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Dr. Jean Paul Theron arrested in French Polynesia for prescribing Ivermectin to patients

Brutal Honesty Radio Podcast 9.18.21

A brilliant complete documentary on how the Globalists use the media to create fear, which creates compliance, which will cause Billions to convince themselves to kill themselves by consenting to experimental toxins, which will harm, or kill them. Don't ever take another jab, as millions are dead from toxic injections created for population control by the Blood line families who control the Banking systems. Bill Gates clearly stated "If we do a real good job on vaccines, we can reduce the worlds population by 10-15%" More people have died from these Covid Toxic injections, then from all the vaccines in the world since the beginning of time.
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found this on the Pirate Pete channel

From the 9.17.21 show. Always enjoyable to view Chris as he wades through the Sea of Hopium....

Nicholson1968 YouTube channel
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Downfall of the Celtic Nations of Great Britain and Battle of Culloden sent as mercenaries to India where 8 out of 10 died of Malaria or battle before arriving in New Zealand with their Hebrew Christian religion.

Latest statement from Lawyer Fuellmich on 9-15-2021

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Inside the Eye – Live! is a leading podcast/online radio production of “Dennis Fetcho”, aka “The Fetch”. “The Fetch” is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, regarded by many as simply “the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom”.

“The Fetch” brings weekly insights on geopolitics, Zionism, conspiracy history, finance, Middle East politics, and news and views that shed light on our contemporary reality.

Inside the Eye- Live! streams on Revolution Radio @ Freedom

“The Fetch” is an American expatriate living in Amman. He specializes in aerospace, defense, and telecom.

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What Jewish Zionist Communist People Think about Non Jewish People describes the attitude of the Jewish Mafia towards non Jews.

Reiner Fuellmich interviews

I shouldn't laugh. Been there...

⁣This Jewish rabbi points to the role of Jews in downfall of empires.

It is not " conspiracy theory" as libtard guys say. It is for real. Jews are behind most of political upheavels happening in all empires. To build a glorious Aryan Empire, we must get rid of these parasites.

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From the Onder Koffer channel.
He lost his YouTube channel last year with tons of great videos/research. Go over and subscribe. I will be uploading other parts of the round table discussion as I find them.

Source of this video is The Rebellious Meat Puppet. I believe there are a few of his older videos on his old Bitchute channel but for the latest dialogue from RMP you need to go to his channel on World Truth Video.


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