Hillsboro, Greenfield & Wilmington.
Travel Vlog 213

5 ADCC gold medals, 54 victories in a row and a record-breaking submission rate - Gordon Ryan epitomizes total dominance in the science of limb rearranging. His eye-catching excellence on the mats took professional grappling to a level never seen before. It's time to take a closer look at how the "Iron Dragon", came to be known as the "King" and the best jiu-jitsu practitioner on the planet.