Una pequeña ayuda para el usuario 3dcinetv de la comunidad Blender Hoy, explicando como controlar la visibilidad de un layer de Grease Pencil usando un Driver.

-- SPACESHIP B-Br.n02 --
Created with Blender 2.8 alpha

Download at (CC0 Licence):

This Spaceship was created by:
Rui Teixeira

Some textures from:
CC0 Textures

HDRI maps from:

Music from:
TheFatRat feat Anjulie – Fly Away (Inukshuk Remix)

O actual estado da nave! Mais um par de dias e devo ter a modelação terminada e começar a trabalhar nas texturas e materiais.

En este vídeo explico como activar diferentes cámaras en diferentes viewports/ventanas.

en: A spaceship I'm working on, while I'm preparing something else.

pt: Uma nave na qual estou a trabalhar, enquanto preparo outra coisa.

es: Una nave en la cual estoy trabajando, mientras preparo otra cosa.

(blender 2.8 alpha)

This is a chibi style Hank, a character from the 80's Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.
Modeled and rendered with Blender 2.8 (Eevee).
Download the model at

Como adicionar uma textura com brilho no cycles.

An Anime style Classroom.
With Cycles and Eevee versions.
Download files at

A Bomberman that I've created.

Download .blend file (Eevee version included)

Inspired by the livestream of:
Sebastian Cavazzoli (

Original concept by:
Lucas Lazora (

HDRI map from:

Ajuda para o usuário Igor Luque do fórum de como aplicar uma segunda textura num objecto.

Just a rig test of my Lambreta XP70 created with Blender.

Just a test of a sunset time-lapse created with blender. There is a strange light reflection at the right but it's fixed on the blend file.
.blend file at
background time-lapse at

A little animation, created with blender 2.56, testing Camera Mapping and Clipping Masks, based on tutorials by Andrew Price and Nion.

Andrew Price: Camera Mapping in Blender 2.5 - Tutorial (

Nion's Blender Tutorial: Clipping Masks (

Download blender file at

This is my 3rd character, and probably the base model for the main character of the short. This time I've created a walk-cycle animation.
I'm still fighting with the weight-paint and the movement have some problems, but I think with time I can improve this. I could not add hair to the character, at least particles hair, I need to look for another solution.

You can download the blender file at

A tutorial explaining how to control textured eyes with drivers for Blender 3D 2.53
You can download the blender file at

This is my 2nd character that I've created with blender 2.5. This is the first that I've rigged, it has some issues with the weight paint but I'm still learning.
You can download the blender file at

The foot rig is based on Tob's tutorials (
The hand rig is based on Jonathan Williamson's tutorial (
original tutorial in Russian from Dimetri (

Textured eyes controlled with drivers. This was more an experiment for learning how to use drivers and python script in Blender 3D 2.5
Download blender file at

My first character created with blender 2.5
I'm not completely satisfied with the model, but well for the first one I think it's not bad. Now time to learn how to rig it.
Download the model at

Fluid Simulation created with Blender 2.45


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